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Microsoft Has Bought Minecraft Developer Mojang For $2.5 Billion

The BBC is reporting that Microsoft has successfully purchased Minecraft developer Mojang for a staggering $2.5 billion. The deal was also announced by the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Microsoft says that the Mojang team would join its internal game studio. Sadly it could rule out the possibility of the game coming to Nintendo platforms such as the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

177 thoughts on “Microsoft Has Bought Minecraft Developer Mojang For $2.5 Billion”

  1. No it doesn’t, actually. Microsoft said that Minecraft will continue to be a Multiplatform game on the article found on their website.

    1. “continue” as in continue on the platforms it has already been released on anyway

      they can’t very well shut down the servers on those platforms.. well they could technically but they’d end up pissing off millions

      they’re not mentioning wii u anywhere and this could indeed be bad news for a release on it

        1. I’m as much of a Nintendo fan as anyone, but Minecraft earned its place in gaming history. This is one of the games which started the indie boom and inspired countless similar titles to appear. If anything I consider this one of the 10 best games ever made, maybe even the 5 best.

          1. Started a boom by making itself into the most dragged out video game in history, even more so than RE4 which has its own legit reason to drag out on many platforms. Its that great.

            Minecraft, I seriously see nothing special about it and gets boring after 5 minutes. Its more of a past time for mindless children than a video game.

            1. Boohoo. You don’t like something so it’s pointless. What a fucking retard you sound. You do know the world doesn’t revolve around you, right? In the grand scheme of things you’re irrelevant. Millions of people play it every day and now Microsoft gets all profits from it. If Nintendo had bought Mojang you’d be praising them. I also find the game garbage but I’m not so egotistical to think my opinion is gospel. Try and remember that next time, won’t you cupcake.

              1. Well, you are egotistical to think your comment will even make a difference. I mean, you did type quite a bit there in response to his “irrelevant” comment.

          2. Well, Angry Birds was probably the real beginning to the “indie boom” to which you’re referring. But yeah, Minecraft was definitely a big help.

      1. They just finished the deal today, and they have all the time in the world to bring it to Wii U, New 3DD, OUYA, windows phone, windows 8 +, and other platforms

    2. I agree… it could even put it on the wii since it such a low power game and that would be a lot of possible buyers… in fact, I am not sure why it hasn’t already… the motion control would be interesting

          1. it’s actually probably one of the most graphically intensive games i’ve ever seen. it takes a seriously beefy computer to play in 60 fps at 1080p, if you wanna host a server, and play on the same computer, forget about it.

            1. as mostly just a player, I guess the blocky look and small file size of the game has caused me to look a little ignorant… thanks for the info. I have only played it in small spurts, but it is a great game and a very smart game even if it appears basic… I guess that is the appeal… as basic or as complex as you want it to be

          1. You don’t know how much power Minecraft actually consumes despite its artstyle, do you?

            It tracks EVERY SINGLE BLOCK in the game, and every single block is rendered in the scene as seperate models!

            Heck, Minecraft worlds can be costly when it comes to both RAM and HD storage, especially if a lot of the world’s been generated already. Heck, griefers on multiplayer servers had taken advantage of how much resources big Minecraft worlds require by actually walking as far as possible in order for the game to generate as much terrain as it possibly could.

            Of course, poor optimization’s probably got to do with that, but still, Minecraft requires at least “decent by modern day standards” computer to work properly, even if barely. (The Wii doesn’t count, but the Xbox 360 and PS3 do, and even then, limitations had to be added in order to make it not as resource intensive as before.)

            1. *facepalm* 8-bit 3D compare to the higher bit games like Doom should not take or use as much hardware at all. Its file size is ridiculously small so how come a simple, micro game like Minecraft use so much of its system memory to run it? Doesn’t make any sense and not only that, if the game were to use that much memory, how come the horizon distance suffers so much that you have to literally walk closer to see it? Trust me, this game doesn’t require much and if even an inferior iPhone 4, which has a far weaker specs than Wii and PSP, can run, so can the Wii and 3DS. Its a very simple game.

