Nintendo Switch

Digital Foundry Examine The Recent DOOM Patch For Nintendo Switch

The team over at Digital Foundry have been busy testing out the latest update for DOOM which brought about a number of changes including motion controls. The team says that there’s some slight tweaks to the game’s resolution and the framerate but nothing massively significant. You can check out their full verdict in the video down below.



    1. witch is te defacto standard and has been from 2006 LOVE THE GYRO LIKE ADDING IT LATE IS ACCEPTABLE IN 2018 IY SHOULD BE BUILT AROUND GYRO ITS AGAIN I STATE 2018


      1. Not everybody likes gyro controls. I for one don’t like flailing my arms around like an idiot when I play games but that’s just me… I HATE motion controls of any kind and think it needs to be abolished!!


      1. nintendo blog site is shocking we shuld ALL repeat ALL refuse to buy 2018 games with 1995 controls twin sticking a fps is like bumming young boys PLAIN ASS WRONG


      2. I can understand using gyro for this game. There are very few exceptions for the use of motion controls but this could be one… Doom is a fast game . I’m a twin stick guy myself.. I don’t really even like using the mouse on a PC


    1. My apologies you’re correct the sound does have some audio problems on online multiplayer.It’s strange how the sound is pretty much perfect in offline campaign mode but has problems with audio online.I can’t understand why this is happening,oh well I mostly play the campaign and arcade mode frequently.I noticed the sound is kind of distorted at times but at least it seems to run a little smoother online.Hopefully panic button releases more patches for doom on the switch as it’s much improved but still not quite perfect yet.


  1. Who cares about digitalfoundry they’re so full of shit I can smell it,I just can’t take them seriously anymore.They even bashed mario kart 8 on the wii u for dropping 1 measly frame like wtf.Mario kart 8 on Wii U running at 59fps,is that 1 frame drop going to make the game unplayable nope lol it’s ridiculous,digitalfoundry nick pick every game.


    1. They didn’t bash shit. They just pointed it out as an oddity and never said that made it unplayable. Noting a fault in something isn’t the same bashing something.

      DF is a channel for people who are interested in the technical side of gaming. It’s similar in some ways to a channel that might analyzes the cinematography in movies. You geniuses keep thinking that they’re a review channel or something.


    2. I mean thts kind of the point of a tech channel tht analyzes hardware and software. They wont b completely forgiving for anything but tht doesnt mean they wont b critical of it. I dont really care for much of the opinions of theres except wht they do with the analysis and hav to say about it. If they say “its poor” yada yada yada, im like thts nice to know. Still wont affect my judgement of purchasing the game from their personal opinions. Besides I hav never heard them say tht makes games “unplayable” when they hav performance issues, except for a few cases where the performances of some games were borderline playable.

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  2. LET ME GET THIS RIGT IN MY HEAD people purchased a switch then purchased a twin stick controled fps to play on the switch

    am i missing something here or is that totally retarded


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