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RiME Is To Run At 720p In Both Handheld/Dock Modes

RiME, which recently got awarded an impressive 9 by EDGE magazine, will in fact not run at 1080p/30fps when docked and at 720p/30fps in handheld as originally reported. Spanish online publication, GameReactor, were contacted by studio Tequila Works to clear up and update the original article that was published. It had advised readers of incorrect information and RiME has now been confirmed to run at 720p in both handheld and docked mode.


76 thoughts on “RiME Is To Run At 720p In Both Handheld/Dock Modes”

      1. If they didn’t like the Switch than they wouldn’t have made RiME for the Switch at all. Also, liking a system doesn’t magically make a system more capable.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Irrelevant anyway, the only worthy tribe to gain my support is the Shin’en Tribe…||

  1. I believe they could’ve made it 1080/30fps if they gave themselves more time with the hardware. But then again they have deadlines for a reason and delaying the game any further would stir up some animosity.

      1. Digital in eShop will cost $29.99 — same with other platforms.
        Physical copy will cost $39.99 (because of some tax from Nintendo) but include OST, which on other platforms sells for $10.

      2. “Because of some tax from Nintendo”

        All games on closed platforms pays a portion of sales to the platform owner. The terms and prices dependent on a wide variety of factors. “Some tax from Nintendo” appears to suggest that they aren’t paying extremely similar fees on the other platforms, they are. This is particularly evidenced by the price being identical for digital.

        Much more likely, it’s more expensive as a company to have a separate manufactoring agreement for an entirely separate kind of medium printed in lower numbers.

  2. The game looks absolutely stunning. I don’t know about you lot but I’d prefer them to stick to 720p and for the frame rate to be consistent.

    1. Exactly.
      If Switch owners don’t get this concept, it’s going to create long term problems. Hopefully the few accusing these devs as lazy on this site don’t represent the majority of switch owners.

      I’m definitely picking up this game and I hope it gets a warm reception on Switch as well!

        1. If the game looks and plays great, and the framerates don’t nosedive very often, I agree! They won’t notice and will simply have fun playing it.

  3. It’s not the end of the world guys… It’s far more important to grant to handheld mode good performance. Eventually docked mode will be more detailed. They know how to do their job.

      1. the switch is underpowered. no matter how much you like it, no matter what a small minority of developers say, the swtich lacks in power compared to the other two consoles on the market. you dont have to like it but dont be so stupid you wont accept the truth.

      2. “the switch is underpowered. ”

        “the swtich lacks in power compared to the other two consoles on the market.”

        You list these as though they are the same statement. The switch IS less powerful than the other two consoles on the market. It is NOT underpowered. You’re comparing apples to organges. The switch is suggesting an entirely different value proposition than its competitors, portability. You need to judge its power for what it’s trying to be, not pretend it’s something it isn’t, a stationary console.

  4. Come on man this is dumb. If the handheld mode can run it at a full 720p 30fps than the docked mode can definitely run it at 900p or even 1080p smoothly. This is a mistake imo. Maybe a patch will come out post launch that will fix it like for shovel knight.

    1. Not necessarily. If they’re bandwidth bound and using the 25.6GB/s mode in handheld mode than they wouldn’t have any room for increased resolution. If they’re also shader limited in handheld mode than they could also run it with a dynamic resolution in handheld mode and locked 720p in TV mode.

      People need to realize that even if the Switch has more shader performance, better texture compression, and more modern features than the 360 and PS3 it only has a little bit more bandwidth and bandwidth becomes more and more important at higher resolutions.

    2. Yea, tell them about how you’re so utterly familiar with the Switch hardware and programming/optimizing a game for it to give them tips on how to make their software run better than they have managed to during all that time they’ve spent on developing it.

    3. Don’t forget Minecraft, and Nintendo’s own Zeldframeratesa port, which could not support 1080p or stable framerates.

      It’s obviously not overly simple to achieve this, at least, not yet.

      So people need to cut devs some slack and cut the hypocritical, ignorant bullshyte.

      1. I’m not sure I agree with badmouthing a developer based on stated resolution output. Not programming or working on the game myself, it’s hard to say what the bottlenecks could be, bandwidth, memory starved etc. Although this developer has had some questionable occurrences in the past I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

        1. Because you don’t believe they will show something amazing?

          Think about it.

          They showed us an Arms Direct last week, so this means they will not show anything else about ARMS and I think also for Splatoon 2.

          I know Nintendo will do 2 torunament and a game station for Super Mario Odyssey. But I’m so hyped to see the Nintendo Spotlight.

  5. So the Switch version will seriously underperform and will also be pricier on top of that? I guess we’re in a period of devs having to get used to the new system, even though everyone else has been giving it nothing but praise for being easy to develop for and port to. Unless RiME really is noticeably beefier than BotW, which I’m inclined to doubt.

    1. It won’t be pricier.
      $29.99 eShop version
      $39.99 physical version + OST (usually sells separately for $10)
      So if you just don’t want to pay more, stick to eShop.

