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Suda51 Talks About Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Adventure Mode

Online gaming publication Destructiod recently caught up with Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes producer Suda51 at this week’s PAX East event. Suda51 told the site that the game has a story-based adventure mode in the real world and that he’s hoping that Masahi Ooka will help with additional co-writing.

“When asked if there is any exclusive info that Suda could give us about Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Suda shocked us all by revealing that outside of the action-based parts of the game that are being demoed at PAX East, there will also be some story-focused “adventure mode” sequences for both Travis Touchdown and his rival Badman, detailing their efforts to search the real world for more games to bring back to their Death Drive Mark 2 console. Only by finding these games will Travis and Badman be able to enter another action level and move closer to meeting their separate goals. The story will be “completely different” depending on which of the two you’re playing as.

One of Suda’s staff actually yelled “I didn’t know that!” when Suda announced his plan to ask his Silver Case collaborator Masahi Ooka to help him write the story sequences for these parts of the game. It sounds like Suda’s loose plan is to write Travis’s narrative himself, and to ask Ooka-san to write Badman’s side of the tale.”


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