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Square Enix Announces Release Date And New Information For Lost Sphear

Tokyo RPG Factory’s Lost Sphear for the Nintendo Switch now has a release date and new information that fans can dig deep into. Announced on the PlayStation Blog and the game’s home page, the spiritual successor to I Am Setsuna will launch on January 23, 2018.

As for the new information, the PlayStation Blog post revealed a couple more characters that will be joining main character Kanata on his adventure to restore memories back to the world. The first up is Sherra, who is a priestess that utilizes a Bow and specializes in healing magic and ranged abilities.

Sherra The second character revealed is Obaro, an elderly man who was restored to existence when Kanata’s power were awakened. His strengths lie in his ability to use powerful elemental magic against few or many foes.


The last reveal from the blog was the “powerhouse armor” that you can acquire in the game called Vulcosuits. These Vulcosuits were a gift from the ancients to the people of this game world and can be used in and outside of combat. There are multiple pieces of armor, and the developers want to make sure you search for them all to take advantage of their “unique capabilities.”




Lost Sphear will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on January 23, 2018 for $49.99, and if you pre-order from the Square Enix Online Store you can receive two downloadable musical tracks, ‘Town’s Themes #1″ and ‘Town’s Theme #2’ on release day.

If you live in Japan, you will be receiving Lost Sphear a few months early on October 12, 2017. There was also a new trailer released in Japanese, though the English version has yet to release. Regardless, you can check that out below to see more of this beautiful game in motion!






  1. Looks far better than I am Setsuna. Actually this one does interest me a bit. Musical score is so bad in the video, really vapid.
    I’ll follow it for now.


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