Nintendo Gives Indie Games Another Boost With MonoGame Framework For Wii U


Nintendo’s support of indie developers continues to increase exponentially. Following today’s announcement of the gaming giant’s IndieCade lineup, news has now come out that the Wii U will be implementing the MonoGame Framework, which is an open source version of Microsoft’s XNA 4.x Framework. MonoGame has been used in the development of numerous titles like Bastion and Skulls of the Shogun.

The Framework allows developers to easily transport games to other platforms by copying the same code, and MonoGame supports a whole host of platforms, including iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and more. Given that Wii U developers already have the option of using Unity, this move will provide game designers with even more resources for bringing the hottest indie games to Wii U.


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              1. Nintendo supports indies because they make cheap games they dont want 3rd party for the wii u. De Hardcore costumas dont like 3 party games.Hope you understand.

    1. You are so funny dude, how old are you?Because i think that you don’t now that every generation, the best selling console was the weakest in power. .stop keep fooling you’re self dude! !!!

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        1. ^Well it is. Don’t let the clock speeds fool you. You must consider the technology and architectural lay out of the console.

  1. Exciting! Can’t wait to see what comes! I hope more great Indie games come. Like Little Inferno. That one was fantastic.

      1. I actually have both, haha. But I got the Wii U one at launch, because it feels so much nicer touching the screen for that game, and playing on the TV is fantastic. But like you’ll care about any of that, being a troll.

        1. you need real next gen console like ps4 Nintendog.Wii u got only kiddy games no wonder why 3rd party games dont come out for the weak u.Because only little kiddos play Nintendo crap.

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      2. But everything is cheap on steam. No ones buys nobody buys!( 100,000 if you know who said it).

          1. I bought Ico and Shadow of Colossus for my PS3 to just realize how crap they both was. I can easily see why some Playstation fans seems to be so angry for Nintendo owners who can actually play good games like Zelda, Xenoblade, etc.

                1. Nothing that idiot fanboy said is true. He’s just another nintendrone completely disconnected from reality.

            1. Do you even know what framerate is? Because I’ve played Ico HD and Shadow of the Colossus HD several times without any issues.

              Casual Nintendo doesn’t even understand terminology lol.

      3. But N dum Svenson, Mr. Lersion, another Wii U hater, said that PS4’s version of AC4 that Nintendo showed in their direct, has terrible framerate issues too.

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      1. Wiiu may not have games but that’s what vita owners do with their time when they font have games.

  2. Nintendo is not giving up on the Indies. They screw it on wii but on wiiu they are coming with a vengeance.

    1. But sadly, indie games aren’t system sellers. Of course, if you were to chose between two game consoles, where the only big differense is Indie Support, you’d buy the one who support it the most. Other than that, Indie Games are just games you buy when you allready own the console.

        1. You got a good point. But how many Indie games becomes so big? If you were a casual player and were to choose between a PS3 and an Xbox 360, you would not look at their indie games. All you would do is to choose based on exclusive AAA games.

  3. Okay Nintendo you’ve got the first party titles in full force and indies by your side now all you need is third party support!

    1. Third party’s are in such a monetary troubles that instead of Nintendo having to pay them to bring multiplats like they want they have to offer exclusives.

      1. So why is Capcom having to ley off workers? After all if Wii U is so shity, why isn’t Sony and Microsoft consoles preventing this from happening?

          1. Yeah a Sony consoles or Xbox consoles ain’t prentig 50%of Cap com workers from being laid off neither. Why aren’t you buying 3rd party tittles you brag ain’t on Wii U? That’s what I want to know.

  4. 5 days left for River City Ransom: Underground
    Please pledge with all your might in the same passion as you’re doing right now with Shantae and Hyper Light Drifter (did i mention RCRU has the composer of “Hyper Light Drifter” doing the music?)

    Please make sure it not only gets funded but also reaches all of it’s goals especially the $320k Wii U/3DS stretch goal

    (RCRU is made with MonoGame)

          1. That makes you even dumber. Have fun watching the TV and playing The Price Is Right on Kinect while you wait for an actual game to come out.

              1. It seems that us Nintendo Fans are getting a larger supply of first party games than timed first party releases.. Just wait a while and see the results of having a console that could kill the gaming industry. The only reason you want it is because if Microsoft’s lying name.

                  1. All PE4 has is 8 cores that can’t prevent framerate issues. Mr. Lersion saw AC4 and he admited it.

                1. I’ve agreed with most of what you said, but the Xbox One and PS4 will have tons of games at launch, and many more planned. Don’t be ignorant just because you are angry. The Xbox One policies (that have now been removed) would have helped the gaming industry in the long run by cutting out stores like Gamestop and keeping the money to the developers and gaming companies.

                  I usually don’t mention anything about me on this site, but I feel it is time. I am not a fanboy. I buy all consoles and love games. I just wish more people would see gaming as objectively as I do and not get sucked up into fanboy drama.

  5. AWESOME!!! Nintendo Wii U is such a great console! Can’t wait until everyone else in the world sees the Wii U in the same light I do and it starts selling as well as the 3DS!!! :D

          1. Nope, I am blond and have blue eyes; from my German and Swedish family bloodline. Not a single bit of Italian blood in me :P

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      1. Made it.
        And, Not much, actually. Just a brief flicker of inspiration when a previous post somewhere else seemed to rhyme a bit, and it worked itself out in my mind from there.XD

    1. Eric Sellers should write lines for Gruntilda in next Banjo-Kaz….oh Wait Microsoft killed that franchise.

        1. Tell me about it Eric Sellers. Rare was the shit to they joined Microsoft’s empire. I wish there was a way to rescue them and bring them back. The only reason Microsoft is holding on to them is because to keep it from Nintendo they know it’ll bring Wii U sales up.