    2. It’s a lot easier to get games made for less capable hardware to run on better hardware. RiME was developed for more capable hardware and has to be scaled down for the Switch.

      RiME is one of the only a few games coming out for the Switch that is actually new and isn’t Switch exclusive.
      Among the other games on that list is Yooka-Laylee and that was originally made with the intent to release it on the Wii U.

  6. This doesn’t make sense. The Switch has more power when docked, so it should have better performance in either framerate or resolution. I think when they finally got it working in handheld mode they called it a day.

    1. Maybe it’s more detailed when docked, has some extra effects etc. We can’t know without extra information.

    2. Not everything on the Switch scales equally between modes. One of the biggest factors for resolution is memory bandwidth and, to a smaller degree, the amount of memory. The Switch is set up so that you can have either 20% more memory bandwidth in TV mode or the same amount.

      Here’s a more detailed explanation if you’re interested. In most modern games, there’s an initial rendering pass that makes something called the geometry buffer. It essentially makes three or more versions of the image with one being just the color textures, another being normal/bump textures, another being a depth map, and there could be several others. That process involves reading textures, geometry, and draw calls from memory which uses read bandwidth. Then those buffers are written back to memory with many pixels being written over several times if geometry wasn’t sorted in the most efficient way. Those buffers are then read back by the GPU so that the information in them can be combined into a new version of the image. That image could then potentially be re-read to do other post processing.

      When you increase the resolution from 720p to 1080p, you’re talking about an increase of 2.25 times more resolution meaning that at least 2.25 times more memory space and bandwidth is needed for the above process. A 128-bit 720p g-buffer would need about 14MB of space while the same g-buffer at 1080p would need about 32MB. That 32MB buffer has to be initial written and there could be about 4x overdraw meaning it would make 128MB of writes. Then it gets read back which would take up another 32MB of reads so now we’re at 160MB of bandwidth. Then the final or near final frame is written to memory adding another 8MB.

      168MBs per frame times 60 frames per second would equal about 10GB/s. That’s about 40% of the Switch’s max memory bandwidth and that’s not counting the initial texture and geometry reads. Then lets assume they’re using a 2048×2048 shadow map per light. At minimum they would need to do one depth pass of the geometry from the suns perspective which would require the geometry to be read again, then have the (lets say) 12MB shadow map written to memory then read again to be applied to the frame buffer adding another 24MB of bandwidth per-frame and an additional 1.44 GB/s overall. At 720p, that would only take up about 5GB/s.

      1. I know all this stuff. You’re not impressing me at all with your gaming forum knowledge. But if you would actually understand what you’re talking about, you would realize that all these numbers are completely game-independent! Games like Fast RMX or Mario Kart 8 run at 1080p 60fps with alot of graphical features that take several passes. Bandwidth is a non-issue with the Switch! Your whole comment was completely pointless from the get-go and just a failed attempt to make an impression.

        1. You clearly DON’T understand this stuff. I’m aware that hardware usage differs from game to game. No shit. That wasn’t my point at all. I wonder if you even understood your own point if you’re gonna make the claim that all games should be able to take advantage of the overclock just because two similar games can.

          You claimed that any game that runs at 720p in handheld mode on the Switch should be able to run at a higher frame rate or higher resolution in TV mode. That’s not true. While theoretical shader performance of the Switch can go up to 2-2.5x when docked (depending on what GPU clock they chose in handheld mode), it’s theoretical bandwidth can’t go up more than 20% and CPU speed is identically between both mode (something a Switch developer on this site confirmed).

          If you double the frame rate, that doubles the amount of shader calculations AND doubles the needed memory bandwidth AND increases CPU load as everything in the games world would get updated and rendered twice as many times per second. Same thing applies to the resolution. Going from 720p to 1080p would keep the CPU usage the same but 2.25x as many fragment shaders need to run and just as many more pixels need to be read and written to memory per frame. So, no, there is no guarantee that the Switch can always make use of having greater shader performance when docked, it depends on the unqiue demands of each game

          Some of the biggest savings in bandwidth comes from different forms of geometry culling. In a open world game, that’s very difficult to do as you don’t know what path the player will take or what camera angle they’ll look at something from. The result is that they’re more succeptible to overdraw especially when it comes to alpha effects from ground cover like grass.

          In a racing game, everyone follows one path with maybe a few forks in the road. They don’t control the car or camera separately and they’re going one of two directions: the right way or the wrong way. They can very easily set up little markers around the track that determine what objects should be visible at what point on the track and virtually eliminate overdraw completely.

          Just because Mario Kart 8 and Fast RMX can run at 60fps and go from 720p to 1080p between both modes doesn’t mean that the Switch doesn’t overall have a scalability problem. It just means that those problems didn’t effect those games. If my comment failed to make an impression then that’s something YOU have to work on.

          1. Oh shut up you idiot! I’m not going to read any of this bullshit. 25GB/s bandwidth is enough for RIME to run in 1080p and no matter what idiocy you wrote in that essay will change that fact! You lost the argument. LIVE WITH IT!

