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Rumour: Liam Robertson Advises That There Will Be New Characters in Smash Bros. Switch

Liam Robertson, well known for his contributions to Unseen64, and Did You Know Gaming, has Tweeted a rumour that there will be new characters in Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch.

He hasn’t confirmed which characters to expect, but did note that there won’t be many additions to the lineup from previous iterations.



    1. IKR… I could give a crap about stupid characters. Give me more content!
      For all that is holy,Put a decent adventure mode!
      I mean…
      Whats the point in all these characters if you can do anything with them!?

        1. 1. Yes they do, but again, whats the point if there’s almost nothing to do with them? For a game in the 8th generation, I think the lack various content is sad. It’s going to be worse if this trend carries on to the 9th gen.

          And 2. Yes, I like myself.

          1. I said that because I think I may buy it for new characters even though I shouldn’t and don’t really want to. As far as not having anything to do with the characters you could probably fight with them.

    1. Not really. Ice Climbers already had a decent bit of work done on them. They just got dropped due to the 3DS Hardware not being able to handle them. They could, at the very least, finish them.

      1. Lol it’s not about being good when you have a retarded move like that. And I don’t think they ever nerfed witch time just her damage dealt from the crappy kick combos

        1. They did, they nerfed her twice, also if she’s using witch time against you then that means your just that predictable. You need to adjust your skills at fighting. One move doesn’t make a character op. If that’s the case everycharater with a counter has a “retarded” move.

          So again git good….

          1. To be fair, Witch is easily the best counter in the game by a large margin. I don’t think it makes her overpowered, and I don’t think it needs to be nerfed, but you can’t say that it’s on the same level as any other counter

          2. Who said she was op ??? Where in my statement did I say that. I said the move is retarded and I said that because it’s cheap and can be easily spammed and witch time just lasts way too long. I barely ever lose to someone playing as bayonetta and if I do it’s not as a result of witch time. I still feel its a broken move and you really can’t compare it to any other counter moves because there are none that stop time and allow you to charge up two smash attacks in a row. It has nothing to do with skill but i understand there are certain ppl who like to play with a win by any means mentality so it’s understandable some might defend that crappy move

            1. Your complaining about her move being broken so I can see how rosalina took your post as overpowered. And since counters popped up I’m just gonna say I character who I think has a broken moveaet corrin

        2. Please dont use the word retarded in that way, not in here. Its really offensive. You sound unintelligent when you say that. Or as you would put it, you sound retarded.

              1. Hmm I’ll try her again next time I play. My go-to is Link. Mostly dodge, smash, and dash A. I also throw in the occasional grab, bomb, and boomerang. That’s my bread and butter.

                  1. I didn’t know that. I always thought his arrows were useless. Are you interested in playing 1v1 sometime. Most of the people I know don’t play it anymore so it’s hard to find a good match.

                    1. I’ll send you a request next time I’m on. Thanks for the video. I’ve never really read up on different techniques. I’ve always just practiced. I probably should start looking into how to use other characters though.

                    2. Lol I’m actually out right now. That’s my niece and nephews that are playing. Sorry.

    1. Someone told him there were new characters but didn’t tell him who they were. Most “leaks” are just from knowing the right person. and letting info drip feed out of NDA protected space. It’s not likely he could have just inquired further, or if he could have, he just didn’t out of politeness.

    1. ||Highly likely yes, Ghirahim or Yuga might have a chance as well…||

        1. ||Dark-Samus is unfortunately not likely because of being an Assist Trophy…||

          ||I can see Sylux however because of the virus we do not speak of…||

          1. Perhaps in Smash 5 we may see Dark Samus as a playable character. I hope they put Gandrayda in there too. She is unique and can levite just like Mewtwo.

        1. Yes! Link from Breath of the Wild will be a great adition to Smash Switch. Also the woman with the blue costume that appeared in the new trailer of BotW.

        2. ||Yes but it would only replace the current Link, it would not have a separate slot…||

      1. I’d totally play Ghirahim, he’s the best villain in a Zelda game in the past 10 years.

        …and his playability was the reason I bought Hyrule Warriors the day it hit Wii U.

        But I would much prefer Impa as the next Zelda fighter as her appearances are more consistent and plentiful, and there are several iterations to choose from. Just my two cents, Commander.

        1. ||Indeed he is, a fine specimen from a world of darkness…||

          ||Although more females are required, I’d rather see more villains first, too much disgusting light-worshipers already…||

  1. just bring the Ice Climbers back and replace Mii characters with customizable Inklings. i mean really, nobody uses Mii fighters.

    1. some people do. Though they certainly aren’t common. My brother for example plays Mii Swordfighter a lot.

