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Tied Matches In Splatoon Still End With Victor Chosen

One of the most spine-tingling aspects of Splatoon’s Turf Wars multiplayer is watching Judd the Cat dance before waving a flag to signify sweet victory or shameful defeat. The tension is real! Sometimes though, it appears as if the field is perfectly split 50/50 between your team’s ink and your opponent’s ink. So, what happens if there is a genuine tie?

According to the video by YouTube user TheeIncubusHD, there will be a winner regardless of the event of a  legitimate tie. To test this, the players in the Turf Wars match leave not one bit of ink behind, electing to dance around instead. And yet somehow, the Blue team pulls out a victory. Is Judd a trustworthy referee, or a lying kitty? I hope you all haven’t lost too many close matches because of his flawed judgement!


39 thoughts on “Tied Matches In Splatoon Still End With Victor Chosen”

    1. Were you gonna say something like “the percentage probably goes further past the decimal point (ie. 50.00%) but doesn’t show it.”

      Come on guys, have some faith.

  1. I guess there can be a tie breaker as ll or nothing squid to the death mode. Like in smash. Where if you get splatted it does greater area effe c t and no responsibility and make the match 3 minutes and that could solve the issue. He should totally have two tie flags

    1. Yeah, because something that has a chance of happening less than 0.1% of the time in the casual gamemode is sure to determine weather Splatoon won’t be a big title.
      Your not thinking properly when you’re hungry, eat a snickers!

      1. Much! Okay, it won’t wreck the whole game, but that’s still a pretty bad oversight. A tie should just give everyone equal EXP or some kind of Sudden Death should be around. I’ve never believed in ties, but it’s better than just picking someone by chance. A Sudden Death mode should be easy though.

  2. Probably doesn’t matter but to test it shouldn’t both teams have just sat still the entire match instead of dancing around? Maybe he judged their dancing skills and techniques.

    1. Jumping around in squid mode leaves some ink so yes. They should have stayed in the beginning and not have moved.

  3. …a better way to test would’ve been to not move from spawn..but this works just fine, not the best but fine

  4. I have actually won a Match where it said both sides had EXACTLY the same % (43.2% each, if I remember right … with some nooks and spots un-inked).

    It hardly matters in normal matches though, since if you play well, you end with comparable points to winning anyway.

    I have lost rounds with 1100 points, and won them with 600. The game is weird like that.

    1. That’s because even though you put that much down, you can still lose if the other team covered over it.

    2. pink0crystal0midbus

      I believe that even when your ink is covered, you still get personal points for the ink that you, yourself put down.

      The overall “win” is if your team happens to have the most ink on the stage at the time the timer ends.

  5. My only guess would be the teams are binary choices, one is set to true (1) and the other set set to false (0), and in the event of a tie the winner is the default choice of the selection- so blue is the default.. or you get points for other things like jumping to teammates, or something. Things like this make me want to see the code so bad!! :)

    1. After watching the video again I saw the winning team had higher leveled players, maybe that is taken into account as well, or even the items and weapons teammates wear, I am not sure but I hope we can find out soon :)

  6. I can’t watch the video as of this post but I have a thought. We’re seeing this from the view point of only one of the teams. In the event of an absolute tie, do you think both teams would get the same verdict? Either both win or both lose.

  7. Thats funny, i’ve had a draw before. Maybe he only got that result because they didnt ink the map. I was in a tied match before so I know they happen.

  8. Thats funny, i’ve had a draw before. Maybe he only got that result because they didnt ink the map. I was in a tied match before so I know they happen. If you get a tied match it ends with judd raising both flags and no teams get points.

  9. The only way to get a perfect tie is to do what they did in the video, to control that both teams squirt the exact same amount of ink (in this case nothing). So in a real match a tie will never happen. Thus, it would be silly to actually add extra rules for something that can never occur in a proper match.

  10. pink0crystal0midbus

    So far, I have played two legitimate matches that literally ended with my team winning by .01 points.

    It was CRAZY close. I can’t imagine how the other teams felt. Like, all they needed was one more player to shoot just one more round of ink and they could have taken the lead it was that close.

  11. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    No sudden death or anything if a tie happens? That’s… fucked up. I see some people are defending this, though. Well with a new IP, I guess there has to be some people that let some bad decisions slide. Whatever. Maybe they’ll add it in with the new updates in August for this unfinished game.

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