            1. You don’t win arguments with “Oh shut up” and “Too long. Didn’t read.” lol

              You have no basis with which to say that 25.6GB/s is enough for RiME at 1080p. There’s a reason that, even with a higher clocked Tegra X1, Nvidia was only able to get Tomb Raider to run at 720p on the Shield TV. It has the shader performance, it but that has to do with quality of pixels rather than amount.

              1. I already told you, you lost the argument. I’m not going to read your comment because it doesn’t matter how you try to save your original claim. 25GB/s bandwidth is enough for RIME to run in 1080p. Period. Live with it and move on!

                1. You wanna be a child? Fine then. Just eat your vitamins, stay healthy, read up on some stuff, and we can have this discussion when you’re a little older lol

                  1. Give it up. I won’t read your comments. 25GB/s bandwidth is enough for RIME to run in 1080p. You lost the argument. End of story.

      2. You should learn to accept when you lost an argument. Darth is right, the bandwidth is not the reason why RIME doesn’t support 1080p. It’s very easy to reduce bandwidth, when it is the bottleneck. The developer probably just didn’t want to spend any extra effort into making the game run at 60fps or 1080p when docked. And you shouldn’t reply to that comment like you replied to darth’s comment. You’re only making a clown out of yourself!

        1. The fuck are you talking about? It’s EASY to just reduce bandwidth with no sacrifices to resolution or frame rate? Maybe you’d like to explain how because GPU manufactures and game devs would pay you literally millions of dollars for your insight.

          The only reason that Tantalus would see it as huge chore to get it running at 60fps or 1080p (not both) would be because of bandwidth limitations (1080p) or CPU and bandwidth limitations (60fps) as, again, shader performance can go up more than enough in TV mode, CPU performance stays consistent between both, and memory only clocks 20% higher.

          I don’t get how you two are so cocksure about the Switch having enough bandwidth when this clearly isn’t the only situation where a game on the Switch is running at 720p in both modes and neither of your worked on RiME or know of what it demands form the hardware. I haven’t either but just throwing out educated guesses and not claiming “facts” that I’ve pulled out of my ass.

          My assumption is that you see me doing math and think it must be more complicated that (because computers are fucking magic after all) and you would be right that it IS more complicated than that as factors like delta color compression make bandwidth calculations much less precise but they’re by no means the wrong calculations.

          Please correct me though, geniuses. I’ll listen to all the nerdy details just put up or shut up.

        1. My name is one I picked back when I was 13 to make my friends laugh. The fact that you think I have an ego just because I asserted that some Switch games might not being able to increase their resolution due to it’s specs not increasing to the same degree is ridiculous.

          I see that you and Hans both have accounts linked to brand new Twitter accounts, I’m skeptical that you’re even different people. Forgive me if I’m wrong.

          Regardless, there is NO reason to be offended by a discussion about the Switch’s hardware and possible shortcomings. There’s a significant difference in computing performance between the Switch and the other consoles with the biggest difference being in memory bandwidth. For you three to assume that the Switch’s ports would be on-par with them is ridiculous.

          If you like the Switch, then that’s fine. Enjoy it. But don’t assume it’s the laziness of developers or the developer’s person distain for the Switch that’s to blame whenever their game doesn’t look or perform as well as it does on other platforms.

          Only a few months ago, people called me an idiot because I claimed the specs that we now know the Switch has were, in fact, could enough to run PS3 or X360 quality games when underclocked, now I’m an asshole because I don’t think it defies bandwidth limitations.

  7. Probably just a cost saving measure for the developers right? Less man hours for 720p? Usually money is the issue and a smaller company making a game for multiple platforms doesn’t have thr freedom a larger more established publisher would. Coulple that with the higher price and smaller install base on switch, and that is why it is underutlizing what the Switch can do…. IF it can perform better which I think it can seeing BOTW and all that is in that game.

    1. Tequila Works is only working on the PS4 version directly. The Xbox One and Windows 10 ports are being handled by QLOC. The Switch port is being handled by Tantalus Media who were responsible for porting Twilight Princess to the Wii U.

      It’s entirely possible that the Switch just can’t render RiME at 1080p. Even Breath of the Wild was only 900p at 30fps with frequent dips to 80% of that resolution at 20fps.

      1. I don’t know about “frequent” drops, but you do have to think about the size of the game and is Rime as demanding a game as Breath of the Wild? There is a lot of moving parts and I don’t find a lot of drops at places where it would be expected or where it makes much difference… I think 720 is fine but nonetheless, it is curious

        1. Yea, it’s difficult to figure out where the bottlenecks are without any actual time with the Switch version of the game and even then it would be difficult.

          The size of the game wouldn’t be as much of a hindrance as the things that are visible at one time. At the highest mountain peak, BotW’s draw distance is insane but that was only due to the use of a LOT of tricks.

  8. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.}

    I see not much has changed since the last article about this. *shrug*

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