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Removal Of Fire Emblem Petting Mini-game In The West Has Been Reconfirmed By Nintendo PR

We recently posted about the removal of the Fire Emblem Fates petting mini-game for the West, sourced from Kotaku.

As this information had been cited back to Kotaku rather than Nintendo on various gaming news websites, a Twitter user reached out to a journalist at Kotaku to reconfirm the following statement provided in the article, that showed the response from Nintendo upon asking the question on if the mini-game is being removed for the West:

“Yes, that is the case. You might have heard somewhat misinterpreted or exaggerated information about the Japanese original game, but even in the Japanese original version, we have not included any features which are considered inappropriate in Japan.”

The journalist has since had a response from a Golin employee, who handles Nintendo’s PR in America, and it has been reconfirmed that the original statement is true. You can see the comment in the Tweet below:

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

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89 thoughts on “Removal Of Fire Emblem Petting Mini-game In The West Has Been Reconfirmed By Nintendo PR”

    1. Look, this has nothing to do with SJWs and everything to do with the fact that the “mini-game” is just plain creepy. Nintendo doesn’t want to produce that content (in America). It really doesn’t need to be in the game to begin with.

      1. Ah, okay, so this has nothing to do with attention wh*res who overreact by making drama on the internet, and get easily offended by a simple video game for spurious reasons.

        I’ve said this already: some people in this world suffrer assymetric perception syndrome, and are ready to defend their nonsense by censoring other’s voice, positions, and whatnot. They are like “you’re allowed to have an opinion, since it is the same as mine.”

        Just to cite some, by their logic, GTA is not plain creepy. Neither Payday. Neither CoD. Neither AC. Neither Far Cry. Neither…

        So it’s okay to kill people, but it’s not okay to pet someone in a JRPG — a Japanese RPG, which, by definition, is intended to portray the Japanese culture.

      2. “Creepy”? Learn to accept shit instead of being a negative Nancy and being aggressive towards stuff you don’t like.

      3. If it was “just plain creepy” Nintendo would’ve scrapped the whole thing together. It’s because people over here get offended by simple things like this and throw a fit. I mean, come on. Are you serious? It’s amusing how people are actually trying to defend the removal of something as harmless as this. “It’s creepy.” “It doesn’t belong there.” “Glad it got removed.” Really? And to the people saying it will be a good game, that isn’t the point. I’d prefer if I could have my games without mommy Nintendo telling me what I can and can’t see.

        1. It could have added a lot to the game actually. From what I believe, the petting mechanic was a mini game that allowed every character to be “petted” (or tapped for a better word) on the touch screen. Every character had a unique reaction when tapped, making a unique sound and even an animation. It also I believe boosted your relations with characters by doing this. So it had real in game consequences, not just some pointless mechanic.

          My curiosity always gets the better of me. Im really gonna want to tap on every character now just to see their reaction! I can’t believe NOA took this out of the game. What a huge letdown.

          There is nothing creepy about the petting game. The only thing that is creepy is NOA.

          1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

            exactly joke on noa as i got all 3 in wapanese and still got the mini game nintendo are just to set in their ways

      4. Your mentality and double standards/hypocrisy on the matter is what I find creepy. I’ll be in talks with sickr to censor your opinions from here on.

    2. Well its just not just nintendo its becoming a issue with alot of jp companies SJW are threatening JP wokers, and US workers.

    1. People are getting too caught up in the word “petting”. Think of it as just simply tapping on the face of characters with the stylus on the touch screen. Your not actually petting anybody ffs. It’s a face tapping mini game that would have been a cool distraction especially if you invest a lot of emotion and energy into the characters.

  1. Then what purpose will that location in the My Castle feature serve? My main issue with this being taken out is that using the feature aids in getting the marriage and children later in the game. From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty hard to get hog support ranks without this feature in Conquest, and I don’t wanna make the game less challenging just to obtain something that’s such a big part of the game’s strategy -_-Can’t they at least put something else in to keep the ability the to raise the Support rank? When it comes down to it, that’s what bugs me the most about this. >_>

    1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis Prime|||

      [[[That’s the only issue I see as well, if you are going to remove a feature then it must be compensated by something else]]]

    1. Minus the Lin outfit Monolith Soft isn’t going to be a bitch about things. They made a game they release the game end of discussion.

    2. Oops forgot about the Breaston Slider being removed….well even though that was BS it didn’t effect the game play.

  2. Welp, after hearing about this ontop of various other changes like removal of dialogue and lowered difficulty, I think i’m just gonna use the English patch for the Japanese version. It’s pretty sad that a small group of fans did a faster and more accurate translation than Nintendo Tree House.

