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Check Out This Blatant Rip-Off Of Nintendo Games And Systems

There’s a new game available in iTunes that blatantly rips-off of several Nintendo games and systems. It’s called “Stars Utopia” and it misuses the likeness of a number of Nintendo products, such as Nintendo 3DS, Game Boy Advance, The Legend of Zelda and Mario. It even has a Luma from Super Mario Galaxy at the forefront of its app icon. The game’s full description is as follows:

Welcome to the most popular RPG game in 2016. Play for FREE now!
The best action mobile game about your memory of youth! The gorgeous world has many unknown crisis and the princess is waiting for your salvation! Assemble your superheroes with unique skills to increase your POW and fight against blackguard boss!
SAMA captain, are you ready?

[Classic Superheroes]
Do you remember the superhero in blue overalls accompanied your whole childhood? Over 100 classic characters are waiting for you! You are not alone!

[Gorgeous 3D effects]
3D graphics are spectacular! Simply tap on the screen to engage in supersonic combat! The fighting is so extreme your screen won’t be able to handle it!

[Special Fit Skill]
Choose two superheroes to release unique fit skill! Over 100 gorgeous fit skills are waiting for your exploration!

[Play with Friends]
Rob their resources or call for their help! Play with millions of Online Players from around the world.

[Cute Pet System]
Besides classic characters, cute pets from magic world also fight for your team! Collect and customize them with unique abilities to battle against the enemy!

Rouse the warrior in your memory and fight for the honor !


28 thoughts on “Check Out This Blatant Rip-Off Of Nintendo Games And Systems”

    1. It also depends on if this game was developed in China, or another equally copyright insensitive country. If it was, Nintendo can’t do much of anything to sue them or get them to stop.

  1. firstly if the game has out since halloween and nintendo did not sue them.
    The character design/system representation may not have been patent and/or the current game may not have infringe trademark and patent for whatever reason. Saying that it would take a month for Nintendo do decide what to do in every case scenario. And I do think they will not just ask to remove the game they will ask for their money back.

  2. Should we be upset about this? I’ve been saying ever since amiibo came out that Nintendo should make a game similar to Skylanders or Lego Dimensions. Now it looks like someone did something like that. If this game is good, I’ll be happy to play it until Nintendo makes their own better version.

    1. Lol I just opened the app and saw just how much of a rip-off it is. I thought there would be character lookalikes, but it’s using images that are owned by Nintendo such as the box art for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario Maker.

      For those interested, the person who made the app is from Hong Kong, where I guess they could get away with this; but shouldn’t Nintendo still be able to stop it from being distributed everywhere else?

    2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

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  3. I mean, honestly they’re just doing what Nintendo should be doing but isn’t. I would love a Nintendo crossover RPG. It.. really makes me wonder why there isn’t a Smash Bros RPG, people would go nuts over that.

  4. It’s kinda depressing how this looks more interesting than fucking Miitomo and the other shit Nintendo is putting out on mobile.

  5. With such blatant copy & paste jobs of official Nintendo art all over the app & it’s marketing page, this was most definitely made by someone in China!

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