                1. Yeah like when buying a $500 Spybox bundle just to find out DRM is still present and you see Microsoft’s true colors that they deceived people..again.

                  Seriously, I’m not stupid to forsee how and where this goes. Minecraft is gonna turn Microsoft exclusive over night and then pull every version out of everyone’s ass and then flame wars will rise.

                  1. What if someone wanted the Xbox One without Kinect? It wouldn’t be a Spybox anymore. I would get one for the Mastercheif Collection since I never got to play Halo games.

                    1. Which is the entire 3/4 split of Xbot fan base and look, few million got cheated for being so stupid to jump in too soon instead of forcing Micro-dumbass-soft to do the right thing and ditch Kinect a lot sooner for the last time.

             cam get Halo on PC too. Like I said, Xbox is pointless from the start.

                      1. You can get one and 2 on PC, but three isn’t there. Which is disappointing because I’ve heard it’s the best one. And the new one 5 is most likely not coming to push Xbone sales. And plus, The MC Collection has updated visuals and they include 1 and 2 which makes the PC versions (especially one) look inferior. :/Oh, and I also want one for Killer Instinct. That was an amazing game on the N64 and the characters look freaking sick on the new one. And it even includes the old one! :)

                        1. I know MC edition is gonna be on PC sooner than you think.

                          I could care less about 5. They need to retire the series already and make something else. After the 3rd or 4th game maybe, I can feel the Halo hype dying out slowly.

                          And I don’t care about this lame ass new Rare anymore. We all know the real Rare is dead.

                          1. I don’t care about that anymore. I’m just talking about Killer Instinct. Rare is never going to return to the way they were so it’s no use. I just hope Microsoft revives Conker or possibly remaster GoldenEye 007. I would buy an Xbone the instant I hear about that. Lol.

                            1. Actually, Activision now has the rights to 007 games which is why they remade Goldeneye for Wii first and then for 360/PS3 later.

                              As for Conker, I guess you missed the part where they killed him in 2014 E3 with Project Spark aka “Who gives a shit” the game. No Conker sequel instead of that crap = another death of our beloved franchise of the old Rare next to Banjo.

                                1. Conker? Look at Project Spark reveal. Instead of making a sequel, they just cramp his ass into the game with nothing relating to him or no story/mode based on Conker. They just slap his red furry ass into this tedious game in some stupid ass attempt to hype the game over his “return” when its just gonna be another Banjo fuck up.

                                  No Conker 2. Sorry.

                                  Oh and I looked up more about Destiny and holy shit, you gotta view this video.

                                  Everything I said about Destiny being an overhyped disappointment was true. It got so many mediocre scores that I honestly can’t believe half of the shit I’m listening and reading. XD My oh my. Destiny, what have you become?

                                  1. Destiny was overhyped, but it’s their own fault for hyping it up in the first place. I always thought Destiny was just like Halo except it was just on non Xbox consoles too. Idk wtf people were talking about. Watch Dogs though was a severe disappointment. That was the best looking game I had ever seen and the gameplay just looked freaking amazing. And then they just suddenly stripped down the graphics and stuff. I mean, did they even actually finish it? That 2012 E3 gameplay video looks better than the entire actual game. I might get it eventually but probably not any time soon. Or at least until the price goes down. That was just BS. I’ve heard Ubisoft say they will “take their time” with Watch Dogs 2. And they had better keep their word. Hopefully they don’t spend all that time downgrading the graphics again. -_-

                                    1. My ass that Watchdogs 2 is gonna be any better or different. Might as well wait until next gen for them to deliver that BS again just for another disappointment after they overhype that trash for your easy money.

                                      I’m now not sure about getting Destiny now. Oh well. There’s always GTA5 and Smash Bros. 4 to look forward to.

