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Don’t Forget That Nintendo Switch Is In Stock At GameStop Today

Just a friendly reminder for those of you still searching for a Nintendo Switch console that GameStop has them in stock today. I’m not sure which specific stores have received stock but it’s worth ringing round to see if your local one has one. There’s also a trade-in offer at the moment if you’re thinking of getting rid of your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. Good luck!



  1. Probably not anymore… Gamestop employees were in full meltdown yesterday about all the calls they were getting. They did say that if you wanted one you could order it through them and get it in 10 days but people don’t want to hear it… they want it NOW NOW NOW

      1. Aaaah… OK, well that makes sense. I was eavesdropping, but you could still get it without over paying too much. Just a bit on the accessories

    1. I feel your pain man. I couldn’t get one either. I talked to the district manager and he told me that the only chance of getting one in the near future was to order a bundle. I got suckered into buying one.

  2. There was a line on Market Street Gamestop on San Francisco, people started waiting since 4:30 AM. And then, after about 100 had gathered, at about 10AM, this guy comes out and says Nintendo had only sent 15 units. FIFTEEN units. At San Francisco.

    WHAT THE FUCK, NINTENDO??? Seriously? It would be laughable if my feet didn’t hurt so much from standing in line. I’m really angry at you, Nintendo.

    By the way, does anyone know where can I find a Nintendo switch here or near San Francisco?

  3. No way. I got everything but the console, now I gotta still wait. Dont Nintendo have robots to build consoles?. Program the machine to make 8.5million units. Damn is it that hard? Why make a few? That’s stupid.

  4. So today the same location i was yesterday did receive some. Not the 15 they were expecting but they did get 10 in. They arent sure if the other 5 will come in the afternoon shipment or not. Luckly i was 6 in line.

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