Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Reveals Why He Won’t Attend E3 2015

E3 2015 is just around the corner, but Nintendo’s president and CEO won’t be there. According to Satoru Iwata, who skipped last year’s E3 as well, he won’t be attending the upcoming expo because Nintendo has no new hardware to announce. The executive also wants to get ready for the company’s next investors meeting, which is scheduled to take place the week after E3.


  1. Makes sense. Glad to know it’s not because he’s still unwell, because that last Nintendo Direct was done by another person, and the one before it was half done by said other person..

  2. That’s why? Just to reveal new consoles?

    So this means the new one will be announce next year.

    1. we already new the NX was next year, but we dont know what it is, as he has said its not a “simple replacement for the 3DS or wii U” so it sounds like a 3rd type of device (not a handheld, and not a set top box) so maybe its a smartwatch? a development platform (a wave of new devices running on similar hardwear and OS) or even a AR/VR headset for both devices.

  3. So no standard new3ds announcement for NA. That sucks and my hope goes in the trash for E3. Maybe Christmas eh?

    1. If you’re just gonna complain about NA not getting any Standard N3DS, you have nothing to do in this paper

      Get out

      1. >>>Connect the article, myself and Lord Iwata to the scene and maybe you get it>>>

  4. Thank god. The guy is an absolutely awful presenter. Takes 10 mins to get out a sentence. Iwata. Here’s some advice. Take a break. The investors are going to tear you a new one son. Time to jog on

  5. What’s the point of whether he’s AT E3 or not? All we get to see is the Nintendo Direct, which he’s usually always a part of. So none of us will know if he was there or not.

  6. I noticed the 3ds Iwata is holding still has the covering over the circle pad. My 3ds circle pad no longer has a covering, but it still works great.

  7. Plot twist: He won’t be there because he’s trying to think of another way to not get fired & that takes up a lot of his time. With them giving in to the mobile addicted investors, Iwata has nothing else to hold them back from getting tired of his recent failures & fire him.

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