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Curve Studios Wants Nintendo To Focus More On Covering Indie Games

Curve Studios has shared some of its thoughts on the Nintendo eShop. The Fluidity developer said that while Nintendo’s handling of digital content is constantly getting better, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. It would also like to see Nintendo put more efforts into promoting indie titles via the publisher’s online presentations, such as Nintendo Direct broadcasts and demonstration videos executed by Nintendo of America’s Treehouse team.

“Nintendo are still nowhere near as savvy with the store, digital or social as the other platform holders, but that’s changing so quickly,” said Curve Studios’ Rob Clarke. “The best example of that is the Treehouse, which was one of the best streaming events of the year, and their excellent digital press conference at E3. They just need to work on connecting that more with indie developers, so they aren’t just platforms for first party games to get even more coverage.”

30 thoughts on “Curve Studios Wants Nintendo To Focus More On Covering Indie Games”

  1. I thought Nintendo already focused on indie games a lot? .-. Heck, most games even releasing on Wii U the past year are indies. I guess more is always better anyways. Lol.

    1. I guess they don’t compare too much to Sony and Microsoft’s indies. Guacamelee took a while to come to Wii U, but we have The Letter as an exclusive so… yay? Teslagrad looks really cool though.

        1. I meant to say that Nintendo’s focus on indies still isn’t as good as Microsoft’s or Sony’s; I know, it’s the age-old argument blah blah blah. But I hope they’ll get there.

    2. Your constantly on this website. How do you even have time to play the games you comment about? Guessing you just watch lets plays in between page refreshes.

      1. I’m not constantly on here. You just see me comment multiple times. I spend all day at work or school, then I come back and check all these articles.

  2. I’d rather Nintendo focus on AAA 3rd party titles, which is exactly what Nintendo needs if they want to get more Wii U sales.

    1. Umm..why the fuck would we waste our time and wallets paying for gimped shit which was intentional for 3rd parties to stop making games for Nintendo by pushing and disrespecting their own fanbase away? Fuck that. I rather want Indies as Nintendo’s new 3rd party instead of the old jackass 3rd party of lazies and greedy bastards wanting to gimp games, overhype garbage and split them as ripoff DLCs (Destiny, Dead Space 3..hell, anything EA shits out)

  3. While it’s always nice to have indie support why is that such a big thing? Personally I don’t buy all that many indie games. To me it just seems like there’s so many that use the minimalist/16-bit style to be “edgy” when in fact they’re just trying to make a quick game. I’ve played a few indie titles that were definitely worth playing, but a lot seem like half-assed cell phone ports. Indie games won’t sell the Wii U, Nintendo needs 3rd party support from the big developers which in turn will help the indie developers.

  4. These guys are right though and I’ve seen and feel it happening. There needs to be more communication between them two and gamers as well. As for 3rd “lazy” parties like Ubishit and EA, fuck them.

  5. Why? So Nintendo can be next in Zoe Quinn’s bullshit? No thank you; keep indies as far away from AAA’s as possible, it’s good that their games are in the eShop but that’s it, nobody wants quasi-feminists telling Nintendo what to do.

  6. Not knocking people who like Indies, but personally I don’t care about them at all. I don’t buy consoles to play Indies. I play for exclusives and for 3rd party. But to each their own.

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