Final Fantasy XV Director Says There Are No Plans For A Switch Release

Square Enix may have voiced their interest in Nintendo’s upcoming console, but the director of Final Fantasy XV has said he has no interest in a Switch release. In an interview with DualShockers, Hajime Tabata has said that they haven’t even really considering testing the game on the system. Barring remakes, a mainline game hasn’t released on a Nintendo system since Final Fantasy VI. Check out the full interview here.

G: Is there any possibility for Final Fantasy XV to be released on Nintendo Switch?

HT: There are no Plans, it wouldn’t run…

G: It wouldn’t run at all?

HT: It might run… But we haven’t conducted the proper tests on whether it would run properly on Switch or not, so I cannot say for sure.

G:So there is no plan at all?

HT: There are no plans for Switch at the moment, but overall, there is interest in the platform among the development team. We do have lots of Nintendo fans inside BD2.

Incidentally, I think that Switch would be really cool if it could run Android apps on its portable screen…

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  1. That “gaming machine that doesn’t have apps at launch” is the only thing that disgusts me of Switch. People would throw their tablets to the thrash can if switch was a complete alternative, with apps and everything.

  2. I like how the first thing he says is that it won’t run, and then completely backtracks to say he actually has no idea and he was just assuming. Like, what?

    1. But I’d also assume it. Games that are just made to get the most out of PS4/XBoxone just might be too much work in some cases. In other cases stuff might be able to be downscaled while preserving the overall experience. But I wouldn’t expect any of the big titles to ever see the light of the Switch.

      And while I still wouldn’t say NO ONE NEEDS FF ON THE SWITCH – because of course it would be cool – I just hope Nintendo and some studios have enough in development to make up for that. And with Xenoblade 2 I believe there should be already enough to make up for a FF on the Switch.

      And if the Switch is doing well, I’d expect Square Enix to consider some Switch-exclusive FF like that Crystal-something game on the … Gamecube? Just something where they can create the best experience tailored to the console.

  3. Honestly didn’t expect it.

    FFVII and KHIII however both run on UE4 but since there’s still no fucking idea of when they’re coming I guess that’s a moot point *rolls eyes*

    I wonder if that Avengers game could come to the Switch though? There was a version of Rise of the Tomb Raider on 360 after all from the same team and Disney could want it on as many platforms as possible but that’s another project that’s up in the air on release. Sqaure Enix seems to do that a lot ;)

  4. “It might run… But we haven’t conducted the proper tests on whether it would run properly on Switch or not, so I cannot say for sure.”
    This quote alone should make some people worried as devs don’t know whether a game like FF XV could run on the Switch. I do think that he only said it because he really doesn’t know as of yet or they’re still using the older dev kits.

    1. ||Sell your PS4 and put those resources on more Switch weaponry…||

  5. We want 3rd party games!
    *skyrim on switch*
    We dont want old games
    *developer says their not porting an older game over*
    Nintendo why aren’t you getting 3rd partys

    1. Nintendo never was really into reaching out to 3rd parties. When the first PSX launched, the one thing, Sony made to differ from their main competition was to not create anything themselves and only let 3rd parties do that job. And while Sony gained some studios over the years that would now also create exclusive stuff, they have never dropped that strategy. And of course, for their audience (and its a big one) it’s a great thing. But nowadays it’s exactly that sticking to their own productions, that makes Nintendo stand out. So if Nintendo would move ressources from their internal productions over to that kind of 3rd party development they would have some problems. 1. they don’t really have any connections especially with western 3rd parties. 2. They suck at everything online and it will show how the Switch might change that, but so far, they got a bad reputation there and this is kinda important to many 3rd party devs. 3. (its the most important one) they would have to compete with Sony and MS, two major companies that own that territory and know it way better than Nintendo.

      For years I hoped Nintendo could be Nintendo while also offering a Sony-like experience for the masses. But nowadays I think just stay Nintendo. Do your own stuff. And if it then sells good, some will come and publish or even develop on your platform. And in the end, it can’t get better than that, so just expect the Switch to be a Nintendo-platform. And either you love that or not. But it’s a good thing if someone sticks to their USPs and strenghts.

