Nintendo has confirmed that the Nintendo eShop is now up and running on all systems, including Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The company says it will continue to monitor the situation, even though it doesn’t anticipate any further outages. Yesterday, Nintendo shared some details on what caused the service’s downtime, which lasted for a few days.



  1. Still can’t access it for some reason on my 3DS, the only thing that irks me is that for some reason all my eshop and ambassador games are gone from my system menu. It says I have them according to my system memory but can’t play them for some reason. I’ll try again later, unless it’s a problem with my SD card.


  2. I’ve been using this site for quite a long while now, and I usually read through the comments, but I have never commented myself, until now that is. :D Just wanted to tell Nintendo Commander that he is the greatest person alive. You have a Facebook or anything? I’d like to add you on Wii U and 3DS as well!


  3. Good news. Now hopefully they’ll release Pokémon Bank by the end of the week. They kind of need to get it out as quickly as possible, because there are so many people waiting to use that service, one that should’ve been available by now.


    • That’s the problem though and what caused the server to crash this time. They are currently working on a solution so that it doesn’t crash again when they re-release PokeBank. The moment it has an official world-wide release as the masses will (once again) flood the e-shop trying to download the service all at once.


  4. Hopefully this means Pokémon Bank will be available soon. Was so excited for it and waiting around is killing me. I need a new reason to play Pokémon X.


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