  2. if we get Wolf and the Ice Climbers back I’ll be content with whatever else they give us. But if I were being greedy, I’d hope for Krystal and a new Zelda character too. Lycanroc or Decidueye would be fun, but we’ve got enough Pokemon content for now

  3. Dark Samus and I might consider getting back into Smash even though I traded mine in after barely playing it.

    1. You think they’re gonna add a story mode in just 2 years? That’s not enough time. Brawl’s story mode development took forever and delayed multiple times. You think in 2 years they can just slap in a mode that big in just small time?

      If they are gonna add a single player campaign, they’re gonna make another adventure mode from Melee, which it was pretty cool, but was obviously rushed, after all, Melee only had a year of development.

      1. Adding a story mode/long single player campaign to a Smash 4 port may not be that difficult, actually- the core game, executable files, and mechanics are already there, they really wouldn’t need to add much more besides levels, enemies/enemy programming, and cutscenes if they want those. Most of the time spent on adding it would be bug testing.

        1. Don’t forget Boss fights, and a (semi interesting at least) storyline. I for one think that in a wordless game, cutscenes are a must. Could you imagine playing through subspace emissary without them? It was hard enough to follow the plot as is.

      2. Actually, they could add a story mode to the game later after release as either an update or DLC. A few games on the PS4 have done just that. In fact, Final Fantasy XV has some DLC coming in the next few months that will add a new gameplay mode to the game.

      3. Also, you aren’t taking into account Smash 4 Wii U/3DS came out in September 2014 & they’ve been working on the Switch since at least 2015 so I’d say they started working on games for it in late 2015. 2 years from that point is more than enough time to make a functional story mode. Also, don’t underestimate Nintendo when they want to do something. <.<

  4. Banjo & Kazooie! OH PLEASE LET IT BE BANJO & KAZOOIE! I WANT THEM BACK REALLY BAD! I’VE MISSED THEM SO MUCH! COME ONE GUYS, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! And Shantae and Rayman too, wanting them too! They’re all better choices than that ugly Lameonetta! Yeah, I called her lame! *Turns Super Saiyan* WANNA GO?!

  5. Well if this is true, nintendo will probably try to use it as an advertisement for its other upcoming switch games, so I’d probably guess some new character from BotW, Splatoon, or the “new IP” that was mentioned a while back. Possibly any characters that were worked on and then scratched (Ice Climbers).
    I wouldn’t put too much hope on an older fan favorite being implemented.

  6. Need more villains! King K. Rool, demise, gruntilda, dark Samus, and more mascot characters like banjo and Kazooie or conker!

  7. Hopefully they’re unique characters and not just reskins like Roy and Lucina are. Get someone who would have a completely different playstyle like Isaac (Golden Sun) or Shantae. The latter would obviously have different forms or would utilize those forms in combos since Sakurai doesn’t want stance changes in Smash anymore.
    This is the opportunity to bring out the big guns if they really want us to repurchase the game. Again.

  8. Considering Temco’s usual policies, I don’t think I can expect Fatal Frame to get any more than a trophy. Not even a stage.

    On another note, let’s play a game of find “the next unwanted advertisement character since Corrin”.

    1. Pffft, what else does Nintendo have coming out besides Breath of the Wild that we know about? Really just whatever new Mario game they have for Switch, and who could they pull from Mario who isn’t in Smash yet?

      *thinks about how they put Honey Queen in Mario Kart 7*


    2. Pokémon Go Gym Leader.

      Let’s bring back the Pokémon Trainer gimmick, but apply it to characters that do not fit the Pokémon artstyle and advertise a mobile game with shit support. Not to mention the mobile loving casuals would ask for Angry Birds and Candy Crush characters after that happens.

      Hell no. Just no….

      1. What Pokemon they would have, a bunch of Eevelutions because that’s what you mostly see in Gyms around the city?

        LOL let’s not get the kids’ hopes too high on Red playing Target Blast for real (which is Angry Birds itself).

        And promoting GO over Sun & Moon for a new fighter would be a huge middle finger alright.

        1. Blanche: Vaporeon, Lapras, Articuno

          Candela: Moltres, Arcanine, Flareon

          Spark: Zapdos, Jolteon, Magneton

          Both Pokémon that are conquering every damn Gym and half of the worst possible choices for Smash.

          Agreed. I’d take Incineroar or Buzzwole any day.

    3. Nintendo owns a lot of stock in Fatal Frame so it’s not entirely on Koei Tecmo. In fact, it’s because of Nintendo the US release of Fatal Frame 5 gave us cosplay outfits of Zelda & Zero Suit Samus instead of the lingerie outfits Japan got. (Censoring an M rated game… Only at NintenD’OH! of ‘Murica! Bleh!) But since Bayonetta got in Smash, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of getting a Fatal Frame character. She would have one hell of a unique moveset, though, since they use a camera for battle.