                                    2. Oh My Gosh! you never got to play halo games! Ever? Alright listen up, i’m only saying this once. I hate Microsoft but the best thing they did in this world was make halo with bunjie. Halo 3 and reach are the best! Halo 4 was a big Disappointment. Honesty I think Halos best years are behind it. So Don’t buy an xbox one just play halo. Lets add this up $400 for the console $60 for the master chief collectors edition. and your paying for live on top of that. $500+ to play halo Not Worth it, but thats my opinion.

                              1. Yet it does.

                                I’ve read somewhere that Minecraft isn’t really optimized.

                                Besides, it’s not only the graphics that make the game a recourse hog – it keeps track of every block generated by the game and/or placed by the player. If you explore long enough using the default map generator, it’ll get so big that it might as well require about a gig of space or even more for a single save file.

                                Heck, in the PC version, people are saying that in theory, the Minecraft world’s several times as big as Planet Earth itself, and can generate enough blocks before the game starts to glitch out because you WENT TOO FAR (but you need to either be walking for several real life weeks or teleport that far in order for this to take effect.)

                                The map size in the console versions and the mobile version are limited BECAUSE there’s not enough resources to generate enough land beyond those points.

                                  1. Only when it comes to graphics.

                                    When it comes to tracking every single blocks, however… (This’s why the maps are limited on the console versions and the mobile phone version – if the maps can be as big as the PC version’s, then when the maps get too big, not only would the consoles won’t be able to save the worlds due to how much is generated, it’ll also throw “out of memory” errors because of how limited memory is compared to the PC.)

                      1. so what? he still let himself be bought out, something many people thought he had too much integrity for
                        this will put quite a stain on his credibility within the community

                          1. so why did he develop games even after minecraft was a smash hit? obviously because he likes doing it
                            also he had quite a bit of sway with the community because his seeming integrity
                            now his image won’t be quite as clean anymore
                            if that’s what he wanted to achieve with the sellout (he was rich before already) then it was a complete success

                          2. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

                            With 2.5, It sounds like they could have been bargaining.
                            Microsoft: How about 1 billion?
                            Mojang: WHAT?! NAW! I want 3 billion!
                            Microsoft: How about 2 and a half billion?
                            Mojang: SOLD! To the company that killed Rare.

                            1. With Phil Spencer at the helm though, MS can revive Rare, and maybe get a true sequel to Banjo-Tooie? MS has been very good to their customers since Spencer took over, with monthly updates adding requested features and free games for gold members.

                      2. Does not make sellout any less sleazier.
                        Now he is just a rich sellout.
                        And I agree with this, better to sellout, than become irrelevant like Rovio.

                        1. he was rich before.. he must have made tens of millions with minecraft.. i don’t see any reason for selling at this point other than simple greed…

                            1. i’m doing my job to live

                              even before selling notch wouldn’t have had to lift another finger in his lifetime and would still have lived in luxury.. this sale gave him absolutely nothing other than damage to his reputation

                                    1. your questions has zero relevance

                                      notch already had an unspendable amount of cash, even before the buy out, probably over 100 million

                                      he didn’t even buy himself several opulent mansions or at least one of them, all he got himself was a (admittedly very expensive) flat in stockholm…
                                      he spends a bit here and there on kickstarter campaigns, or collectors pieces but nothing that would really make any dent in his fortune

                                      so what’s there he will do with 2.5 billion that he wouldn’t and couldn’t have done with 100 million?
                                      the answer is simple: nothing

                  2. Congratulations Microsoft for buying a company that has only had one successful game and has shown no indication of being capable to replicate said success

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                      Not to mention Notch said he would leave if Microsoft bought Mojang so that one game will never be the same.

                    1. Now you’re just one big double standard of stupidity.

                      First of all, this is about gaming, not politics and Obama is actually cleaning up the country and what has the Republicunts done or proposed that’s actually a fair idea? Nothing. So keep rooting the wrong side because you’re gonna be the retarded one when the wrong person you blindly vote for without background research when they fuck you over just like 2 Bushes, Reagan, Nixon and even Jimmy Carter.

