DigiTimes Sources Say Nintendo NX Combines Handheld With Console

Details regarding the Nintendo NX are extremely scarce and we aren’t going to find out anything official about the platform until sometime later this year. However, research publication DigiTimes is reporting that the Nintendo NX combines a handheld with a home console. The system reportedly features a 5-7 inch display on the controller so you’re able to use it on the move or alternatively use it hooked up to your television set. This has long been rumoured to be the case, but again nothing has been confirmed. What’s also interesting is that they say the Nintendo is currently looking to add Virtual Reality functionality to the device which is currently a growing market.

The sources pointed out that the Nintendo NX combines the video gaming experience with the mobile gaming experience. The device features a 5- to 7-inch display, controller and joystick for users to play as a mobile gaming product, but it is also able to connect to a TV for users to play as a video game system. Nintendo is now planning to add VR function to the device to satisfy the popular trend in the gaming market.



  1. People are gonna probably scream NO.
    But let’s be real.. the Virtual Boy would have been a far better success had it been in full color and was wearable.

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    1. No it wouldn’t. It still would’ve made people nauseous, it still would’ve had a shitty battery, it still would’ve been cheap compared to the Game Boy and it still wouldn’t have any worthwhile games to buy for it.

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      1. For some reason… that almost sounds like a theme from a game to me.. i dunno why… well minus the vocals i mean.


      1. No… it was NOT wearable. Where are you getting your information?
        It was too heavy to wear so Nintendo skipped making it as such and instead gave it a stand to sit on. Just do some research.. there are plenty of videos on youtube.. i think maybe even the gaming historian did a video on the VB. It was not capable of being worn. And most of the complains were about the red and black… and from personal experience i never had head aches nor did i ever get sick from it’s use. And i would use it for hours. The worst i had to deal with was getting VERY hot and sweaty around my face while planted up to the thing for hours at a time. My favorite game on it was Virtual Boy Wario Land… i still wish to this day they would remake it for the 3DS.. it had some cool stuff going on. Jumping in and out of the background and doing things way off like it was off at a distance.It was an awesome game.


  2. I’m not getting. Going by their words, I’m imagining a stand-alone screen (like a tablet) with both a controller and a joystick peripheral. The way ‘controller’ is mentioned is the weirdest thing. Do they mean physical buttons or what?

    I really don’t know what to make of this.


  3. Another day, another NX rumor…

    Interestingly, 99% of NX rumors are against what bona fide Nintendo fans want, which means (i) a box with decent horsepower (to extend its lifespan until the 10th generation comes), (ii) ease of programming (to make the console more appealing to 3rd parties — if NX is going to get 3rd party support or not is another story, though), (iii) an ulocked, region-free console, and (iv) A DAMN REGULAR, NORMAL, ORDINARY CONTROLLER.

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    1. I would argue that many of the most hardcore and ‘bona fide’ Nintendo fans at this point don’t just want a PS4 with a Nintendo sticker on it. If you’ve stuck with them for as long as I have, their “different”-ness is what keeps bringing us back. If I want to play the games that are on PS4 and XBO the same way those platfirms do … I already have two options on store shelves Right Now. (Three, if you count the games also on PC).

      ‘Those’ kinds of gamers who Do just want an ‘Also Ran’ Nintendo don’t even WANT a new Nintendo console. They just want Nintendo to announce they are porting all their games to the non-nintendo console they already own.

      *sarcasm* … because abandoning their creative spirit and just becoming 3rd party factories of games featuring the IP they USED TO be famous for worked out ‘So Well’ for Sega and their beloved franchises … */sarcasm*

      A Nintendo that does not go against the flow would not be Nintendo.

      What would be the point?


      1. I did not say anything on NX being a PS4 with a Nintendo seal on it. However, with your statement you’re only proving that the current paradigm of success is the PS4. Why? Because Sony has released a decent machine, with a decent controller, has an interesting catalog of 1st party titles, and deals pretty well with 3rd party studios.

        (In time: I like my XBox One much better than my PS4, but it’s not the case here.)

        Why it would be a problem if the NX adressed all these requirements hardware and software wise? Nintendo will be forever unique, independently of Sony and Microsoft: NIntendo’s IPs will be playable only on Nintendo consoles. This is what makes Nintendo different. Period. But longtime, loyal consumers are fed up with the dictatorial decisions like forcing gamepad and tilt controls upon us — just see what happened to Star Fox, Game and Wario, Rainbow’s Curse, Animal Crossing and etc.

