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Devil’s Third Valhalla Game Studios In Court Against Valhalla Motion Pictures

It seems that the developer behind Devil’s Third Valhalla Games Studios can’t catch a break at the moment as it has emerged that they are now involved in a court case against Valhalla Motion Pictures. It is a trademark dispute which I suspect has something to do with the very similar logos for each company, as well as the name. NeoGAF member, TheBryanJZX90, has said that the case is going to be heard this Friday at a special event in Loyola Law School.


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15 thoughts on “Devil’s Third Valhalla Game Studios In Court Against Valhalla Motion Pictures”

    1. Actually I think you can. I could name my studio Submarine studios and have a picture of a famous submarine, as long as nobody hasn’t already copyrighted it first. However I don’t think they will win this case because the Viking ships are a little different and the one is motion pictures, while the other is games. So not sure it will be a tough one to win…

        1. In Norwegian law, the court would look at the products. Film vs. videogames. Would the other company’s name confuse the buyers to buy Vallahalla Games’ products instead of Valhalla Motion Pictures’? PROBABLY NOT. But who know? We had a case here in Norway when Kraft Foods sued an author for having a book in the same colour patent as one of theirs chocolates… AND KRAFT FOOD WON!!! WTF?!

  1. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Wow. The immaturity in some companies is astounding! “Oh no! They have Valhalla in their name, are using a viking ship that looks nothing like our viking ship, and has it sailing through a body of water! Let’s sue them!”

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