                      1. I usually don’t like talking about politics on the internet, but Obama’s policies with the exception of the “Obama Care” have been nearly identical to Bush’s policies. So much for all the talk of change.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Agreed, and the Obama human should return the nobelprize of peace at once and give it to those that protects nature instead…

                  3. well it also means that microsoft will bring more people and they will be able to develop the game faster. I don’t think MS will make it exclusive since the game is already on PS3/PS4. As for the update, it would be regular and faster. Now does MS learn from rare studio?

                    1. To leave it there like them or ruin them like they did to rare…I see this as a greedy solution. Basically, MS said “NO MINE” like a little toddler to the other companies. If its true that notch left after the buy out, then it means he was not happy over the company’s decision regardless if it was his to begin with. It’s really a double edged blade in this case.

                    2. really…. they paid 2.5 billion just so they could put it on other consoles…. Really? You do know we’re talking about Microsoft right.

                  4. Isn’t Notch the guy that was trolling about Facebook buying oculus rift? I’m pissed off against this dude. Hopefully I bought the game when it was at alpha stage. From now on, it will never be the same.
                    My body isn’t ready for massive DLC

                      1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                        Uh RedFox? He was being sarcastic, that isn’t an insult as much as it is a joke, you honestly expect to believe that Notch believes the Wii U has literally 2 games?

                          1. TELENOVELAS mincraft – NINTENDO
                            he denied the help and involvement of the MIYAMOTO SAN only to please MICROSOFT
                            With the ploy of fan-base of wii u “he said it was dependant on the size of the user base and also…”

                            for all those who have forgotten I put these links, please let consulted
                            the last Link is the most obvious and colossal lie … Why?…
                            ….Because Wii U has more Base-installed that xbox360

                            TELENOVELAS Mincraft – NINTENDO

                  5. Not “Nintendo news” as Minecraft clearly wasn’t on its way to the console. Also, Microsoft is clearly I’m the headline!
                    Should be called MNNWOUS.

                  6. Why do Nintendo always pass up on great opportunities like this? They really should have brought Minecraft. Just as they should of brought Rare

                    1. Why buy this super overrated crap anyway even though the dev clearly showed no interest in making it for Nintendo, period? Remember his tweets making fun of Wii U? Not a chance that a Wii U/3DS version was gonna happen. And now that its in Microsoft’s hands, trust me, they’re gonna fuck it up and even ruin it for other platforms that have it like eventually cutting ties that’s gonna enflame the community like no other pissed off community before.

                  7. This isn’t really relevant to Nintendo. It’s just a bad, bad day for Minecraft in general. Literally the only worse option was for them to be bought by EA. They should’ve stayed independent, but as ever, money talks.

                  8. As of today, Minecraft is now a PCS3604ONEVITAiDOID game. With 3D and U are not on their party anymore.

                    Is Mojang hating Nintendo so they sold them to Microsoft or did Microsoft bought Mojang just not to release Minecraft on Nintendo platforms and destroy Nintendo’s life?

                        1. Ah, good times when a family member of mine went to buy one himself, she was then pestered by a Xbot, then bought a Wii U right in front of his face. Good times.

                          1. I still remember that Xbot asshat trying to sell off Xbox DOne to Wii U enthusiasts playing demos saying its better and then one of them burned the guy saying “I don’t wanna buy that DRM Spybox” and got booed off. XD

                            1. Indeed he did, then he went on his own way to join your empire. I will never forget his heroic actions and neither will the Republic he was born in.

                  9. And this is why my stupid country is useless…

                    First they give 13% of the election votes to that idiotic nazi party yesterday and now the stupid swedish human became an Xbot slave and sold his life…

                    I must destroy this silly place and rebuild it in the holy N’s image…

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        I don’t know him nor will ever want to know an Xbot…

                        And if I did, his life would be mine to control…

                        1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                          Would not say that he is an Xbot… this might actually be a good thing, he might actually be doing us a favour…

                            1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                              Do you?

                              He was the backbone of Minecraft which perhaps was the whole reason Microsoft wanted Mojang.

                              He is gone, now what can Microsoft do with it? Ruin it the best Microsoft do.

