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Peach Has Now Been Announced For Super Smash Bros Wii U And 3DS


The official Smash Bros website has confirmed that Peach will now be a playable character in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros game for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Peach will join fourteen other characters confirmed for the much-anticipated game which is due for release sometime in 2014.

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      1. hahah funny, especially the end. the simpsons was my childhood cartoon…… the only cartoon that i could watch from the stations i had, then even better i grew up and couldnt believe how funny it was, i didint understand anything!!!! also funny when i was even younger i used to hate it so when everybody else watched it down stairs i ran into my room every night to play banjo kazooie instead. hahah it was like my time to play the n64.

      2. I still love it, I still watch it today…

        The first 14 seasons are the best…

        Today it’s too much boring celebrities and political stuff and not much real funny things…

      3. yeah seriously haha, seasons 4 threw 8 are the best but up to season 10 is the the good ones overall. then it depends on the episodes in each season. im still going to buy them al though, i already got them all, they aways cost 20 on amazon which i think is a good deal since every store makes you pay 40. another thing its like get a new fucking writer, the guy has been doing it since season 13, the rest of the writers only did 4 seasons. its like get atleast get a new writer!!!!

      4. I’m hoping that they go back to what made The Simpsons great in the first place…

        Too much focus on Lisa these days and her never ending quest for fitting in…

      5. the simpsons is on its last season im pretty sure. seriously lisa?? thats sounds lame i havnt been watching, if i remember i will but its been a long time. its better of they end it right now….. oh and if you like the simpsons maybe you will like futerama, they cancelled it yet again, but it is still really good like the simpsons used to be.

      6. Well I do think Lisa used to be funny but now it’s like they don’t even try anymore…

        Then all of these boring modern celebrities like Justin Bieber or One Direction are so badly incorporated into the show that it makes it even more dull…

        Homer today has some funny moments still but ultimately he is just a shadow of his former self…

        The jokes themselves are horrible most of the time compared to the 10 first seasons…

        It has 2 more seasons to go so far…

      7. make a simpsons hit and run 2 and im cool with that but make it more violent. like make cheif go to the hospital, so you have to hide on top of the kwiki mart and attack chief with barts sling shot, or beat up flanders with homer hahah, last time it was to much driving copy and paste missions.

      8. that isnt how to treat somebody that helps out your youtube channel. you had zero comments but that duuh duh duh dduhhh iceazeama swoops in and saves the day!!!!!

      9. it actually wasnt that bad, it was kinda funny how you poked fun at yourself, when you put up that south park picture of the guy and the pc.

        thats what i got from that anyway.

      10. nobuody? noubody? jus cus u a nobody dount mean pepl dount use peach! if u add mario u gota add peach n if add peach u gotta add yoshi n if u add yoshi u gotta add luigi n if u add luigi u gotta add bowser n if u add bowser u gotta add wario n if u add wario u gotta add waluigi n if u add waluigi u gotta add geno n if u add geno i will jizz myself

      11. dude she was semi top tier in Melee and Brawl. She is pretty damn awesome. I main her. Being able to use aerial attacks at ground level adds extra trickery to her moves and she is pretty hard to knock out unless using a powerhouse like DK

    1. YEEEEAAAAH! Now we can hack the game and view up her skirt some more! only this time, in HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. No that is a normal hit move, when you are jumping to the right and hit the A-button. I saw this move already on Meele

      2. No that is a normal hit move, when you are jumping to the right and hit the A-button. I saw this move already on Meele

      3. If you’ve checked the smash bros website and see Peach’s images, they’ve changed her up smash and they’ve put a string with her.
        btw the up smash is still the same

      1. nah , it’s obvious that she would be there , i just didn’t want her to :( , and skull kid part i agree with a ” i shall consume … consume everything ” final smash

      2. oh hahahaah that reminds me off something. so earlier today i decided to turn on my wii dust u deluxe and go to the smash bros community to make a drawing…… it was jason voorhees standing there with marios head in his hand hahahaahah it was so funny, there was blood dripping from his neck and a huge puddle of blood on the floor underneath hahahahahaah and it said jasons final smash!!!!! it got took down within minute, only one person got to yeah it!!!!! seriously was so funny!!!!

      1. She’s been in since Melee; I don’t see why she should be out of the game. Anyway, her moves are actually quite different than others.

      2. But there really is no reason for her not to be included except for your PERSONAL opinion. If you you look at Peach, as a character, logically then it makes no sense to drop her. She is well liked, is a major character and has an original moveset unlike anyone elses… 💋

      1. You’ve prefer somebody who’ve been in ONE game and had little importance as opposed to someone who’s been around since the FIRST Kid Icarus and had severe importance in all three plots. That’s like having Skull Kid over Zelda or Wart over Peach

  1. returning characters:
    King Dedede
    Captain Falcon
    Game and Watch
    Zero suit samus
    Diddy Kong
    Ice Climbers

      1. Same here, Diddy is one of my favs and he is second on the tire list. I am also a huge fan of the Ice Climbers AND I love Olimar. 💋

    1. iam looking more 4ward to jigglypusy
      (am also not sick)

    1. yoshi is the best!!!!! remember seeing him on mario kart 64, thats the only reason i played it, my first played video game character, atleast i think…….

      1. Between this and your banjo kazooie simpsons statement you seem pretty young. No wonder you troll so much…

      2. yeah that is statements from my childhood, do you guys have any brains???? seriously do you think the n64 just released or something??

      3. Seems like you are less than 20 years old. Either way you are the lamest troll I have ever witnessed. You are far too young to talk about Nintendo the way you do. I will slay you fiend.

