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Nintendo Video Recaps E3 2014 Highlights

E3 2014 has come to an end. To commemorate the conclusion of this year’s gaming expo, Nintendo has recorded a recap of some of the major revelations that spurred from the event. For example, at E3 2014, Nintendo hosted the first-ever Super Smash Bros. Invitational, in which attendees were treated to a special appearance by series creator Masahiro Sakurai. Nintendo also unveiled several new playable fighters, such as Bandai Namco’s iconic mascot Pac-Man. In addition, the publisher showcased two brand-new games – Splatoon and Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

66 thoughts on “Nintendo Video Recaps E3 2014 Highlights”

      1. No I’m pretty sure it’s Peach with a blue dress on. The crown is almost identical too. Must be an alternate costume

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Ignore him, guys. If I remember correctly, he doesn’t like Rosalina. He’s finally cracked & is suffering from extreme denial of her entrance into Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U & 3DS.

  1. microsoft and ubisoft e3 was better than nintendo’s e3 in my opinion. they games nintendo showed didn’t interest me what so ever, especially the new zelda wii u. that was very terrible art style. it didn’t even match up to the tech demo. it even looked like a downgraded version with less polygons and just boring shell shaded cartoony graphics. i hope call of duty advance warfare comes to the wii u.

      1. naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm revolution, evolve, sniper elite 3, gta v, destiny, homefront revolution, call of duty advance warfare and battlefield hardline.

        1. no offense man but your list sucks. Naruto is the only one I would maybe rent. I already have gta. Maybe destiny will be ok but what the wiiU needs is some pc games that aren’t on consoles. PC has a diverse selection.

        2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          I honestly thought your list would’ve been better, you fail to reach expectations as well as grasping the idea of common sense.

        3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          FPS garbage…

          The only one in your list I’m remotely interested in is Evolve…

        4. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          3rd party fanboy confirmed. Just get rid of your Wii U already. If you have NO interest in any of Nintendo’s titles, you might as well.

        5. sasori the “videogame master” has talked!!!
          sorry to tell you mr. know it all but your game list is lame starting with the naruTURD game.

        6. pink0crystal0midbus

          Well no wonder you liked Sony and Xbox’s E3’s better…. you just don’t like Nintendo’s style lol!

          What? Did you think all of a sudden that Nintendo’s E3 would feature tons of shooters, more shooters and bloody ninja games?

    1. So because they had no games that interested you it wasn’t better than the two you named? For one you are the minority talking about Zelda and the game looks miles ahead of the tech demo. Og yeah tech demo is just that a demo.

    2. You’re one out of the one billion people that use the internet, selfish asshole, polygon devil, fps-whore, art-hater, damage controlling, a guy who should have never been born, and worst of all, you troll . GTFO if you have nothing more to say but this type of bullshit

  2. Nintendo raped e3 the format the digital event the smash tournament treehouse live demonstrating games doing interviews showing games talking about games games games 4 new ip’s splatoon is what im looking forward to the most those 4v4 arenas are gonna be some great gaming its been a bit since I’ve been hyped for a online team game mostly because military fps or broken tactical tps games flooding the market in generation 7 thank fuck its not gonna be around by the end of this generation I dont see battlefield and call of duty coming out more than two more times before they decide to stop putting them out so fast after these next games bomb.

  3. imma post what i posted on the other news article a few seconds ago ( so i make my point clear to all)

