Miyamoto Says Super Mario 3D World Is Intended To Bridge Gap Between 2D And 3D Mario


Famed Nintendo producer and creator of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, has stated that Nintendo’s intention with their upcoming Wii U title, Super Mario 3D World, is to bridge the gap between the company’s 2D and 3D Mario adventures. He acknowledged that both types of games have their own fans, and he pointed out that the gyro controls in the new game will be a main component that bridges the gap. A stunning new trailer was released recently for Super Mario 3D World, along with some interesting details. The game will be released on November 22nd. Here are Miyamoto’s full comments:

“Yes, with the Mario games you have the 2D side-scrolling games and you have the Mario Galaxy games, which are the 3D titles. People tend to prefer one of those over the other. What we tried to do with Super Mario 3D Land, and what we’re trying to do with Super Mario 3D World is to create a type of three-dimensional Mario game that bridges that gap. We’re trying to do that more with Super Mario 3D World, in particular with the gyro controls, and to try and do that in a way that will enable fans of both to really enjoy playing Mario.”


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  1. Nintendrones still buying into this smdh. Anyone with a functional brain and pair of eyes could see this is a blatant rehash.

    1. it started as a rehash, but its EAD Tokyo, they make great games not rehashes

      So we are giving the game a chance and btw MANY so called Nintendo drones are still VERY skeptical about this game

      I still feel we are getting the 3D platformer that Sonic fans wanted and we are getting the 3D platformer Mario fans don’t want

        1. its not about innovation

          This game is about how imaginative they can be with the level design

          (that’s what im assuming) 3D Land had some very great level designs and I see it from this, 3D Marios have usually innovated in some way, maybe this will be the evolution of Mario’s Level Design

          1. Clearly you seem to, since you reply to so many of my comments.

            Also, I could say the same thing about you, LisaGamingNerd.

        1. Look you must like the game, hence you coming here and bitching. If I’m wrong, then stop it. If you have any bitching to, bitch to Xbone because as I can see Super Mario 3D World is looking a billion times better then Xbone Loser

    2. Well, you hate Mario by default[or so you make it out to seem], and just like the rest of us, you haven’t played it nor seen any of the plot.
      So really, your insult doesn’t mean much.

  2. It’s the gyro controls that bridge the gap? Wow, all this time I thought it was the 4 player co-op. Nintendo sure does think differently than the rest of us.

  3. Whenever Nintendo starts talking like the controls are the main focus, or the main thing that’s different and sets the game apart is the way you play the game, I start to worry.

      1. Anyone who doesn’t like Iwata or Nintendo has no business on this site. You’re all lucky that I’m not the one running the site. You’d all be banned.

        1. you should seriously consider running this site then. no, people who dont like iwata and reggie are the real nintendo fans.

  4. I just want another Mario platformer like Galaxy. With beautiful music, beautiful world, and preferably more story, more like adventure-platformer

      1. So that means you want another mario game fitting the same description as the above comment? I though you didn’t like mario? What do you come here for if you’re just going to fail at trolling

        1. You again? Oh god… I never said I didn’t like Mario in general, I said I hated how milked and rehashed Mario has gotten in the past few years.

          I was excepting a 3D Mario in the vein of Galaxy and I got… 3D World. Of course I’m going to be disappointed and complain.

          1. Mario isnt rehashed.

            You got 2 2D marios lately. But they;re the only 2D marios you’re going to get

          2. You complain about everything Nintendo, please stop your crying… Or atleast nake it even and go cry, bitch, and moan on sony and microsoft blogs… I mean seriously… -_-

      2. And you dare talk about innovation when all you want is more of the same?
        Fuck you, you’re a piece of shit consumer.

        BURN IN HELL.

    1. Mario will never sadly be about the story and your getting a beautiful world and music

      The only thing your not getting is an adventure platformer

      And behonest with yourself…. EAD Tokyo’s FIRST 3D Mario, not like their 3rd or 4th but their FIRST 3D Mario gets hailed as the one of the best games of all time and is one fo the most critically acclaimed titles of all time, they are in the same spot as when OoT released

      How do you follow a masterpiece? To Nintendo, instead of rehash they try something new

      1. this “new” game (which actually looks like a rehash of 3D Land) doesn’t look even remotely interesting or appealng and it’s a significant step down from Galaxy.