        1. Yeah Microsoft didn’t sale. If you were competing with Nintendo and your AAA Tittles sucked, would you sell the little exclusives you have to Ninte do? Knowing Nintendo can make money off your Shit you couldn’t make money off of?

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  7. What if i own a wiiu for the first party titles and plans to buy a ps4 for the 3rd party ones? what about the people that loves both nintendo and sony? you trolls will throw shit at me anyways? seriously…

    Let the people like whatever they want to and you just shut the fuck up and live ur life.

    1. I know how you feel.
      I’m personally sticking with PS3 and Wii U for the coming gen, unless Sony announces free online multiplayer for all games or stops supporting all 1-player games being made on their systems.

            1. Your pic is fitting.
              Keep it and grunt more than talk. Maybe then people will listen to you, if only to laugh.

      1. Both PS3 and Wii U will become irrelevant this holiday season. Sell you’re Wii U for a PS4 or PC, man.

        1. There is more coming to ps3 then the ps4 why upgrade? Just becauseits new hardware doesn’t mean u should buy it right off the back

  8. Gotta dig what Nintendo is doing here, though I can’t tell whether it’s a pragmatic means to make the Wii U sell or not.

  9. Anyone who supports the Wii U is a fake Nintendo fan who has probably never owned an SNES or NES

    1. Anyone who supports the PS4 is a fake Sony fag who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

      See that?
      Anyone can make a bias-fag statement.

      Difference is, yours sounds like you actually mean it, which is pretty damned sad and funny.

      1. That’s funny I started gaming on the original entertainment system before the playstation gave itself that moniker. I wouldnt consider myself fake or a fag.

    2. I have played Nintendo Games since I was a little kid, from NES to SNES, N64 to GCN, from Wii to Wii U. As long as Nintendo keep making good quality games, I’ll play on their console no matter how many sony and xbox fanboys there are around me.

    3. Ok now you’re taking it a little to far. If I support a Nintendo console, I’m not a real Nintendo fan? That doesn’t make much sense to me :/

      At least you got the SNES/NES part right!

    4. I never owned an NES or SNES… doesn’t mean I’m a “fake” Nintendo fan. I loved my N64, I loved my Game Cube, I loved my Wii and I love my Wii U. Don’t understand your logic. 💋

  10. who would have thought…2 years ago reggie said ninty wouldnt support “garage developers”, now the Wii U is most indie friendly system available..

          1. And wich one of this a console?only the ouya is and is not has friendly has a wiiu ps3 or ps4. On wiiu you get a various developing engines for free something no other company’s has done.

            1. Nobody was talking about consoles. He//she said “system.” And yeah, on the console side, PlayStation has been doing that for a while now. That’s why indies are flocking to them.

      1. Yeah dumb for thinking technology wouldn’t get more powerful 5 years ago from 2008. When BMW worked on the 2014 5 series 5 years ago, why would they give it +1 horsepower than the 2008 C Class knowing Mercedes would make a 2014 C class that would be more powerful than that? That’s what I can’t understand about Nintendo. Any Nintendo fans care to answer? Nothing wrong with the Gamepad or the hardware it just needs more power.

        1. the whole problem is the gamepad….. thats waste of space is why the system isnt so powerful. if the wii u was 8 gigs of ram like ps4, it would cost 600$.

          nintendo went for the casuals again….. and its biting them in the ass. that gamepad is a waste and wasnt worth it. nobody even uses it or wants to use it, and casuals dont give a shit. maybe nintendo should care about the fan first!! the people who stuck with them and created where they are.

          1. nintendo is for gamers and their friends and family. it always was. it’s as hc as it gets. try getting all the stars in luigiU for example, play fire emblem on the hardest mode…dk country returns. cod, uncharted, hell even halo 4 is the new casual. can’t you see that? are you kidding?

            1. no nintendo is about grabbing those casuals, aka why they made a fucking useless tablet controller instead of a powerful system. also why they make shit like wii fit u, wii party, hd wii sports, nintendo land. are you kidding me?? nintendo forgot about the gamers and there fans a long time ago, or else they would bring us more than just shitty gimmicks, and mario. they dont even care to bring there old franchises back or create no ones like they did before wii.

              also luigi u is easy even the star coins, that game is normal difficulty.

          2. Nope there is nothing wrong with the gamepad especially since Sony and Microsoft added second screens as well.

            1. I really am satisfied with Wii U’s power. The only reason why I wish it was more powerful is the to shut the trolls up. Because it still wouldn’t get 3rd party support like Sony or Xbox.

  11. I was just on the eShop and most of these games look INCREDIBLE! I’m pretty excited for this!

    1. the revolution is what the wii u should have been called. WII U!! come on, everybody knows it was a dumb name!!

      1. Super Wii like Super NES would have been better. People don’ t even respect the “U” in what it really means. They just say “U” because it is in the name.

      2. It worked for NES –> Super NES, GameBoy –> GameBoy Colour and GameBoy Advanced, DS –> 3DS

  12. @the svenson kid. by reading your posts, it’s obvious. you are a teen or twen with an uninteresting sexual life. if you are talking about hardcore or mature games it sounds funny.
    i played mostly on 360 this gen and i also bought a ps3 when demons souls came out, i am even a plus member now.
    i always have and probably always will play on nintendo too because nintendo offers great games that everyone at every age can enjoy. most stuff on ps360 is exclusively aimed at the kiddo insecure teen gamer like you. trust me, you’ll grow out of that, then you’ll be very very happy that nintendo is still around. ps4 and x1 line up bores me to death, steambox, pc gaming, steam big picture is much more interesting imho.

      1. i bet. you´re the kind of guy that posts the same post over and over again every single day…boredom seems to be your life concept :)

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