  9. Unless two of those characters are Chase McCain and Banjo + Kazooie I’ll wait for an actual Switch sequel instead of buying a port. Smash Wii U is already really good as it is

    1. ||You will never see a Banjo-Kazooie slot ever unless High Command demands a very grand thing from the Xbots considering their leader also wants to see them in Smash Brothers…||

    1. I know, right? I also hope they put in Ice climbers, a Starfox newcommer (Slippy and/or Krystal) another Mario character (Toad, Daisy, and/or Waluigi), and Mona. I wouldn’t mind Inkling, Robobot Kirby, Lolo, another Namco character, or another Square-enix character either.

  10. Give me either:
    *Shivel Knight
    *Steve (Minecraft)
    *Ink Girl & Ink Boy (Splatoon)
    *Isaac (Yeah. He’d be cool)
    *Paper Mario (that’d be hilarious)
    * Simon & Trevor Belmont
    …but please. GOD….Please, please, please, please, PLEASE!!


  11. Veterans who are overdue for a return (most important!):
    Ice Climbers, Wolf, Snake (if even possible), Ivysaur, Squirtle,

    New Characters who we need in the game (anyone from this list):
    Isaac, King K. Rool, Dixie, Inkling (Girl/Boy), Tom Nook, Birdo, Krystal, Cranky, and Lana, Isabelle, Mach Rider, Sukapon, Leon, 9-Volt, Black Shadow, Ray MK III, Skull Kid, Ashley, Bandana Dee, Paper Mario, Wonder Red, Panther Caroso, Chibi Robo, Geno, Syrup, Andy, Marshall, Medusa, Captain Rainbow, Lip, Corrin, Elma (Xenoblade Chronicles X), and Primid. I excluded Ridley and Metal Face (who replaces Medeus), because they’re already in the game.

    Assist trophies I’d like to see become characters:
    Lyn, Knuckle Joe, Waluigi, Takamaru, Prince Sable, Samurai Goroh, Saki, Dark Samus.

    New 3rd Party who should be added (if at all): NiGHTS, Klonoa, Lloyd Irving, Felyne, Banjo-Kazooie.

    Potential characters who I’d be okay with:
    Sales Bunny (Nintendo Badge Arcade), Prince Fluff, Isa Jo, Zael, Aeron, Barbara, Frey (Slashing Regileiv), Tetra (w/o Toon Zelda), Pokkle (Gifpia), Mike Jones (StarTropics), Bomberman, Crash Bandicoot, Professor Layton, Rodea, Gunvolt (replacing Mighty No. 9), Yooka-Laylee.

    Characters we DO NOT NEED (who aren’t already in the game):
    Cat Mario (as a standalone character), Reckless Safety Guy, Goku, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, any anime or Mrvel/DC character, Cory in the House, Shrek, Master Chief, Rabbids, Nathan Drake, yet another FE protagonist (aside from Lyn) (especially from Fire Emblem Fates), Groose, any Sonic character other than Sonic (save them for a Sonic game), Steve from Minecraft, any new Pokemon rep, Simon Belmont, and Sora (Kingdom Heart). Now I single out these two because while they’re alredy iconic and popular characters with good moveset potential, they’re not part of the big four (Nintendo, SEGA, Capcom, Namco). We were already exausting things when Sakurai added Ryu after Mega Man: TWO Capcom characters, while SEGA and Namco only get one rep. And with Bayonetta getting in before NiGHTS (the TRUE second SEGA rep), I’ve come to the compromise idea of having THREE reps from SEGA, Capcom, and Namco. So it wouldn’t feel right to also do the same with Konami and Square-Enix/DISNEY. Plus with Konami the way they are these days, we’d be lucky if we got Snake back.

    I just wish the Smash community would be quiet, because Sakurai doesn’t care. I had to put up with the climax of all this a year ago with his Final Smash Presentation (cough*Corrin*Bayonetta*KnowYourMoves*Etika*Sakurai*Disappointment*cough).

    It feels like this whole year is just a repeat of 2015, but with more notable deaths and Trump.

  12. Agnes from Bravely Default/Second, Tiz from Bravely Second and if posible Edea from either Bravely Default or Second.

  13. Ice Climbers yes!? Oh & if this rumor is wide spread & many know about it on Miiverse, expect to see the revival of people asking for a playable Ridley. I’ll start!


    1. Oh & if another Fire Emblem character is in the cards, how about an axe wielder or magic only wielder this time around? If it’s another sword wielder, this might be a pipe dream, mainly because her chance to be in Smash has long since passed, but I’d hope for Lyndis who is my #1 favorite Fire Emblem character.

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