        1. Still thats no way to talk about nintendo and his laughter was so mean spirited and his joke is that the same zelda from the wii u was so dumb that he should have noticed that it was better on the switch than the wii u I felt bad for the 0ther guy beside him.

  6. The game WAS in development for many years, pretty much settling on designing the game for the PS4/XB1 for the last few before finally coming out. And I know FF15 is pushing the hell out of just those consoles. Second, the third party devs haven’t had the initial and production Switch dev kits until somewhat recently, so of course they haven’t done the proper testing. We may not even see a PC release of FF15 for quite a while yet, so I doubt a Switch version will ever come.

    Now future Final Fantasy games, be they multi-platform or exclusive, I can easily see those coming to the Switch.

  7. Thats fine I didnt like final fantasy 15 that much anyway the driving mechanic killed the game for me.
    However I think its fair if these games come to the switch
    The avengers project
    Final fantasy 7 remake to show that they will never forget how they ditched that game for the playstation so they put it on the switch to show that they care for nintendo.
    Kingdom hearts 3 is on unreal engine 4 its perfect for the switch.

  8. I don’t think people are buying Switch for 3rd party games anyway.
    Hell, most people here don’t even like 3rd party developers.
    So I assume this won’t disappoint anyone!

        1. I’m not sure how this plays out. Nintendo-exclusive gamers are going to buy the Switch, but people who own a PC and Xbox or a PlayStation are not going to buy the switch just because it’s portable. Nintendo Gamers who simply want to be able to play third party games and have been waiting to seeing Nintendo would land it this time are still going to shift to another platform because the support is still sketchy.

          There’s just no way to know for sure what’s going to happen yet this which needs to launch people need to get their hands on it and we’ll see what happens!

          1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

            PC gamers especially since they most likely have a gaming laptop to go with their gaming desktop so they already have access to portable gaming for many 3rd party games since they don’t have to pay extra for the same game on two different things. *cough*Wii/Wii U/3DS/Switch(possibly)*cough*

            1. I didn’t think about that, in addition, the games are usually much cheaper also. Switch really needs to get out in the wild. Ready or not, it can’t wait.

              What games are you playing on your Switch besides Zelda?

              1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

                Just Zelda for now. If online is by way of only a stupid phone app, the only other game I have to look forward to this year is Super Mario Odyssey & maybe Xenoblade 2 if it releases. If online isn’t being done in some retarded “We want to be different!” Nintendo way, then Spla2n is a definite buy. I trust them with this game now since they did very good with the first in spite of it’s barebone release.

    1. Then he backtracked himself and said he didn’t know for sure that they hadn’t tested it…….dumbass lol

  9. Since it was released incomplete, I can see why he’d hesitate to commit to anything, especially in an interview. Plus I already own it for the ps4, so… guess I’ll have to live with it. :/

  10. It wouldn’t run… (“ppsss… Hajime you are still under DNA on the system’s specs, don’t you”) ops.. Ehm… I mean, we didn’t make any test so far… Yeeeesss…

  11. Large RPGs are perfect for the Switch, due to the portable aspect. I would be much more likely to buy an open world RPG or MMO on the Switch, even with significant cuts to visual fidelity. Playing the game is the important thing to me, and if I have to be tied to the couch to play, I won’t play nearly as much.

    When I sit down in the living room to play a game, I am making a commitment to play. If it’s something I can hold in my hands and take with me, I’m much more likely to drop 5 or so half hour sessions during the day. As a result, I get hooked on the game, and end up playing from the couch more as well.

    Long story short – even the slight portability of the Wii U drove me to play it more than I have ever played my PS4.

  12. This guy probably does not even know about technical aspects that well.
    He’s the guy who says what he wants, and coders and designers are the ones who make it happen.

  13. Before any Nintendo fanboys take a dump on Square let me remind you that Nintendo is the one who was ultra secretive about Switch specs and wouldn’t let anything get out whatsoever. It’s Nintendo’s fault.

  14. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    No problem for me. I’ve already decided Final Fantasy is gonna be a PS4 exclusive franchise for me this generation. Along with Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts, Musou, and Resident Evil.

  15. I doubt the Switch has the CPU power for it too anyway, but personally, I would have done a test first before telling anyone “It won’t run even though I haven’t done any test or even know the specs to know otherwise”

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