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Rumour: Finding A Nintendo Switch At GameStop Could Be Difficult

The latest Nintendo Switch rumour doesn’t bode well for US consumers looking to get their hands on the upcoming Nintendo Switch in March. A GameStop insider apparently said that getting the Nintendo Switch at launch will pose to be a difficult endeavour as the majority of GameStop stores won’t be allocated enough stock to fulfil demand.

Our inside source, the same source that gave us the info on the advertising and stuff like that. He said “Getting the switch at gamestop might be a bit of a difficult endeavor because it seems that, not all, but a good majority of gamestop stores are not going to have to many switch units to go around”

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  1. I was told the opposite from an employee. He said that they’ll likely have a decent amount but still (of course) suggested I pre-order the device, which I was planning on doing anyways

      1. He didn’t suggest either but I’m going to do pre-order in store, specifically because I am hoping for a midnight release so I can pick it up in store down the road from my house.

  2. Good thing I’m heading to gamestop as soon as pre orders are available to get one. I have Thursday and Friday off from work.

  3. Fk you Nintendo. I’ve been a devoted fan for 30 years, and have been unable to buy about 90% of the Nintendo stuff I’ve wanted over the years because I refuse to support scullers. If this is like the NES Classic, I’ll just skip the Switch, even though I really want one and have been saving. But I refuse to spend hours and days scouring websites and stores because Nintendo marketing wants to generate hype. I’ve defended Nintendo many times when they didn’t deserve it, over three decades, but if they pull this crap with the Switch, I’m done. Nobody treats their loyal supporters as terrible as Nintendo.

  4. Meant to say ‘scalpers,. You know, those people Nintendo treat better than their loyal supporters.

    1. Nintendo is said to have 2,000,000 units at launch. It’s not Nintendo’s fault that scumbag scaplers are going to try and buy as many as possible. There is an answer to this though…don’t buy from a scalper. If stupid people wouldn’t feed them, they’d go away. Besides, this isn’t a time time run, they’ll be making more every second with weekly shipments I’d assume. However, if someone buys from a scalper, they’re just going to go out and buy more and the problem will continue.

        1. Never believe what you read on the Internet. There will be a high demand for the Nintendo Switch. After the first 2 million units selling out, Nintendo will bring more and more units without any further delay.

  5. Honestly it’s not a big deal if you can’t get one at launch. People place way too much weight on these types of things. Just get one when possible at a reasonable price avoid the scalpers.

  6. Ugh, I hope this one isn’t true- I was gonna use the Gamestop credit card to buy one so I could still afford to eat for the next month (as well as use my points towards a game or two), but if they barely get any…

    1. Let’s see, if the Switch presentation is 11pm Chicago time, all stores will be closed by then, don’t open until the morning… Looks like I’m camping out overnight right after the show to make sure my preorder is near the top.

  7. I highly doubt it. From what I’ve heard, there will be 2 million at start, and even that’s not confirmed.

    But looking at the comments here, I see people falling for another rumors. Shocker.

  8. Meh, I’m not concerned. I’m waiting until next year before I go buy one, anyways. I’m only seeking Breath Of The Wild for Wii U this year. I am waiting for a handful of games that aren’t ports or VC HD re-re- re-re releases. I’m not trolling with that comment either. I’m just okay with supply and demand right now. Good luck to those who want a Switch in March, though.

  9. It’s going to be fun not being on the chaotic side of things for the first time ever. I’m quite happy with my gaming setup and have zero need to buy a Switch day one. Waiting for the bundles. Once retailers can keep inventory (even the dismal WiiU sold out for a while) then that’s when I will strike. The first game bundle or skin, then I will jump in!

    1. Right. I am doing another Zelda 100% completion on all titles on Wii U. No biggie to get NS right now. I just don’t have a need for it until next year at all.

  10. This is a rumor? xD More like it’s a 99% chance of being a guaranteed fact. Limited amiibo supplies, shitty stock of NES Mini/Classic during Christmas of all times of the fucking year to ship shitty stock, limited Wii stock, etc etc.

  11. They ship limited stocks to “boost demand” and cause a potential consumer to foam at the mouth searching for a console like a wildman.

    It’s genius.

    1. Or the worst case scenario: it turns some of them off & they go spend that money they saved up on something they CAN get… Like a PS4 Pro.

  12. Wonder how many stores off and on shores already have them Secretly waiting? I would not want to be the overnight sales floor stocker when they are released. I don’t know….I just don’t have any hype for this other than the fact I’ve decided it will be a purchase next year about this time for me once the 1st year is behind its release, has a list of games serving as the next big title in an ongoing franchise that isn’t hiding behind new play controls or ports, and also has everything needed for add ons that I can choose from. I think it’s clever coming out now since Sony and Microsoft already cornered themselves only releasing 4K ready consoles also forcing them to cut down the price on the basic core models….but I just don’t have a desire for a NS. I want to know about this LoZ: BOTW they’ve been holding out on. I read all these statements that it won’t be as good as the Switch version. I don’t believe that. Not considering it was built for Wii U (secretly pulling a “Twilight Princess” ordeal all over again. Nah, I’m good Ninty. Thumbs up to be back in the game and not being looked at as a “secondary console” like it’s felt the past generation or two, but see you next year.

  13. Who even is this “insider” that a load of crap. I work and Gs and we’re getting more than enough. After the stupid nes classic thing happened everyone’s paranoid. This won’t be a 60 dollar consol it will not sell the same.

  14. Hopefully this bullshit will be the end of Nintendo. Limiting the stock of their products so they can eventually increase the price will make even the most dedicated fans stop buying from them.

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