  2. who the fuck cares about peach. where are the good and new characters at. they keep announcing obvious returning characters when they should be surprising us. dumbasses.

    1. Save some surprises till the game is out. I don’t want to know 100% of the game before playing it. I’d rather have the easy ones confirmed early like this then them announcing every new character before the end of this year.

      1. Glad to know I aint the only one who feels the same but the fucking director keeps revealing things online. And since I come to this website I see this.

    2. let me throw a bone 4 u

      supur fiyhting robout MEGAMAN
      supur fihyting robut MEGAMAN!
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      fighting to save……….WII U-U-U-U!!

    3. She is one of my favorites and since it was said some may not return, I am glad to have her confirmed. Still worried about Ness and Yoshi. I thought I read some non returns would upset some fans, only reason I’m worried.

      1. I’m already upset cause it’s pretty much guaranteed that ike will be replaced by the new fe clown in awakening. my precious ike.

    4. They’re not going to show any new characters for a while. Maybe one if we’re lucky, but I doubt it since from a marketing standpoint the timing would be horrible. The (approximately) monthly announcements of veteran characters that are obvious is simply so that we don’t completely forget about the game and the news about it’s approach is still circulating. They will not have new characters now because it’ll build a huge amount of hype. While building hype is a good thing, it isn’t when the game is so far away that it doesn’t even have that a set release date. The time will kill that hype, that’s why it’s best to announce the best and most awesome surprises for when the games release is far away.

  3. HAHAHAHAAH yeah no deerrrrrrrr!!!! people were soooo excited for this!!!!! were you disappointed by this announcement i wasnt because i didint give two shits. it was obvious they were going to announce a given!!!!

    1. People today have zero patience and are stupid at the same time…

      They think these type of news is BIG news when Sakurai Sir he would be showing pictures every weak…

  4. yeah seriously, people get overly excited just for a dumb character announcement, like i remember in melee the best part was not knowing who was on the game. then they showed up and it was the best thing. now we know and its like ok.

    1. shh.. is gona be ok man.. iam here 4 u.. mmm..

  5. I like peach she was good in melee and brawl only non competitive scrubs think no one used her. Hopefully she has a daisy and Rosalina color. Also a striker outfit would be cool ;)

    1. i agree wit yuo jtz sock i hate scrubs a scrub is a guy thaet think he fine an is also know as a busta always talkin bout waht he wants n just sits on his broke ass

    2. thank you, someone else understands. people don’t realize this is a fighter after all and don’t understand the nuances each character brings in competitive play.

    3. I think her original outfit and red hair from the classic cartoons would make a great alternate costume too. I would love it. And if they do a Daisy one again make it look spot on like Daisy, wouldn’t be too hard lol.

  6. We haven’t seen a NEW character reveal in 3 months…as glad as I am Peach is returning, I just wanna see someone new.

  7. I really wouldn’t care what any of the new characters are if Sakurai just puts in Dark Samus. She’s/it’s all I ask for.

    1. I don’t really see it happening since Sakurai likes to take out characters and make a shorter roster than a larger one. Perhaps you would settle for a skin of Dark Samus? Hell even I would take that.

      1. That’s asking a bit much. Dark Samus is nothing more than a recolored Samus. It’s like giving Dr. Mario a unique moveset.

      2. You obviously haven’t played the Prime games if you think Dark Samus is just “a recolored Samus”. In any of the boss fights with her you see many possible moves for her moveset that would make her completely unique from Samus.

  8. In terms of females, I’m still waiting for Zelda, Jigglypuff, Dixie Long, and Palutena (Let’s just face it, she is more well received and popular than the likes of Magnus and Hades combined).

    1. No it’s the stage they’ve already revealed that looks like a Boxing Ring stage, but has the Smash Bros logo at the center so it DOESN’T belong
      to Little Mac.

      This has led many to speculate that Little Bob won’t be in the game as a playable character. 💋

  9. They say there’s only going to be 25 characters in this game due to the 3DS’ hardware constraints. The reason why they aren’t showing off new characters is because Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, and Mega Man are probably all we’re going to get.

    1. Sakurai says there’s only going to be 25 characters in this game due to the 3DS’ hardware constraints. The reason why they aren’t showing off new characters is because Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, and Mega Man are probably all we’re going to get.

      1. Yes he did. He said in an interview that the 3DS version will have just as many characters as in Melee, then he decided that the Wii U and 3DS versions should share the same roster. Also notice he did not say “look forward to some newcomers sometime in the future”! He does not want to bring it up again because he does not know how fans will react, but that was his decision.

  10. I’m fine with Peach being in the game. What I do want to see, though, is the Baby Bros. They could use their weapons and items from the games they’ve been in.

  11. When it comes to Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi (among others), I always presume they’ll be in every Smash Bros. game. It would be insane if they WEREN’T.

  12. I’d love to see Rosalina in the game but I know it won’t happen. I hope she can at least make a cameo in the Galaxy stage. I can see the Galaxy stage in the Cosmic Observatory traveling through the galaxies as the players fight. What I’m more interested to see is how they will add Zelda, since we know it’ll probably be the SS Zelda. I want to see if she’ll transform into Sheik, maybe a Skyward Sword-esque styled Sheik, like what they did in Brawl with a Twilight Styled Sheik. That and Ganondorf since he wasn’t in Skyward Sword, considering Zelda and Ganon make a return.

    1. Doubt they will do a Skyward Sword Zelda, I mean they didn’t do a Skyward Sword Link.

      1. I know but Link does look like the one from Skyward Sword in one of the images from the official site. I think they chose TP Link for the same reason to have Zelda and Ganondorf in the game.

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