    lol! i’m sorry, i have to laugh here! why do you guys even try to make people who like nintendo mad ? you got nothing better to do ? life is not fun anymore other than to try and take everything out of context and trying to find every tiny fault with the games and the console ? is this what you guys want to be ? i have been seeing everyone’s comments for some months now and i really did not want to get the stress of dealing with trolls but now it’s just sad! i for one am going to talk about the games that is coming out! get your guns ready tho i don’t think they will work anymore becuase im going to stop caring riiiight about!!! NOW! so guys have you got any theories about what’s coming to zelda u ? like side quests and or hopes ? and to the point of this news i really don’t think streaming service is good for the wii u. some might disagree but why would you want it on your console if you can easily watch it on your computer? i mean it would waste power on the nintendo consoles ( future ones) why not dedicate the whole system to only games ? like it is supposed to ? i can agree voice chat and text chat should be in there but anything else is just … meh! i mean netflix is awesome too but that’s about it in what i need for the wii u. the games. the chat and the netflix ( if i want to eat breakfast watching some good ol dr who away from your tv ” on the kitchen table”.) also i’m really exited for splatoon coming out. it’s a nice break from all the warfare games ( hint cod hint battlefield) don’t get me wrong they are a nice distraction once in a while but there are too many games coming out too fast! i was allways stressed and pissed when playing those games alot with my friend ( his idea to play it) i’m not saying i only play nintendo games or use the consoles. tho i have decided to wait to see how the ps4 turns out. purchased the wii u december 2013. did some research and wii u was the best option and still is! but enough about me. i would like to hear all your thoughts about them games ;) you think there will be something like fi or navi in it ? they should bring in a less annoying fairy this time tho i think i miss navi alittle bit! hey.. hey listen!

    sorry for the long post and thank you for reading if you took the time!

      1. You have many things:
        -An incredible lack of brain cells.
        -A legacy of nonsense written all over internet.
        -An unbalanced taste for videogames.
        -A tendency to show how immature you are.
        But wake up kiddo, you have ZERO credibility.

        BTW give that amazing Wii U to someone who can appreciate it.

      2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Oh? You want to pull that bullshit “I had it longer than you so I’m right & you’re wrooooongI” immature shit? Fine then, bitch troll. I got the Wii U winter of 2012. I have FAR more credibility than you, bitch troll. And I say you’re a little loser with nothing better to do & are just pissed off your parents refused to buy you the Xbox 360 instead, forcing you to save up penny by penny for a console you could have easily gotten on May 31st at Gamestop for 99% by trading in the Wii U at Gamestop during that special discount between May 29th-June 1st. You don’t even appreciate the console for the games you do play on it. You’re credibility is utter crap & everyone on this site knows it! Even a majority of your fellow trolls on this site think you’re a worthless little shit that cries like a little incessant child. Now go cry on youtube about how you “exposed” everyone on here with another one of your worthless videos that only your fellow losers give a Like for.

    1. Great post man (or woman) and Fi would be an awesome character, but would probably be a weapon instead. Good point on the trolls as well, its real sad to see they have nothing to do besides bashing Nintendo fans. However, it can be said that there are some sad Nintendo fans on here too. We should comment on games, not trolls who want attention.

  4. and for this news article ( realised there was the streaming thing ) this e3 was good for nintendo. end of discussion. talk about the games and what you saw there

  5. Sassori, I thought you hate nintendo all of a sudden you hope call of duty advanced warfare comes to the wii u. As much you trash the system why are you going soft. I thought you like power over gameplay which is it sassori. And there’s great hardware news concerning the wii u. All I can say they will compete with Sony and Microsoft more than yall trolls think stay turn.

  6. sasori i have had all the nintendo consoles. the first xbox and 4 xbox360s and they all broke ( and made a mess so that i had to still pay for gold because i could not quit it because i had no console and microsoft told me to fuck off and now i hate them for that) and i have had all the playstations. i have had all the handhelds except for the newest ps one. even sega consoles and handhelds. heck i have even had atari! i have way more credibility in my toenail than your entire being! i had the luxury on being born 1985. the decade the nes surfaced. i lived through the good times and bad times. i missed the great videogame crash but i could practically taste the feeling that polluted the air around the age of 4. ( started gaming at 3) my dad was the one that taught me! and my first game i ever beat was mega man. and my dad beat sonic first! ( i was 4 when i beat it!) tell me how rich your gaming history is sasori? i have lived for 28 years and damn good years!

    1. Now this!!! This person is a real gamer!!
      No hate on other consoles as it should be. You beat me with the Xbox’s, and I never had them not because I couldn’t afford them or hate them… I just felt why had so many consoles if i wont be able to play them all…
      I only had a 360 once, but gave it to my cousin as a present since I didn’t like paying for online… I hated paying for Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe so this is why I gave it away… i still played the halo games and gears of war games since my cousin lives close by and I bought some games for him.
      Now that the PS4 has a subscription online like the Xbox One, I am still deciding on which of the two to get…
      I have my Wii U and I oh so love it!! But i do need a diversity of games…
      I am also getting a vita and already have a 3DS which my ex gave me as a present (and it hurts to use it but still like to play it :’D).

