Nintendo Switch

Party Fighting Game Brawlout Coming To Retail On Nintendo Switch

Merge Games Ltd., a privately-owned video game publisher, is proud to announce it has partnered with Angry Mob Games to bring the party fighting game, Brawlout to Nintendo Switch retail.

Merge Games’ Managing Director, Luke Keighran, remarked, “We are delighted to have teamed-up with Angry Mob Games. Brawlout is an awesome title and partnering with Angry Mob Games has been a great experience. We believe Brawlout on the Switch will be warmly welcomed by retailers and fans alike.”

Due for release in early May 2018, Brawlout will be available as a Nintendo Switch physical edition. Brawlout is a party fighting game, designed for couch play, online matches and competitive tournaments.

Angry Mob Games’ CEO, Bogdan Iliesiu, commented, “Brawlout had such an amazing reception on Nintendo Switch, with a dedicated community of over 80K players in its first month alone. It’s impressive, and humbling, to see people throw themselves so wholeheartedly into Brawlout and we hope to cater to even more types of gamers with the physical release!”

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    1. If you are interested, I wrote a mostly positive review of it. I focused quite a lot on how the game compares with Smash Bros regarding techniques which carry over between the two games, what you can’t do in Brawlout and some things Brawlout offers which Smash Bros doesn’t. There were some negative points in the review as well regarding online lag as well as how it takes an unbearably long time to unlock new characters and stages. Overall, I quite enjoyed my time with the game and still play it in my down time, though.


    2. It’s pretty good for wt it is. Don’t buy it expecting smash Bros because it’s not. Overall I like it and I think it can hold you off until smash bros. They need to release a patch though and I admit I haven’t played it past the two hours I originally took to try it out but I will once the update happens. It’s a game to play if you have some extra downtime I don’t think it’s ideal for long game sessions


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