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SUPERHOT VR “Ultra Hard” To Port To Nintendo Switch According To Dev

The team behind SUPERHOT VR, which is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Steam, have spoken out about the possibility of bringing the eccentric title to Nintendo Switch in a Reddit discussion. They state that it’s being considered but due to running into performance issues with PSVR, the team are mindful that porting it to Switch may prove to be “ultra hard”:

It is being considered. We had some issues on PSVR with performance so on switch it will be ultra hard on that matter.

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      1. You forgot about world of goo!

        I remember reading/watching a while back how the world of goo worked brilliant with the motion controls.
        The Joy cons can replicate extremely well an IR pointer. They lay it flat from the beginning so it can calibrate.

        And in the video it said it worked very well.

        Which is pretty impressive, to say they don’t have the air receiver.

    1. dip shit both joycons have 9 axis high resolution mm pefrect 3d mouse gyroscopes switch doesnt need senserbars to do mouse pointing ad motion vr YOU FOOL there the most advanced on the market switch is mouse point and 3d motion ready out the box OR DID YOU NOT NOTICE FOOOOOOOLLLLL




      2. Ehm… well, motion controls aren’t as exact as an IR pointer. But yeah, Splatoon aiming works pretty good in combination with the thumbstick, so I could maybe get used to it. Thanks for the reminder, and don’t forget to take your medicine.

      3. Can someone just ban Bowler? He yells everything and his posts are usually at least partly ignorant.

        Bowler, gyroscope/accelerometer based controls are called 6-axis controls, not 9-axis controls and they use relative position instead of absolute positioning like the Wii used. The benefit of relative positioning is that it can track motion without a sensor bar but is prone to drift making it far less accurate over time. IR positioning has no drift but doesn’t work unless the camera in the Wii remote can see the sensor bar. Ideally you would relative positioning with a sensor bar (or some other static object) for the controller to sync it’s positioning to and prevent drift.

    1. it is a cool game, but a vr version of the game on the switch sounds like a bit much. VR on the ps4 is already barely playable in my opinion, so scaling that down even a little for switch could prove difficult. if they just ported the non vr version of the game with motion controls, that would be a different story obviously, but a vr game on switch would also be rad.

      1. I think thats what theyre saying. That porting a regular version would be really hard considering that the PSVR version of the game is having technical issues. I dont think they mean a port of the VR version for the switch.

  1. Well the Rocket League guys thought they’d have issues but turns out they found it incredibly easy.
    Also, this is clickbait, they said the Switch MIGHT be harder but they didn’t say they’re working on it, plus, the game isn’t really all that demanding as it’s really low poly (Comes with the design), so I can see this running just fine on Switch.

    1. I think the problem is the port. I don’t knwo what engine they used for making this game but basically I think the problems for many developers is the engine they used to make the game.

      1. but they’re specifically talking about VR here, which is a bit different. in vr, there are a bunch of factors that come into play that hinder performance. Even though it uses unity, it’s not as simple as, pun not intended, flipping a switch to get it to work. i’m honestly surprised that they were able to get it working on the ps4 at all, and with the switch being slightly less powerful than a ps4, it’s understandable that it would be a hurdle to get it running. not impossible, but difficult.

    2. another thing i’ll say, as someone that played and beat the game in vr on pc, is taht there is a lot going on in the game other than the “low poly visuals” the enemies dynamically break apart in chunks when you kill them, every single enemy in a given room’s movement is entirely dependent on yours and every bullet that is fired is individually rendered and have movement dependant on the player as well.

      visuals aren’t everything when it comes to performance, and there’s a lot going on in superhot.

      1. You do also understand that the VR Headset takes up a huge chunk of the horsepower as well.
        Without it, the game is very easy the play on Moderate Hardware but with the VR Headset on, it’s obviously going to require more powerful hardware.

        So you’re kind of right but without the VR, the game is still easy to run even with the shards flying but you forgot the game has a mechanic of stopping and starting time so really the CPU is able to render a lot smoother than most games that have a consistent speed, plus, the RISC based Architecture inside the Switch is more modern than the Jaguar x86 chips inside the PS4 and Xbox One, meaning the ARM CPU (8 Core CPU) really wouldn’t have that tough of a time hence why devs are saying it’s easy to port to the Switch.

  2. huh. interesting that the VR version of the game is specifically being considered for the switch. i mean, i already have it For the rift and it’s amazing, but it’d be interesting on the switch nonetheless. there is a non VR version of the game, in case people didn’t know that.

    1. A VR version would be a little troublesome but the base game itself,more plausible. Cross your fingers and let’s hope this becomes a reality!

  3. Not sure how to take this.

    Is it that the vr version would be hard to port? That would be obvious, but the Switch doesn’t have vr anyway so what is the point of even considering it?

    Or do they mean that the normal version of Superhot would be super hard to port to Switch? But they are saying it was already hard to bring the VR (!) version to the ps4, considering how much more hardwarepower vr requires this is hardly a sound argument.
    If anything I would say, if the ps4 can even run the vr version, then the normal version should be able to run on a console like the Switch as well.

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