Rayman Legends Sold Less Than 1,500 Copies In Its First Week In Japan

rayman_legends_screenshotUbisoft’s Rayman Legends has not been the most profitable of the company’s games in Europe and North America. But sources say that it’s not even hitting the target sales mark in Japan either, with less than 1,500 copies sold in its first week on the Wii U. Last week’s Media Create sales revealed that the feisty Rayman couldn’t even climb into the top 30, and with sales of only 1,435 copies, we now know why. Dengeki Online’s data, however, ended on October 20, just three days after the game’s release in Japan, but nevertheless it’s still a disappointing run for the limbless character.


  1. I’m really glad this wasn’t a Nintendo exclusive.. I bet if it was, people would be saying “OMG, WII U FAIL SO HARD.” -__-

  2. ARe the sales terrible on Wii U or terrible on everything? If it’s just Wii U, Ubi Soft are gonna retreat from supporting the console more than they already are

        1. not really. It’s pretty much ubisoft’s fault for releasing this game at such a piss poor time.
          They released it around the time where pokemon X and Y, GTA V, and Monster Hunter 3 were all released, rather than spring where they probably would’ve done better due to a lack of competition.

        2. Rayman games never sell well in Japan.
          Rayman legends and origins sell pretty low anywhere, if you compare them with popular games.

      1. Its also published by Nintendo in Japan through a deal with Ubisoft, which is why its an exclusive there.

      1. but especially on wiiu hahaha thats cus wii u is trash its competition are last gen console and even like that it still weak hahaha gta 5 skipping wii u

        1. I’m not interested in gta5 in the slightest. Have a PS3 next to my Wii U but I’m not getting that game.

    1. Yes it was just a WiiU exclusive in Japan, but it bombed on every other platform. WiiU had the strongest sales by far for the game.

  3. This is what is known as justice. We all had our money out ready for them to take it, and then they delayed it. Going multi-platform hardly helped the sales either. I’ll buy it, when I see it for a fiver.

    1. Its an excellent platformer.
      Like amazing.
      But not many people are into the whole rayman shit. They profit over time tho

  4. The game looks cleverly built, but side scrolling platformers have been over done with little depth. They’ve probably been done more than first person shooters. The fact that it is a side scrolling platformer is why I never bought it, and I would be surprised if I was the only one. I’ve seen gameplay footage, and I know its more unique than your typical side scrolling platformer, but they always get boring too early. These game companies need to realize that the industry is not one where they can make a game, and people will buy regardless of its originality. They are competing against other games. I’m not surprised it didn’t sell well.

      1. Yea, I wouldn’t be surprised. Whenever anyone wants to create a quick and easy game, Its either a first person shooter, or a side scrolling platformer. They are close, I wouldn’t be surprised if first person shooters were more overdone, but my first guess would be that ssps are more overdone.

  5. I had my money ready to buy the game on feb. But they decided to delay the game around the same time of my sooo anticipated pokemon and GTA 5 games :/ i was shocked with the desition o_O

  6. If Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart 8 or the new Zelda don’t sell well then i’m afraid the end of Nintendo Consoles is near. I have a feeling once those games release that sales will go up, but they probably will never reach the original Wii’s status.

    1. I wouldn’t say the end is near for Nintendo consoles. Nintendo has bounced back on consoles not doing as good as it could’ve–like when the Gamecube was out and had to deal with the unchain beast that was the PlayStation 2.

      Sony or Microsoft are more likely to bow out if a console drags ass significantly since they spread themselves across more than just games, consoles, and handhelds (computer software, TVs, other services, phones, wearable tech, sharp advertising, etc and so on). The console drops in sales in the following generation or something, they’ll could bail to just cut their losses. Basically it would be nothing to just start tossing cargo overboard since they have their hands in many pots.

      Nintendo just handles games and handheld/consoles (and something that kinda resembles advertising…it’s a cross between advertising and just saying “Hey we have a console out too”). They don’t spread themselves thin and if something doesn’t pan out, they just…finish out that generation while working on the next console and making sure it’s as price friendly as possible.

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  7. I wish that there was a way to tell them shame on you. The Wii U had no games they basically had a free shot at sales. But it’s like they continue to spit in the face of Wii U owners no online, Delayed games, Missing features, No DLC and then companies not just ubisoft expect people to buy a broken product. I call it broken because it is.

  8. Well I bought it and did my part in the us. It’s sucks though that it was a flop because at E3 Ubisoft was the best part of the show. Hell they saved E3 from being a complete flop.

  9. Let’s see… I would have probably bought it during the Wii U drought… but now I have many other games to play all around and have no inclination to buy it now.

    It’s almost as if Ubisoft made a terrible, terrible decision to delay the Wii U version. Hmmmm….

      1. Let’s see… Ubisoft could have released the finished Wii U version of Rayman Legends early this year, when there were barely any new games for system and any owner with just a passing interest in the game would have bought the game just to have something to play….

        No, you’re right. Ubisoft was smart NOT to release then.
        They released now when all the big games and new systems are going to hit and Wii U owners have some games to play as well.

        1. In all seriousness, it could be a good game, but I have better games to spend money and time on now.

          Back then I probably would have tried it, as would others. Ubisoft could have netted a lot of fans to the Rayman brand.

  10. I doubt bad sales are based on it being on the WIi U, Rayman has never sold well in Japan. If VGchartz is to be believed, the Rayman franchise (Including the rabbids games) have sold over 9 million in the US as opposed to over 30k in Japan. This game wouldn’t have been any more successful on the PS3.

  11. This game was really good and deserved better sales, but this sold poorly on all consoles, and New Super Mario U and Luigi U have sold poorly too. I’m personally getting bored of all the 2D sidescroller games, they were ok when they became popular again on the Wii but now I just roll my eyes when Nintendo showcases a new game like Donkey Kong at E3 and it’s a Sidescroller again and the last Nintendo Directs they have shown a new 2d sidescrolling Kirby game and a new 2d sidescrolling Yoshi game for Wii U. That’s why people call Nintendo lazy.

  12. This goes to show that there is far too much hype and emphasis on game sales these days. Sure these things matter to Ubisoft directors but this is def one of the best games I have played in my life and WILL be remembered as such so poor sales mean nothing.
    Maybe people should get back to enjoying games on their own merit and not looking at how a game sells before commiting their brainless cash to something that everyone else is buying, therefore they must. STOP BEING SHEEP PEOPLE….try it and then decide for yourself. You do have a brain dont you? You know who i’m talking too….

  13. Could this perhaps have something to do with the delay? I don’t think it’s the gamers that really suffered the most from the delay but rather Ubisoft. They could have had a real gem that stood out amongst the pack around February but now it’s drowning. But call on your part Ubisoft.

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