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Pokemon X & Y Version 1.3 Update Available To Download Now

Nintendo has released a new update for Pokemon X and Y today. The new update brings both games up to version 1.3 and features stability enhancements and general bug fixes. As per usual, you’ll need to update your copy of X and Y in order to battle other players in online multiplayer with the Player Search System, or if you’d like to use wonder trade, game sync, or download new Pokemon via mystery gift.

Considering Diancie begun distribution on October 27 throughout US GameStop stores, it’s a possible explanation as to why many users were encountering error codes. Players will need to make sure they have space on their SD card for the 320 block download, which can be found over on the eShop or when launching the software.

36 thoughts on “Pokemon X & Y Version 1.3 Update Available To Download Now”

  1. Ever at 350 its not gonna sell over the holidays its a broken last gen 720 30fps dated cod madden box its fuckin worthless.

  2. They should update X and Y with all new Mega Evolutions, Attacks and Abilities found in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire… It’s lame that they don’t update that.

    What I would like to see is that with the new generation of pokémon they will release paid region DLC and free Mega Evo DLC… And have only 2 games for the whole Gen… and ship a 8 gig SD card to accommodate the DLC data… but this will never happen, i know…

              1. If they release good dlc for good price and do that multiple times i think it would be almost even on revenue, but much cheaper in execution…

                1. It’s a formula that fans and developers have been comfortable with for several generations; it’s the same reason why CoD fans and developers are okay with a yearly game despite the rest of the gamer community complaining.

                  I’m okay with it, I can spend $40+tax on a Pokemon game each year or so, no biggie.

                  Plus, with inflation and such, Pokemon games these days are actually cheaper than in the past. Nominal value ($40) has stayed the same, but real value (adjusted for inflation) has been declining, thus meaning the game is actually cheaper for consumers now, albeit only at like 10% at max.

    1. Well they shouldn’t update that. Pokemon X & Y shouldn’t get the same exact stuff Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire have. If people want those mega evolutions from Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire on their X or Y game, they’ll have to trade them & their mega stone over from OR/AS. Without those mega evolutions exclusive to Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, people that are getting either of them for the mega evolutions alone won’t even bother buying the game & would harm the sales of the remakes.

    2. that would be cool but the devs behind the game don’t want that only thing i want is hoopa and volcanion then im set after that pokemon is dead to me

      1. So? Pokemon X/Y was so easy it’s not much fun anymore. Who the fuck plays Red/Blue when there’s FireRed and LeafGreen

          1. I still play Platinum, because its the only game with contests. My mother threw away my whole Pokemon Gameboy collection so I no longer have Emerald.

        1. Hype. PS4 is sold through stupid hype and no substance thus proving how much of a tool the gamers are these days buying shit for power and crappy games. Wii U does at least deliver and any of us could care less if it has no 3rd party games because most of them are usually cash cow garbage.

    1. The seal of quality refers not to the quality of the game, but the legitimacy of the purchased copy. Also, why would any game ever be perfect?

  3. I really could’ve used this update last Friday. I went my local GameSpot, got two of the shiny Gengar cards, and when I went to use the code on one of them, I got that error. Just NOW, after the event ended, is when they come out with the patch. Meaning I have two unused codes for Shiny Gengars that are completely worthless now. This sort of thing wasn’t an issue a few months ago, what happened to cause this?

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