  3. People who think they are really smart by critizicing those who are against the censureship are missing the point. Its not about whether or not you think the feature was pointless to begin with. Its about giving us an incomplete, lesser product while still charging us full price and not putting another feature to make up for the lack or removal of content. Its about being condescending to and not respecting us as an audience. Thinking us inmature, lewd and purist that dont have the mentality to deal with controversial stuff. However you look at it, what we are getting is a lesser, incomplete product thats missing features the japanese version has. And a version that does not represent the entire artistic vision of their creators, writers and directors. As a collector myself i hate feeling that somewhere in the world, there exists a version of the game that has things mine doesnt and that i wasnt able to decide whether i wanted those things out or not. I hate that nintendo is so condescending to us. The game has a rating system for that specific purpose. It tells you what kinds of audience its aimed at.. So it being rated T and up tells us it may have some content thats not suitable for children. Whats the point of censuring then? We as adults have the capacity to decide for ourselves what is right for us. What we can handle and what we cant. Its not nintendo’s job to tell us what is good for us. I just feel insulted by that. Censureship is wrong. Specially when the game’s already rated for mature audiences (as is the case of Fatal Frame which is a game for adults and still was censured). And nintendo should respect their audience’s intellect by letting us choose. If someone here is not ok with whatever features are controversial they can choose to
    1. Not buy the game
    2. Ignore said feature if you think you wont enjoy it and play the parts that you enjoy (yes, people.. You can ignore the waifu petting and enjoy the rest even if its still there)
    3. Let people who DO enjoy it make their own choices.

    When censuring, nintendo caters to the purists pieces of shit and lifts a middle finger to everyone else who just enjoy stuff without applying every moral value available to man to it. Because we dont get to choose if its actually a good feature or not. This is not wether YOU think it’s a useless feature. The game’s director certainly did not see it that way. As it definetly helps to strengthen bonds and stats between characters and its an aditional gameplay feature should you wish to engage in it. Removing controversial stuff just makes the story lose gravitas and seriousness in lew of a more light hearted happy medium feel. When in reality its a game about MEDIEVAL WARFARE which is supposed to be UGLY, dark and morally fucked up (which. When you think about it the original game is still pretty kiddie compsred to what really happened in feudal times in terms of sex, rapes, killings and conquership) which in no way reflects today’s society. Yeah, its totally ok if my character kill thousands. Its ok if my characters skewers men and women with their lance. Its ok to burn villages and plunder.. “But oh god no.. Not a sexual innuendo.. Oh god please.. My innocent brain!!!” If you simply cant fathom a more serious tone for fear of sexuality (although theres nothing sexual about carressing the FACE of a loved one to build trust) or whatever, you can always vote with your wallet and not buy it. As will I, by not buying this because i do not condone censureship nor do i condone the removal of content without a drop in price.
    We are adults, we can choose whats good for us. We dont need nintendo to tell us somehing is bad for us and pat out backs. Content is content and it equals money in the grand scheme of things.
    Censureship (specially this kind) insults out intellect, it insults our wallets and it insults the artist’s original vision. So please. I dont want to see more comments about “carressing my waifu is not what a strategy game is all about”. Specially in a game where the character’s interactions so strongly affect the narrative.
    If someone wants to build stats and relationships by doing so then that’s that person’s business.

    1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

      Extremely well said. Now I’m just waiting for a Nintendite, aka fanbitch, to come along & accuse you of whining or some other bullshit. In a certain someone’s case, he’ll say something along the lines of “Nice spinning you got there, crybaby.”

        1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

          Funny. Namie was being an adult once, too, when she first talked to you yet you accused her of spinning shit. Like I said, you aren’t fooling anyone, Headache. You just won’t say it this time because I called you out before you could say it, so you are trying to play the “No I wasn’t!” card. It’s so cute how hard you try to pretend not to be a fanboy, though.

                1. ENGLISH TRANSLATION: “You are one of the biggest fanboys on this website. You are a disappointment. You make everyone’s lives on this website harder just by commenting. We all have to suffer whenever you press the “post comment” button. You give people headaches whenever they try to reason with you. I would be better off never logging onto the internet for the rest of my life if it meant never seeing you again. Nobody cares about you and no one ever did. You think you are smart, but in reality, you have no idea how much of a fool you really are. Everyone’s mood on this site goes down whenever your name pops up. You never provide anything useful or even relevant to most of the articles. You aren’t worth a penny.”

                  Lol jk.

                  1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

                    That was far more harsh than my actual thoughts about the guy.

    2. VERY well said! Theyre essentially diluting the vision the game designers wanted to present. We live in a society today where you can go look for just about anything on the Internet. If something is missing from a game that was localized, people can easily go see exactly what was taken out… So Nintendo isn’t doing any favors by just cutting it. The full game is out there for people to see, and it’s almost insulting to blatantly and hastily cut it.

      I definitely agree with all your points.

      Being even more aware about said points, is actually making me a little more salty that I expected to be about this lol :p

  4. The other day someone on here called this game something like… Fire Emblem Fates U.S. Baby Edition. Bahahaha! (I still can’t get over that.)

    Even though I do think Nintendo’s issues on gameplay like this is stupid and ridiculous, I could care less about not having this in my game. I understand why Nintendo’s ongoing censorship is a problem and why people are upset about it. However, I am still going to get this game and enjoy it for what it is.

