Nintendo Switch

Thanks To The Switch, NVIDIA’s Fiscal Year Saw A Massive Boost In Revenue

Odds are, if your company has been associated with the Switch in any fashion, then your financial results as of late are looking good. For example, NVIDIA‘s Tegra X1 processor is in the Nintendo Switch. This has resulted in the company seeing its shares jump 14% yesterday. But that’s not all. It’s fiscal 4th quarter had “better-than-expected earnings”. Fiscal 4th quarter revenue was up 34% from the same period last fiscal year. NVIDIA’s revenue of the full fiscal year is up 41%.

According to CNBC, NVIDIA “exceeded analysts’ expectations in four of its five markets. The biggest category, gaming, produced $1.74 billion in revenue, above the FactSet estimate of $1.54 billion. The second largest area, data center, came up with $606 million in revenue, above the consensus estimate of $552.1 million”. So, what is behind all of this growth? CFO Colette Kress says that “sales of the Nintendo Switch gaming console contributed to Nvidia’s growth in the quarter. Nvidia’s Tegra processor revenue, which totaled $450 million, was up 75 percent year over year”.



  1. It helps that bitcoin miners are buying up literally every high end graphics card the second they hit the shelves. You can’t buy a retail graphics card that’s not marked up 2-3x’s it’s worth. I’m looking at building a new PC rig in the next year and unless this stranglehold finally stops, the only way to get a good custom rig is through a third party builder.

    NVIDIA would be making even more money but the retailers aren’t buying too much more because they’re waiting for the bitcoin bubble to burst and don’t want stuck with surplus stock.

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  2. Sweet. This should mean that Nvidia has a healthy place in the gaming business thanks to Nintendo plus this reassures that their partnership will evolutionize further and produce more custom mobile powerhouse chips for their future hardware.

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    1. I remember, but it wasn’t Android per say.. It was some other company. Nintendo told them to make the Switch OS using Android as the Kernel and they told Nintendo to go screw themselves… Who’s screwed who now?

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    2. that never happened and no one woud say no if nintendo went android no one is going to stop them using android

      and why would you gimp your hardware with android when you an free it with a to the metal nintendo and nvidea os and API

      android would gimp the switch by 50% just like any main line OS would windws gimoed the pc tech android gimps the mobile tech windows gimped the dreamcast 50% lss performance than using the draeamcast sega API

      why would anyone wanrt android on a gaming performance device


      1. Does the Android work the system even while it’s idle like the Windows?
        I don’t think so. I think Android is good and versatile but it didnt make any sense to use Android since the Android kernel is built on Linux and the Gamecube, Wii and WiiU were built on Linux framework as well.


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