                              It will be Rareware all over again, and it will turn people away from greedy Micro$oft…

                              Pity some loyal Minecraft fans will be hurt in all this…

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    The Xbots bought Minecraft, they’ll either stop releasing it for the Sonyans or force them to pay fees to continue…

                                    Eventually the Sonyans will be hit hard for the loss of that game…

                                    The rest will hate the Xbots which will make them lose even more while we sit here in our empire watching the 2 destroy eachother hahahahahahhaah…

                                    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                                      Perhaps, just depends on the specifics of any contracts that were made at time of signing over to Microsoft, a condition could have been made that all existing Minecraft games are still to be made on other platforms.

                                  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    We both know there were no contracts, they forced and bribed that silly slave so they can profit from it for a while until they corrupt the game like everything else they touch…

                  10. Good for Microsoft and the Xbox Won. This sends a powerful message to Sony and Nintendo that they really need to watch their backs. Microsoft continues to grow and adapt to the current market and the others either need to keep up or they out of their way B)

                    1. Over an overrated garbage now in Microsoft..MICROSOFT’s hands so they can fuck it up like they did to Rare..OLD Rare. Nope. I’m not even close to pissing in my boots and not even PS4 since it already destroyed Xbox DOne last year.

                      Xbox is a poison and it will soon destroy itself like it did in its reveal and 2013 E3.

                      1. Ha ha……keep telling yourself that. Once you’ve accepted all 3 consoles,then you will succeed.

                        I assume that you mostly don’t like Microsoft for the same reasons as the Nintendo Commander. Because of their original policies that would have been very bad for the gamers and the industry itself right? They reversed all of the big calls so I don’t think those are valid reasons anymore. You may say that they didn’t have the guts to carry on with their plans, but it’s just that they realized that they had made the wrong decision and acted accordingly. So, I gained respect for Microsoft.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Then our empire can finally start regaining its power while watching that wretched species fall once and for all…

                  11. Forget the console wars and what Notch did, this is about the fate of a wonderful game. MS already butchered its own series (ie: COD, HALO) murdered rare in a manner so gruesome i think it’s a violation of human rights, Minecraft has no chance. And i just bought the pc version too :(

                    1. Now that the game so in their hands, I so bet you that they’re gonna pull a “Rise of Tomb Raider” stunt and piss off the entire world when they make it their exclusive even though it started on PC anyway.

                  12. Guys, there’s no proof Microsoft’s going to force Mojang to not release new versions for non-Microsoft consoles like the Wii U.

                    Heck, the way Mojang described the news from their point of view on their own blog implies to me that they think Microsoft would treat Mojang the same way Facebook’s treating the Oculus Rift: allowing them to make their own decisions (and the Facebook allowing Oculus VR to make their own decisions was proven with the fact that they’ve continued to do the same stuff they did a couple of months after they’ve been aquired, only with a bigger budget).


                      1. I said “Time will tell”.

                        Even if it happened to Rare, that doesn’t mean it would automatically mean it’ll happen again but with Mojang, as we don’t know all the details on what Microsoft’s planning with Mojang.

                        Afterall, it was Time himself that revealed Microsoft was meddling with Rare, not the fact that, well, Microsoft acquired them.

                          1. Are you saying that because you believe that about Microsoft or…

                            They’ve already proven that they do learn from their mistakes at least when it comes to software – Windows 7 is actually them attempting to fix mistakes they’ve made when they’ve developed Windows Vista (which’s why it looks so similar to said OS). Windows 8.1 returned the Start Button because saying “many people missed it” is an understatement, and leaks concerning Windows 9’s early builds revealed they’re bringing back the start menu, amongst other “improvements” to make it more friendly to desktop use.

                            I don’t judge people simply by reputation anymore, especially after watching that “This Is Phil Fish” video which talks about “internet celebrities” while using the much hated Phil Fish as an example. (The very video that convinced Notch to sell Mojang in the first place due to him realising he become a symbol “responsible for something huge that [he] don’t understand, that [he doesn’t] want to work on, that keeps coming back to [him]”.