        1. Fuck you. They made this before they got sidelined into making shit for the 3DS. So they made the 3DS game


              PLAY THE GAME YOU FOOL.


        2. It does look appealing, you just got spoiled with what Galaxy was

          The reason Galaxy was amazing because It did something different, and btw

          Just know this is how Galaxy 3 would have looked so your gonna be disappointed by EAD if they deciede to cope-out and rehash that series

          Im curious to see how crazy the level design is gonna be

    2. Rob,What I took from Mr.M’s statement is that this is the new Galaxy/NSMB if it sell’s rely well.Galaxy didn’t do the kind of number’s that NSMB does because it does not get the casual gamer’s.It’s sad but true.We may never see the likes of a grand adventure like Mario 64,Galaxy 1,2 again.It’s a race to the flag pole from here on out.Because that’s were the most $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is.

  5. This community is sort of entertaining but it sometimes gets old. I wonder it there will ever be normal site moderation.

        1. some of the best jrpgs ive played were secret of mana, chrono trigger and xenoblade. in my first play threw i named you cunto. also yeah, jrpgs are dead it seems for the most part, its just down to the tales series pretty much and final crapfantasy

          1. I don’t understand and hardly care about being called cunto. Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI and Xenoblade are probably my favorite jrpgs. I’m definitely looking forward to X. I missed some PS2 RPGs so I’m looking into buying one with Dragon Quest VIII.

    1. It is the real 3D Mario for Wii U, just like 3D Land is the real 3D Mario for 3DS. They’re attracting New Super Mario Bros. fans and forgetting about 3D Mario fans, but they haven’t been able to make anything as good as Super Mario 64 anyway…

        1. I never thought I would say this, But I think it is time for the Great one to retire.And let the new blood take over at Nintendo.If he keep’s dumbing everything down all the magic that make us love Nintendo’s games will be gone.The guy that makes Zelda these day’s know’s this but it sound’s like he is being forced to make games for everyone instead of games for born and bred gamer’s.It’s all about money and we are out numbered by the million’s.

  6. While I can see what Shigeru Miyamoto is going for with Super Mario Worlds, the guy obviously doesn’t visit message boards. If he did he might be forced to, oh I don’t know, think outside the damn box for once! Either that or just legally change your name to “MiyaMario.” I’m a Nintendo fan but seriously, you can’t just repackage the same formula and call it “innovation” while the rest of your franchises are on life support! I wanted a WiiU for MK8 but if Zelda and Mario sequels is all that Nintendo’s putting out then I’m spending my money elsewhere this Christmas.

  7. I always wonder if anyone from Nintendo comes to sites like this and reads the comments? They probably get SO sick of all the trolls and people who’s trying to make a name for themselves by being a jerk (like Ben Sanders, who mysteriously disappeared. Yet, I didn’t mind him. He made me laugh).

    1. Ben was awesome, now this site has lame iceazeama and adarabz. BEEEEN COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It’s so nice seeing all these Nintendo fans on the site, each and everyone of you! Love it, hate it, still Nintendo fans.

  9. This was pretty evident to me with the fixed camera angle (even if you can move the camera when playing by yourself). I guess this is fine for now… but I really hope they return to full-fledged 3D platforming soon, and I’m not talking about the linear play of the Galaxy games (as much as I loved them). I’m talking about Mario 64/Sunshine style.

  10. I believe they said the same thing about Super Mario 3D Land, with the 3d gameplay of 3d Mario but the simplicity of 2D Mario. Either way, I say they’re succeeding. 3D Land was awesome and 3D World makes me want a Wii U.

  11. I find it funny how everyone says “they rehashing mario for too much!” and then when we don’t get a Mario anytime soon, everyone is gonna start bitching about it. Humans are indeed mysterious creatures.

  12. This definitely has the potential to be my favorite multiplayer game. The only thing that could make it better? Patch in online multiplayer already Nintendo!!!

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