      1. @brinsa25 you don’t need all the games. only the games that interest you. i would say in my case i had about generally 20-25 games per console. however i tried alot more on the ps3. and even still i have way more nintendo games than all combined!

  7. This nig gers mother won’t allow him to play games unless they are E or T. he thinks those games are cool and liking them he will fit in with people on youtube. Fucking loser. The best part about video games Imo is the cartoony art styles because its things you cant see otherwise who wants to look at realistic visuals all day long… I do that already when im not holding a controller… plus bf cod fuck that broken unplayable dcl raped garbage I hope his moms finds bf3 on his dated pc from 2006 and takes it! Then he would kill himself I think. .. its for the better of mankind or humankind should I say. Look nig ger enjoy the wii u you are not a fps gamer or a tekken gamer tekken tag 2 is the only tekken you played and ive see your matches you are awful my 9 year old niece can play new Mario Brothers on the Wii U better than you can kill yourself and you have the worst taste in anime ever you’re almost as bad as the Dragon Ball Z kids but hey no one can blame you after all you’re just an internet kid raised on the internet because your parents don’t love you also stop huffing paint thinner you’re going brain dead

    1. wtf is this moron saying. i was never trying to fit in with anyone. am not a kid. am not even deeply interested into anime, i just happen to like naruto and its games. i bought gta iv from wallmart, and i have bully for xbox 360 and i bought call of duty world at war for pc so i dont know what your saying about my parents.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        You’re 15. You ARE a KID. And an immature kid at that. Grow up & act your age, bitch troll. You think playing “Mature” games makes you a mature person that isn’t a kid? You’re clearly delusional. Now quit watching Naruto. It’s clearly fucking up your brain since you think the character Sasori is the greatest thing ever when he was just as much as a loser as you are. Weak ass Akatsuki bitch got killed by an old woman & a young lady within a few hours. And they weren’t even THE main character of the anime. You picked the right villain to name yourself after since you apparently like playing with people you think are puppets: the Nintendo fanbase. In fact, the biggest beatdown you get on this site is from a young lady. You’re a disgrace to the good people that actually DO watch Naruto, like me. Hell! Even I have to admit that the Naruto games SUCK & do not interest me in the slightest. And quit playing those type of games. You’re clearly one of the few people that video games like those actually DO rot the brain of.

    2. ” I do that already when im not holding a controller… plus bf cod fuck that broken unplayable dcl raped garbage I hope his moms finds bf3 on his dated pc from 2006 and takes it! Then he would kill himself I think. .. its for the better of mankind or humankind should I say. Look nig ger ” battlefield with 64 players vs mario kart 8 with only 12 players. also i hope you knew the bf4 severs are fixed and cod ghost or black ops 2 have no sever problems. its funny how i can run battlefield 3 on my pc on medium settings and its look way more beautiful than x, devil’s third, bayonetta 2 and hyrle warriors. lol games on the forst bite engine 2 are beating nintendo games.

        1. He saying bf4 is better then mk8 because bf is 64 players and mk8 is 12 yet he hasn’t played bf4 with 64 players because he doesn’t own it and shit bf4 was broken for months before 64 player’s could even be in the same game…broken games yay.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        You’ve said your PC isn’t the greatest out there but that it can actually outdo the Wii U. You’re lying out of your ass, like you do most of the time, so it better suits your chances to hate on Nintendo without looking like a dumbshit. The sad thing is, you still end up looking like a dumbshit because we actually remember your previous lies & truths. Not to mention you have NO CREDIBILITY at all.

  8. battlefield is full of glitchy broken hideous edgy character animation the game has three colors Brown Brown and red its ugly. Zelda on the Wii U is colorful full of energy emotion and it’s delightful eat a dick you retarded poor ugly nig ger

  9. I was hoping that for a new franchise maybe give us an RPG or action adventurer but not based on and existing franchise, love splatoon, I wish that steam game never existed it looks terrible and unforgetable.

  10. I’m so tempted to buy Xbox 360 after work tomorrow write your name on it with a black magic marker and then smash it with a sledgehammer on video and put it on YouTube… hell I could buy two of them actually 3

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