        Also, is it really difficult to concentrate on hardware and games of indisputable quality? Or you want Nintendo to keep the monkey business with amiibo, mini-games, and half-assed games?

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      2. Amiibo and Animal Crossing are two of Nintendo’s most popular successes. (just not the Animal Crossing Amiibo, oddly). You don’t want Nintendo to be successful? (I own 20 Amiibo, and love them. I almost never use them in-game, and honestly hardly care. They are just great figurines that sometimes do just a little more.)

        I didn’t like what they did with Starfox, but I love what they did with Splatoon and ONLY play with Motion Control in that. Wii-Sports was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in games since playing Mario64 for the first time. They never quite perfected motion tech, as even games with Motion+ and on the WiiU Gamepad like Wii Sports Resort, Skyward Sword and Starfox Zero needed to be constantly re-calibrated, but I was never mad at Nintendo for Trying. I think motion control still has not seen it’s day, and the VR companies seem to agree. The tech just needs to get better.

        Only the “Party” games from Nintendo have been ‘Half-Assed’ in my eyes, like Mario Party, Amiibo Festival, Etc. The rest have been interesting, hit and miss experiments. Zero was a miss, but what can you do.

        I just don’t understand you. If you already iwn a PS4 AND an XBO … what do want from Nintendo? You already have TWO platforms to play all the “Standard” multiplatform games on. You can already play almost every WiiU game (excluding rare exeptions like Splatoon and StarFox) on the WiiU Pro controller, which is almost exactly a fusion of a Playstation and X-Box controller.

        Seriously … you can play New Super Mario U, Mario 3D world, Zelda WindWaker, Twilight Princess and Hyrule Warriors, Yoshi, Kirby, Smash, Kart … Bayonetta 1 and 2 … heck, even Assasins Creed and Watchdogs on a “Standard Controller” in HD on WiiU RIGHT NOW. I would be shocked if NX does not also support a similar option, in ADDITION to whatever it’s “new way to play” is this time around. They need a way to continue to support their Virtual Console after all.

        Yes … I absolutely Do want Nintendo to keep trying wacky new experiments, even when some of them fail. Without that spirit, all just become SEGA. … and NO ONE wants that. NO ONE.

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      3. In other words, you`re saying I’m not allowed to want a mid-powered Nintendo home console with a traditional controller because I own a PS4 and an XBox One. I see no rationale.

        I just want to play Nintendo games and as much as 3rd party games in just one box, like it used to be during the NES and SNES eras. Even the GCN and Wii had great 3rd party titles when compared to the Wii U.

        What amazes me is that some people is incapable of realizing that the quality of Nintendo’s 1st party games went downhill this generation. Most of the Wii U titles you cited can hardly have the Nintendo seal of quality from the 90’s and 2000’s. I don’t want go through another generation playing half-assed Mario games, a half-assed Metroid game, a half-assed Animal Crossing game, a half-assed Wario games, half-assed Yoshi games, a half-assed Star Fox game. Also, I don’t want Nintendo writing off its home console in the middle of the generation like they did with the Wii U. I want to make the money I invest in a console well worth, and Nintendo did not help me with that at all.

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      4. Sony and Microsoft are like businessmen. One dressed in a black suit, the other wearing white. Nintendo is that guy dressed in a clown costume to show how different they are.

        In other words, they try too hard.

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      5. Specially Sony, they had a great time in the tax heaven :)
        The icij got their asses.
        PLUS: Nintendo does not even try.


      6. Here’s a radical idea! How about they do the same as the competition first then try to find something unique to set their consoles apart after!? Oh & don’t force the uniqueness on people that obviously don’t want it. There comes a point where trying to be vastly unique to everyone else just comes off as being a narcissistic asshole that thinks they are far superior to everyone else and that everyone else should bow to them because they are too above the rest of us. This kind of mentality is what creates fanatics & extremists.

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      7. ||Unlike you we will lead from a throne…not from the shadows…every human including the traitors…will kneel before us…||


      8. Good luck to you both. You more than Nintendo, though, since it’s their existence on the line if the NX is another flop.


      9. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

        NINTENDO MORE THAN YOU, though, since it’s their existence* Fixed!! Ugh! Edit button, damn it! Edit button!


