Wedbush’s Provides Estimations For Console Sales In 2014

Wedbush Securities have put together a large 175 page PDF detailing why the next generation consoles will be as big as ever. The extensive document provides a detailed overview of the past, present and future of the video game marketplace. Here’s the company’s estimated next generation console sales for 2014.

  • PlayStation 4: 12M
  • Xbox One: 9M
  • Wii U: 3M


    1. That´s too much optimism. This generation won´t sell as well as the previous one. The report is targeting to investitors, as a way to prevent videogame manufacturers to lose assets. Just a note: Patcher is one of the authors of the document.. pffff..

    1. Another dreamer!!! Smash history shows that it sales less than half of what kart does and even mario 3d out sold smash. I say 1.2m for kart. 600k for smash

  1. After the shit Microsoft tried to pull with the Xbox One, I’m genuinely disappointed they’re selling any units at all.

    Glad the PS4 is looking likely to sell more though. Shows some people have listened at least.

    Wii U should manage more than 3 million this year. Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, Bayonetta and X are all scheduled this year. (Whether X actually makes it out this year we’ll see). Mario kart 8 should be able to move well over 3 million alone if people have any sense. But people don’t, so…. we’ll see….

    1. I’m really disappointed with the gaming community. The highest rated Xbox One game barely scratches 80, yet people are still buying the console in droves… Have we reached the point in gaming where people buy anything with guns and gore? It seems like it, disappointingly…

      1. They don’t even buy the,m because of those mediocre games, they buy it because it’s American and because of all the Media Gimmicks that has nothing to do with gaming whatsoever…

        And the third reason is because most who buy them are simply slaves to the cause of group pressure…

      2. Yup. I had a Wii and my ex-friend made a video on the topic of why the Wii sucks on yt.
        ps. He played COD.(Call of DICKS)

      3. What an idiot he is…

        As the legend goes:

        Criminals on Drugs will always buy CoD…

      4. The cod in Fish N Chips is good though. I only played black ops. After that, they’re all the same lol

      5. Haha I guess that’s right…

        I do love to get my hands on some Fine N Commander right now…

        Oh right that’s me…

      6. True…

        But we all know their so called estimations will not become true…

        Specially not for the Xbots…

      7. I highly doubt the Xbox 69 will reach 9 mil but as with all predictions, we have to wait and see.

      8. At least we have a new ally with the AE Games or as I now call them:

        The Anti Electros Army

        Hopefully they replace those Electrons…

    2. this thread if full of dreamers!!! kart is the only game to be able to sale consoles. smash will sale good but will not push new console sales except for a 1 to 2 weeks and that will be it.


      1. I know, I need time to come up with some really good ones. So for now I’ll just keep pasting this.

      2. You’ve been pasting that a few weeks now, when will this new way of insulting the Wii U occur?

      3. I agree, at least you make some of yours original. Plus, you actually like the Wii U, or at least want to.

      1. What countries are left? Japan? Xbone is gonna sell like the piece of crap it is there.

  3. honestly the xbox has a more mystery of a future then the wii u. The bad press its received is hurting its chances to sell. There are some good games on it, but people are freakin out over it

    1. The only people who are freaking out are you nintendrones. You start attacking when an article mentions the Xbox one.

      1. ? Uh i haven’t attack the xbox one. I have interest in getting one, some day just for KI. I usually get all three console, I like having a bigger library of games. I didn’t buy a 360 last gen because of the major issues the system had. I’m just giving my thought of whats been going on with it. If ur going to ass on this site please go to a nearby, toilet crap out the BS u have. But knowing a troll u will still keep going and going

  4. I’m guessing 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are right, but the numbers are way off.
    Wii U seems to have fallen sooo far behind that last place is the most logical prediction.

  5. 12 mil PS4 sorry but i don’t think so, the WiiU 3 mil hahahahaha nooooo way, to many good games for the WiiU this year. I predict Mariokart 3 a 4 mil, smash bro’s 3 a 4 mil, how many is that? And then you have Bayonetta, X, Fire emblem x smt, Sonic boom, etc etc, i think the WiiU gonna sell 10 mil atleast….

  6. The Wii U seems like the odd one out in the photo lol. All the others are black while Wii U’s white

  7. the numbers are logical , even though there is some awesome games coming for the wii u this year , smash bros , mario kart , X .
    but let’s face it , people these days are too busy playing cod or fifa to buy some good games , it’s really disappointing that even on other systems , there are good games that doesn’t sell good at all .
    activision , EA and ubisoft ( well ubisoft are kinda cool , they have some other good games ) are slowly killing gaming industry with these yearly releases .

    1. It’s the new age of gaming. Online gaming is primarily the purpose of this, they don’t wanna play a single-player game while they have a mic and like to fuck with people or something.

  8. Xbone is a piece of shit. It will watch any of your moves. You wont be able to fuck in your own room cuz the Xbone will be watching you. :/

      1. Well that’s not disgusting … Ill only do that when I get married anyways. Even if I did you’d just ask me to play nsmb, then cry when I say no.

  9. as long as no wonder happens in the next month I think 3-4 million are unfortunately realistic. but I don’t think that ps4 will sell that much units, because there is no evidence now that it will be embraced by the broad audiences in the same way as by core-gamers.

  10. If Iwata sticks to his guns on the $300 pricetag for Wii U in the US, these predictions will come true.

  11. if nintendo doesn’t stop fucking around, these numbers will occur. I get the feeling they won’t stop with the dumbfuck way of doing business.

  12. I love the predictions
    the X-Gone is selling on a lower rate than the WiiU
    the Ps4 is the King right now, but the prediction on the X-Bone is just fanbased

  13. If Pachter was involved in this artilce, hahaha! This thing lost all credibility the moment his name was mentioned. But least his predictions are good for the extreme Nintendo haters to get off on. They need some kind of false hope to feel good about.

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