Japan: No Retail Wii U Games Coming July Or August

Online gaming publication Kotaku is reporting that the Wii U won’t have any new retail titles in Japan in either July or August. No doubt this will further effect sales during the weekly Media Create sales figures which come through on a Wednesday. Still, there will be downloadable titles available for the system on the eShop.



  1. Would be sad if we didn’t know the NX was coming….

    Anyway, college and bills are too expensive for me to buy games all the time anyway, I’ve also got two kids and love playing guitar, I can handle two months without NEW games…..

    Nintendo did this, but the fix should be on its way…..

    1. It’s pretty much a drought for the remainder of the year // until Zelda. If there were any good games coming, I would be able to recall them…

  2. @obed we all knew the answer to that question when the NX was announced. As much as I hate to say it, it’s for the best.

    Nintendo doesn’t have the resources to support two HD consoles at once. They barely had enough to support the Wii U. If they repeat the first two years of the U with the NX, it will fail as well.

    1. Really? I’m almost certain I remember reading them saying that they will not stop Wii U support immediately when the NX comes out

  3. If they don’t have a big game out by fall they better make sure they do. They could cheat by ALSO releasing an old game in HD. Like a Mario title. Or why not re release the 3DS Zelda remakes as Wii U deluxe releases. That would sell.

  4. OK, let’s resume the situation, No retail games from July 2016 to March 2017. Cause I am not aware of the Wii U line up for December 2016… I really believe Nintendo should release Zelda for Christmas. Nintendo marketing is as bad as UK economy after the Brexit….

    1. Ive meaning to ask an EU local about what the hell is happening over there…

      I dont really get how the UK can just say:
      “K, bai”
      to an entire continent …

      1. OK.. the answer could be a long one so I will try to simplify as much as possible. The UK is not leaving the continent but the European economy/market and the union formed 43 years ago with other European countries. I have to say that because some people who voted to leave the European Union really believed the UK will some how fly and land somewhere else in this world (true story I’m not making that one up).

        Anyway 52% of the population decided the UK has to leave this economy area for the good of the country. Now if you want to know the motivation of these people it would be: to stop immigration for Eastern Europe, relieve the stress on the national health service, regain sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

        Now my personal opinion, they are a lot of uneducated people who blame the issues the kingdom have on the EU, some just wanted to get rid of the current prime minister and chancellor and mix that referendum with the general election. I can go on about how stupid those people are and some one will comment on that note to tell you how an idiot I am.

        The reality is that a lot of people were so focus on immigration they did not think of the consequence of their vote. Now the economy going down the hole, it will take 10 years to recover or maybe more depend on the deal will be able to get with the rest of the EU. I hope you will find the reply satisfactory and you did not fall asleep (sorry for the long post).

          1. to be honest I do worry about the US. From an outsider perspective Trump is really bad news. We nearly avoid Boris Johnson to be our next prime minister and the prospect to had Boris and Donald as leader would have been the worst thing the world can have.

            But enough of politic, but can help to think the price of games will go up and now UK may not be an attractive market anymore.

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