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Sonic Lost World Update Coming December 11th In Japan

Sega has confirmed via email that they will be releasing a brand new patch for the competent Sonic Lost World on the Wii U. The patch will be coming on December 11th in Japan and should see a number of issues fixed. Some of these issues include seizure-inducing imagery and other problems that need to be sorted. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before we get a patch list, as well as a release date for the west.

24 thoughts on “Sonic Lost World Update Coming December 11th In Japan”

    1. Sonic games truly are pathetic and overrated piles of mediocrity. But wait. Any rationally minded individual knows that. Those who don’t accept it are simply stupid. So go ahead and reply fanboy fuckers. Prove your stupidity.

  1. I am going to be honest. I played the demo of this game and I wasn’t exactly impressed. The visuals were lovely to look at but the game felt random and I didn’t feel any flow with it. Nice try and concept, and at least I tried it, but it wasn’t as good as I would have hoped.

    Looking at the videos before its debut I was tempted, but I was let down.

  2. Beat the game, didn’t see any problems with it, but ok. I enjoyed the game, and while it’s not the best Sonic game out there, it’s definitely a bit underrated. Biggest complaint is the boss difficulty. Far too easy.

    1. yeah, the bosses were WAY to easy. Another complaint from me is that the difficulty is inconsistent throughout the game. One level will be very hard and then the next 2 levels will be extremely easy. Its just not consistent.

  3. Lawl, Japan just can’t stop giving people seizures. It’s like trying to make Glenn Beck actually think about what he’s saying.

    1. Yeah. I lost all interest in this game after I picked up SM3DW. I was in the process of collecting all the red rings, very engaged in it too. Then I saw how better SMW3DW was and I believe this game could’ve been better.

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