      10. I’ve been with Nintendo since the NES, and no offense, but I am completely opposite of what toy said. I don’t went Nintendo to be different. Nintendo vs Sega, there was no major difference. And Nintendo was on top. Gamecube was underrated in my opinion, as I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Wii looked interesting at first. I got it and had some fun, but the motion controls didn’t last. I eventually got tired of them. With the Wii U, Nintendo said they were going after the core audience again, but instead we got a tablet and a bunch of droughts. Some people love the hell out of the Wii and the Wii U. But a lot of people despise the Wii and feel betrayed by the Wii U. Many longtime Nintendo fans do want Nintendo to compete with Sony and Microsoft. Why? Because with big third party games and Nintendo exclusives, you have an awesome console. And I mean all the big third party games. Like GTA. Arkham series (the Wii U did get one, but it was a late port and no others). Mortal Kombat. Stuff like that. How could anyone not want that kind of system?

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      11. Obviously people that think Nintendo & they who support and defend Nintendo are superior to the rest of us. I’m worried they’ll one day go from fanboyism to full on extremism as they start screaming “allahu akbar” as they drive a van filled with explosives into a Sony factory, blowing it up & killing everyone inside or some other terrorist act. o.O Some of these people do border on fanaticism with defending Nintendo, after all. Extremism is the obvious next step if the next step isn’t waking up & realizing they’ve become enslaved. :/

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      12. Here is the problem with that comment… it’s still not a PS4 with a Nintendo sticker on it.. because a Nintendo console is not defined by gimmicks but by the first part Nintendo IPs that come to their consoles.
        You have to think about that.
        Can you play ANY of Nintendo’s IPs on the PS4? No… you can not.

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      13. No. We keep coming back because of the nostalgia factor for their big titles like Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, & Metroid. But as we’ve seen this gen, not even the nostalgia factor is working on the scale it use to work. Just look at the games where they force a control scheme & you’ll see just how fed up people are getting. Hell! The Wii U as a whole is a prime example that the nostalgia factor is weakening by the gen!

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      14. You are 100% correct. Well said. I’d rather Nintendo focus on the games than trying to make us change how we play. I will be disappointed if they try to bring up some weird new way of playing Zelda on the NX. They’d better not dare screw it up like that.

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    1. I beg to disagree, Danny boy. What happens if the NX was powered by an AMD processor (Polaris), Vulkan API, GPU, and games powered by Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D, CRYENGINE, Frostbite, stronger battery life, play games at home and on the go… and costs less?


  4. The phrasing of “… a 5- to 7-inch display, controller and joystick for users to play as a mobile gaming product, …”, is confusing to me.

    By ‘joystick’, do they mean ‘analog stick’? … as in Singular, unlearning the lesson from 3ds already and un-adding the second analog from their handheld again? (because that seems SUICIDAL if they want any 3rd party support at all)

    The phrasing makes me imagine a screen, a Wiimote and a Nunchuck as separeate components, but somehow on-the-go, which doesn’t make much sense. If your hands were full holding separate Controller and Joystick components in each hand … where is the screen? Strapped to your face?

    I am holding a 7″ Galaxy Tab 4 Tablet in my hands right now, and it’s pretty BIG for a handheld. I bring it to work with me every day (the large screen is good for reading on my break), and I get regular comments about how absurd it looks sticking out of my back pocket. 7″ will not even FIT in many peoples pockets, and you can’t sit down without taking it out first. I bought this to replace my obscure 5′ Galaxy Player (short lived niche product most never heard of), and I can tell you, the difference between a 5″ screen and a 7″ screen is dramatic. The 5″ screen almost fits horizontally into the narrow vertical of the 7″.

    If the NX is just a Nintendo Branded 7″ tablet that has controls you clip on to the sides, which can also stream to your tv … *shudders* … there are reasons why I prefer to play games on my N3DS instead of this Tablet.

    I’m getting really tired of vague, confusing rumors, ‘insider sources’ and speculation at this point. I get a real, ‘I heard from a guy who heard from a girl who heard from another guy’, vibe from this, and the vague and cofusing phrasing makes me think they really don’t even understand the context of the ‘information’ they are sharing.

    I just want Nintendo to show me what it is already. I hope we get the OFFICIAL reveal before the end of the summer.

    … the longer they leave our imaginations to run wild on what this MIGHT be … the more gloom and doom some can imagine how Nintendo may have comeplely screwed this up … while others imagine the most amazing technology ever devised by man, setting up for assured dissapointment when the reality can’t possibly measure up.

    … I just want the sources to shut the **** up if they don’t know what the thing they overheard actually means. I’m getting tired of this.

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