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Golden Joystick Awards 2016 Winners Announced

The annual Golden Joystick Awards took place today and there was plenty of fierce competition. Nintendo and the Pokémon Company managed to scoop up some awards including the honorary Lifetime Achievement Award which went to The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma. The Nintendo Game of the Year went to the acclaimed The Legend Of Zelda:Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U and Pokémon GO scooped up the Handheld/Mobile Game of the Year. Here’s the list of winners:

  • Best Original Game – Overwatch
  • Best Storytelling – The Witcher 3:Blood And Wine
  • Best Visual Design – The Witcher 3:Blood And Wine
  • Best Audio – Fallout 4
  • Best Indie Game – Firewatch
  • Gaming Personality of the Year – Sean Plott (Day (9))
  • Best Multiplayer Game – Overwatch
  • Competitive Play of the Year – Coldzera’s jumping AWP quad kill at MLG Columbus
  • Best Gaming Moment – Play of the game in Overwatch
  • YouTube Upcoming Personality of the Year – Jesse Cox
  • Studio of the Year – CD Projekt Red
  • Innovation of the Year – Pokémon GO
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Eiji Aonuma
  • Best Gaming Platform – Steam
  • Best Gaming Performance – Doug Cockle
  • Competitive Game of the Year – Overwatch
  • Nintendo Game of the Year – The Legend Of Zelda:Twilight Princess HD
  • Playstation Game of the Year – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Xbox Game of the Year – Rise Of The Tomb Raider
  • PC Game of the Year – Overwatch
  • Handheld/Mobile Game of the Year – Pokémon GO
  • Breakthrough Award – Eric Barone, Stardew Valley
  • Hall of Fame – Lara Croft
  • Critics Choice Award – Titanfall 2
  • Ultimate Game of the Year – Dark Souls III
  • Most Wanted Game – Mass Effect: Andromeda

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35 thoughts on “Golden Joystick Awards 2016 Winners Announced”

      1. I personally would have liked it to be Xenoblade Chronicles X. But maybe the guys in charge of these awards hasn’t gotten the memo that Monolith Soft, the devs of Xenoblade, have been owned by Nintendo for nearly the last 10 years.

    1. When you know Nintendo is ass and got nothing to show for their previous genius… They get an award to fill a category with an old game that’s a fucking remake. Sad as hell.

  1. }{ errm… I think somebody goofed… TPHD doesn’t deserve any awards… It just wasn’t that impressive of an overhaul… Honestly, if that’s what their using as Nintendo Game of the Year, it kinda says something about this year, doesn’t it… }{

  2. I believe the reason why we aren’t seeing Pokemon Sun/Moon up there is because there was probably a cutoff point for games to be included this year and they released too late for it. They’ll probably be on the list next year though.

      1. I wouldn’t fill bad. Xbox is trash and they got an award for a game that’s a year old and not even an exclusive at all. I know my last comment about Nintendo was bad, but I prey Xbox goes out of business so Nintendo can get back rare and release some of the more exclusive IP they had during SNES and N64.

      1. The content isn’t lacking, the game launched with more online content than Splatoon, has had new modes added (just recently), and has the most developed characters in freaking shooter history (and it doesn’t even have a campaign).

          1. I’m not a fanboy. I just play it occasionally. I’m not good at it, and I’ve only reached level 29 since June. I just think it’s the best competitive shooter on PC. I like Splatoon more than Overwatch, and I know that, singleplayer campaign aside, Overwatch has and had more content than Splatoon at launch.

  3. Congrats to The Witcher 3, which happens to be one of my favorite games of all time, for winning more awards even though it released in 2015! lol

    1. And I see Xenoblade Chronicles X got ignored as a possible contender for Nintendo game of the year. Not sure how I should feel about it losing to a game that is just a remake, though. And a pretty barebone remake at that that didn’t even improve on one of the biggest problems with Twilight Princess: giant barren areas!

      And Mass Effect Andromeda beat out Breath of the Wild for most wanted game!? I hope it was at least a very close second to Andromeda.

      I’m so sick of these fuckers putting handheld & mobile games into the same category! Dedicated video games are losing to barebone games all because those games get more downloads!

      1. Exactly! Handheld gaming and mobile gaming are completely different activities.

        I dare to say that I have yet to be convinced that those mobile games are, in fact, games in its hard meaning — can you get what I mean?


    1. Mei-bye you should look into it- it’s really fun and the community is largely non-toxic unlike other shooters. Plus we just got Sombra a week ago and she is hella fun to play if you know how she functions.

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