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Australian Classification Board Has Rated Mario Slam Basketball

It would appear as though Nintendo DS title Mario Slam Basketball will be heading to the Wii U sometime in the very near future. The game, which was developed by Square Enix, was known as Mario Hoops 3-on-3 in North America and Mario Basketball 3on3 in Japan. It has now been rated for the Wii U Virtual Console by Australian Classification Board and stars Mario and the Final Fantasy characters.

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12 thoughts on “Australian Classification Board Has Rated Mario Slam Basketball”

  1. This is my personal favourite sports-related spin-off! Granted, that shouldn’t really say much, but it’s good in earnest. It’s got that irresistible ’90s energy to it.

  2. Fucking amazing game- glad to see that it’s not totally forgotten by Nintendo. Would absolutely love to see a sequel or remake on the 3DS though.

  3. i want another mario strikers game and develop by next level games but i want this to be on the Next Nintendo Hardware and how about another mario baseball.

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