The 7th North American Splatfest Will Arrive Next Week

Nintendo of America has Tweeted details on the 7th North American Splatfest that will take place in Splatoon next week. The teams will be Pirates vs. Ninjas, and will begin at 9:00 pm PT on October 30th. Which side will you pick?



  1. >>>Pirates because we Ing enjoy possessing Space Pirates, however, Ninjas because they originate from our Homeworld>>>

    >>>There is a 100% ratio I would be satisfied with either option>>>

      1. Both anime are pretty even if you ask me. I have never fully understood all the Naruto hate, to be honest. Same thing with all of the hate for Scrappy-Doo & Ewoks, too.

        1. scooby doo is awesome naruto was good to start then it became fanservice which is a shame as it had potential

  2. Ninjas for life! Also you failed to mention that the win multiplier had been upped from 4 to 6. They said so in their tumblr post.

  3. It’s basicly asking which Halloween costum is cooler, and Europe splatfest which Halloween decoration is better spider web’s VS pumking

  4. I love ninjas, but ninjas are really pussies hiding in shadow. Somali pirates are whats up right now.

  5. Pirates VS Ninjas. Ninjas=assassins. Assassins=creed. Pirates vs Assassin’s Creed! xP

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