Video: Fan-Made Super Mario 64 Online Released

Fan-made project Super Mario 64 has finally been released and is available for download (before Nintendo catches it). The modification allows multiple players to enjoy the iconic Super Mario 64. If this catches your interest then check out the video below to learn more about the extensive project.


  1. inb4 everyone’s an idiot and says “omg iN OnE MoNtH NiNtEnDo TaKe DoWnNnN..!”

    Guys, this is a friggin mod. They have not, and have yet to presently, take down mods. Mod. A MOD.

    It’s not even like Pokemon Prism – no overzealous Pokemon company involved. Calm down. 1000s of mods are live right now (Neo Mari Galaxy, Newer Mario Bros Wii, CTGP) and they’ve been up for years. Mario Star Land, Lat Impact, and Fidget Spinner 64 are still up, as they’ve been for a LONG time.

    inb4 nintino taks dwn

      1. oh, NVM, I can direct reply here.

        They’ve taken down Last Impact before as it was a full ROM, but never C&D or any other form of official “go away” message. Also, it may have been the troll-email located at “”, which has a thing against mods for some reason.

      1. @plzhelpsavemydik (can’t reply to you directly for some reason)

        Yeah, it was, because he was releasing a full ROM rather than a patch. He still does that sometimes, which is illegal, but not the same case as a patch, which is more standard.

        Also, occasionally a fake company “NintenTo” will stomp around and DCMA Nintendo stuff for no reason. WHat’s the benefit? No clue. I guess it’s some type of trolling?

    1. Except people said the same thing about Pokemon Prism and it was taken down by Nintendo? Nintendo will take down literally anything that uses their property no matter what it is, don’t be naive.

        1. It still doesn’t change anything, even porn artists who drew art of Zelda characters got a DMCA, and even people who would just do playthroughs of the official games got a copyright notice on Youtube. Nothing is safe, Nintendo will let some things slide while others things are taken down as they see fit.

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