                            1. No they don’t. lol If so, then Xbox One should’ve been handled a lot differently and Don Mattrick would’ve been fired before E3. That’s how long these money loving fools take to get their egos out of their ass and start listening to their consumers. When shit hits the fans, that’s when they listen, not before it happens. So yeah. They learn..only the hard way.

                              1. The way the company treats the Xbox One doesn’t equal the way the company treats their other products.

                                Besides, as you said already, they did indeed listen by backing off certain features they originally planned for the Xbox One (which was supposed to be “good” features if it weren’t for the fact that everyone else was nitpicky on the fact that it involved DRM).

                                What they do know is to learn from failures in an attempt to improve their products, even if said “failure” is “a lot of angry fans” (as is the case of the Xbox One). That’s the key to success (even if you think otherwise).

                                They’ve learned “the hard way” as well when it came to Windows Vista as well as Windows 8, and now they’re trying to change things around because they learnt otherwise.

                                As I said, I don’t judge other’s actions based upon their history, as that’s argumentum ad hominem, a logical infallacy.

                                  1. What you’re essentially saying that it’s the executives themselves that stepped in to save the company after they make a “huge” failure.

                                    In other words, it’s the executives that saved the company, not the people who made the Xbox and Windows.

                                    The people who made the Xbox and Windows aren’t the executives, nor are they Mojang.

                                    I was only talking about them to point out that they do make mistakes and that they do learn from it, even if they have to learn from their mistakes the hard way (that is, by “making a huge mess”).

                                    BTW, Bill Gate’s the technology advisor, not the CEO nor the chairman (He stepped down as CEO in 2000 and had stepped down as chairman on February 2014).

                  13. Wow… my dreams are shattered. How will I play Minecraft on a console now?

                    Maybe I’ll have a buy an xbox one…

                    1. *bitch slaps hard* Snap out of it. You’re a strong solider. Don’t even give in to Microsoft’s monopolistic evil. Minecraft was always a boring ass lost cause and this was bound to happen. Let the game and company destroy itself. There will always be another great hit coming.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Sickr is losing my respect, I’m starting to think Sasori the Xbot was right about his Xbot conversion…

                      I’ve never seen any tweets about how much fun he has with the Wii U, only the Xbox Done and then some PS4 or PC…

                  14. NCQ, you’re falling for Sasori’s lies? Did I read properly? Wonderful. The empire is breaking apart slowly but surely. At least I still have my Omega Skyfort to stay safe within.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Take a look at Sickr’s twitter account and search for any tweet saying that he enjoys playing games on the Wii U…

                      I’ve found none the last 2 years…

                  15. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed, I’m really hoping that Microsoft doesn’t fluff up Minecraft like they did for Skype… Plus a Wii U Minecraft would’ve been nice.

                  16. Ridley 2 Big 4 Smash? More Like 2 Big 4 U Wiiklings 2 Control! Leave Him 2 The Masters!

                    Oh dear. For the sake of Minecraft fans, I hope Microsoft doesn’t fuck it up like they did with Rare & Skype.

                  17. This is bad news for Minecraft. Microsoft is known for creating an authoritarian environment for game developers. This fact is seen most clearly when Microsoft purchased Bungie, the makers of the Halo series. Interviews from employees there said that corporate attempted to put them in cubicles and force them into a linear and “closed” type of environment in the game studios, because that is just the status quo for the corporate business world. Bungie was known for having a “stick it to the man” mindset and fiercely defended open and inviting working space with room to breathe. Microsoft only knows how to run a business, not how to create great games. They get in the way more than they help.

                    Bungie hated Microsoft so much that they eventually bought themselves out again and once again became a self-owned and independent video game company. Let’s hope Microsoft doesn’t make the same mistake with Minecraft. I am extremely cautious about Mojang’s decision to sell themselves.

                    “The news robustly dismisses the idea that games are no longer at the core of Microsoft’s strategic direction and also underlines the growing importance of independent titles alongside big-budget games,”
                    This quote is so true.

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