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Nintendo Spain’s PR Retweeted A Fan-Made Nintendo Switch Promotional Image

Sometimes, Nintendo’s promotional work for the Switch comes straight from fans. For example, Nintendo Spain’s PR retweeted a clever Nintendo Switch promotional image. It’s clever because it references the very first advertisement for what would become the NES in late 1984. If you want to see the image for yourself, we’ve included it down below.


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    1. So? Also, I don’t know who the f**k nintenmau5 is. But, I wish him good luck on his journey to My Nintendo News.

  1. Ha, no Wii U.

    Goes to show that even the older, casual oriented brother made a bigger impact than him.

    1. You know they’re using the best known consoles, right? Wii and NES? Also, this picture was made by a fan, not every Nintendo fan owns every console.

        1. I don’t know 1 house that doesn’t have a Wii, it was popular but the beginning of a disaster.

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