Nintendo Switch

Video: A Quick Look At How Okami HD On Nintendo Switch Uses Touchscreen

Capcom is busy preparing the colourful 3D action platformer Okami HD for the Nintendo Switch. The critically acclaimed game was announced during the last Nintendo Direct presentation. The team over at Capcom have released a video on Twitter showcasing how the game will work with the Nintendo Switch touchscreen. Okami HD supports both the Touch Panel function and Gyro Controls and is due to be released this summer.



    1. This is an incredible game! And deserves another chance on a Nintendo console. I appreciate it coming to the switch, because I prefer console gaming, and only own Nintendo consoles, and I can’t justify getting a different console just for this. It also has a cult following that will help drive sales, for the people that will buy it for the third time just because it’s Okami. I can’t wait to play it again! I’ve been waiting for years for this chance to play it in HD.


      1. I agree with your point, but it was already on the Wii, so this isn’t the first Nintendo console it’s been released for.


      2. Oh, never mind, I read that as “deserves a chance on a Nintendo console,” not “deserves another chance.” My mistake


    1. Touch will be for sure, because you can play the game in docked mode. I’m not sure about gyro controls (For controlling the brush strokes in docked mode) though. My guess is you will be able to just use the joysticks if you prefer, but I am sure I would use the touch a lot when playing in handheld mode, and I would use the gyro controls too, depending on how they feel.


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