Paper Mario-Inspired Game Upside-Down Dimensions May Come To Wii U

Upside-Down Dimensions has been announced by developer Hydra Interactive Entertainment for a number of platforms, with a possible release on Wii U. The title, which draws inspiration from games like Paper Mario and Pokemon, is an action RPG set in a paper world. It focuses on two characters, Ryuu and Keiko, who have been separated into different dimensions and must fight their way through a world in danger of being consumed by evil. Upside-Down Dimensions is slated for a 2015 launch.


  1. looks better than paper mario and has better game play than paper mario. hopefully the worlds are bigger or huge to explore and soo 2d paper cut outs.

    1. ok seriously. get off this site. why are you here? why the fuck did you buy a wiiu when the wii was nothing like the 360 OR PS3. Why do you complain about kiddy games when you want naruto. seriously. get a life. your just a child, and you know it. no one here wants you here. you yell rehashes yet thats all you want. Naruto has been done so many times. your killing the gamemarket so badly.
      seriously. go sell your WIIU. if you lost money, well to bad. your not a nintendo fan so obviously you will always hate it. even tho sales have been picking up. even tho the 3DS is doing amazingly well in this Era, you still fucking complain. just stop you child. stop

      1. dont worry i have about $85.30 for 8 xbox 360 games. i dont even think i’ll have time to be in this site in the summer. i already have a copy of gta iv for the xbox 360 and a head set for chating

  2. so you think its better than paper mario? well if it wasnt for it they would have not been inspired by paper mario. btw paper mario is awesome, sure the last 2 were different and with minimal rpg but still. i would buy this game if it came to wii u

    1. Super was awesome because of the story and writing aswell as the flipping dimensions gameplay mechanic which I thought was cool but let’s just forget sticker star ever existed

  3. “A game that draws inspiration from Paper Mario and Pokemon” (two exclusive Nintendo IPs). This f***ing game better be coming to the Wii U, heck it should even come to the 3DS. If your game draws on these inspirations from Nintendo IPs, at least have the decency to release it on THEIR console too, again if not both. Ungrateful bastards

  4. Could be interesting.

    Now if we could only get a REAL Paper Mario game…..and not that Sticker Star crap!

  5. I always find it ridiculous when a developer says he draws his inspiration directly from one or several classic Nintendo franchises….and bringing the game to Nintendo platforms is only an afterthought…

  6. It looks nothing like Paper Mario…. It looks more like Tearaway on Vita. In fact, it looks exactly like that. I’m curious where the supposed Pokemon inspiration is though.

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