  5. While I never wanted FE to turn into a dating sim, I guess everyone knows my stance on Nintendo babysitting its audience and on having different versions of the same game depending of the region. Honestly, it’s come to the point that I’d rather let them remove everything related to marriages and sexual content whatsoever. If they’re going to do retarded stuff to the content of their games, at least let them go all-in.

    1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

      [[[Unless it’s a “SIMS” game, I don’t want such things in games at all, I’d rather have more bosses and levels instead]]]

          1. Tell me how tapping on a character with your stylus is creepy? If that creeps you out you should never leave your house. In fact you should not be on the Internet or even look out of your window to the outside world.

            1. Well it’s more than just “tapping on a character with your stylus”. You’re “petting” and removing clothes from the character. All you’re saying is how to do it. The problem isn’t how to do it, it’s what it does. I don’t see why if he finds petting a fictional/digital character would make him not able to leave his house.

              1. He shouldn’t leave his house if he is that sensitive to such a petty minigame that has no impact on his life whatsoever. Nobody would have forced him to play it if it was in the game. It’s people like him and you that gives NOA the motivation to cut content from their games. You ever been in school where one kid does something stupid and the whole class gets punished? Yea, that’s what he’s doing with us and NOA…

                1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

                  It’s Headache you’re talking to here. He thinks he’s clever & smart with those smartass quips of his. But yeah. He apparently didn’t actually READ your comment or he’s slower than I thought. My god! I now feel bad insulting him & stuff. I don’t like being cruel to people with mental retardation, or the more politically correct term of intellectual disability. Maybe we should just call people like Brandon Headache & alexsmith113 what they really, truly are: social justice warriors (SJWs) for Nintendo. A replacement for Nintendite is starting to form in my head.

    1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

      Except it’s not just a Japan thing. It’s a worldwide thing, too. Unless you find patting your friends on the back when they do something awesome or rubbing their back when they are upset or caressing your girlfriend or wife is something that only creepy people do. Physical contact, if done right & under the right circumstances, is a sign that you actually care about the people you know. It’s what this feature roughly is.

        1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

          Well I’ve stolen & repurposed it since you haven’t used it since June 2nd, 2014 according to that article. Got one of a more recent use from you?

          1. |||Nintendo Dark Commander Quadraxis-NX Prime|||

            -||Further more, if you’re going to create your own persona then create your own method and stop stealing from me, this is exactly one reason to why I hate humans||-

            1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

              Okay. I’ll add a little FYI in my profile stating the word was originally created by you & Nintendo is my Blood & has been redesigned for my purposes. How’s that?

                1. ~*Let the shackles be released!*~ Chains of Lucifer X3 ~*Or fall forever!*~

                  Nintendite is no longer going to be misused from yours & Nintendo is My Blood’s original intent, Lord Quadraxis. I have created a suitable replacement for my needs: Nintendolt, aka fanbitches aka Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) of Nintendo.

    2. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

      No price cut for the fact the game will have cut content with no viable replacement for the removed feature, no buy. Simple as that. Of course, this probably isn’t the only shit being censored, under the lie that it’s for “localization” purposes, in this game. It is the American Sect of Nintendo, after all. They got SJW, far right, & far left pleasing scurge all up in their HQ. And they apparently like insulting our intelligence & our ability to choose for ourselves what we like or don’t like. If you don’t like the waifu, or whatever it is you kids call it these days, stuff involved, just ignore it. If for some reason you can’t ignore it because you apparently don’t have any self control or because you apparently enjoy these features deep down, just don’t buy the game at all. Just like those of us that don’t support this kind of bullshit will also not be buying the game at all. If a Nintendite has a problem with us not buying this game & we are the majority and we cause the game not to sell, tough shit. Go complain to Nintendo’s American Sect for why the game doesn’t sell & quit blaming consumers that know exactly what they want. Like the Wii U itself, some people don’t want this hand holding, treating us like children crap.

      1. Chains of Lucifer X3 {Let the shackles be released! Or fall forever!}

        In before he does it himself, enjoy calling it spinning, Brandon Headache. It’s what a Nintendite, aka fanbitch, like you does best. So bring it, fanboy-in-denial!

      2. As soon as you said “insulting our intelligence” I was reminded of why we didn’t get the choice between the regular sized New 3Ds model and the XL, and can only get the XL because “we at NoA are afraid having the choice will confuse consumers.”

        I got mad all over again.

    3. I always want something I cannot have. Now I really want this “petting mechanic” in the game. Maybe when I grow up NOA will treat me more like an adult and let me make up my own mind about mature content……(looks at driver license, 1983!! holy sh#%!)

    4. well here my issue. NoA will modify this version which will also be sell in Europe. It’s just one of those things which infuriate us here in Europe.

      The all Nintendo’s business is a joke. I don’t see Sony or Microsoft doing this. So why Nintendo always give the western release to NoA first and not Europe?

      If Europe handle the game release we would not have this kind of shit on us.

      Saying that I don’t think NoA do always bad things cause they have done a decent job with Xenoblade Chronicle X by increasing Lin’s age and put more clothes on her (I regret they haven’t keep the breast sliding thing on…. LOL).

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