Shinya Takahashi Says Nintendo Is “Doing Research & Development” On A New System

Nintendo‘s Shinya Takahashi attended the BAFTA awards to represent the company there. At one point, Takahashi gave a brief interview with BBC, where he answered a few questions. The last question he got was whether he thought that the success of the Switch has come as a surprise. Takahashi’s response was that “Nintendo constantly works on hardware, so we have been doing research and development. You may see the new system sometime in the future”. The Nintendo Switch has been out for a little over a year, but as Takahashi says, this isn’t unusual for Nintendo to do. It’s likely that, whatever the new system is, we won’t be seeing it for a long time.




    1. They’ve consistently done two systems per hardware generation and Switch has been proclaimed to be their console from Nintendo themselves. I want 2 systems from them. Its better to have choice on the market than force the consumer on one system plus Nintendo get more money on two systems so both win.

      I’m hoping its a new DS model.

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    2. While people here are talking about a new 3ds I hope it is a full home console.

      I love my switch but when the other 9th gen systems (ps5 nexbox) comes out third party will move away from the switch.

      Switch is great for a handheld but it will be behind and if it be compatible with the new Nintendo console that be a good bonus. The switch can replace the wiiu and 3ds with its audience and the next Nintendo platform can compete equally with the ps5 getting games like those without downgrades

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      1. Same and until that happens I won’t be buying another Nintendo console , I own every console they released besides the WII U and Switch. I went to comiccon rescently in my country and spoke to people who work at Nintendo (they had a booth) in my country and they took my input seriously and where going to talk about it , unlike many blind fanboy’s on this website. Don’t get me wrong I love nintendo but allot of there franchises got on the backburner in the past 20 years , and I havent seen real third party support since the gamecube.


      2. There is no sense in making another carbon copy thirdparty box just so they have hardware running the same games as competition.
        The industry can not support three platforms competing from same clientele, if it could, someone like EA would have most likely made their own console already.

        Switches hook is the best way to go for Nintendo, especially if they can keep future hardware compatible, cheap and accessible enough to reach wider audience.
        They are most likely already working with Nvidia for next generation Tegra processor for next system, and most likely there will be minor upgrade somewhere mid generation with improvements in battery life and performance.
        Improving their online services would probably do more with third parties than powerful hardware.

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      3. @nintendroid. God this comment made me laugh so much. You are literally a total pillock.
        No 3rd party support. The support for this console is incredible. You’d have thought you can play Skyrim, doom on the go. List goes on.


      4. @ Danny first of all I don’t want to play doom and skyrim on the GO , second of all I played Skyrim nearly 7 years ago and Doom 2 years ago if I wanted too cause I don’t play Doom.

        You claim Nintendo never competed power wise but they did offer great lineups on the 8-bit , Snes , and Gamecube. No need to give me a history lesson I grew up with nintendo and own all there console up until and including the 3ds and WII. I don’t give a flying fuck about 99% of the indie games and old ports, as a gamer I want major titles like : GTA, Metal Gear, Bloodbourne , Dark Souls (not another old port) , The Witcher , Overwatch , Monster Hunter World , Titanfall , Final Fantasy main franchise , Dragon Age , Battlefield , Cod , Fifa the real deal not this ripoff , Tomb Raider , Dishonered , Destiny , Real street fighter not cheap rippoffs and the list goes on and on and on. I even spoke to people that work at Nintendo that agreed that Nintendo is lacking on this department, and they would talk about it in there meetings.

        If you truly know your Nintendo history than you know that Playstation took over where the Snes left and most people agree that the Snes and Ps1 are the best consoles ever created when you look at there libraries.

        And don’t give me the bullshit that we don’t need a third powerfull console Nintendo competes with its first party theres no reason to not have all the third party on top of it.


      5. @ Danny also don’t think your opinion is the only true opinion in the world cause 90% of the people I grew up with that used to love Nintendo think exactly the same as me , not to mention loads of people on the internet who feel the same. So aslong as people keep saying that there opinion matters just as much if not more that yours.


      1. That is why it is in early development, With Nintendo insisting they are supporting the system for 2018 “and beyond” they probably just keeping quite on it especially since the switch is doing so well, and they have no reason to rush it. If they gave it out to devs right now, they probably would brush off the system in favor of the switch, or leaks would get out and they don’t want that if it’s still a ways away.


      2. Mike S

        The companies go where the money goes. Level 5, NISA, Atlus etc don’t go to where their games sell most. 3DS developers in general have nowhere to go but Switch at the moment because thats where the market is shifting. it doesn’t indicate Nintendo themselves won’t try to push for two systems. Switch appeals to the same group that Sony abandoned on Vita. It remains to be seen how the 3DS audience will react.

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      3. They are still supporting the 3ds, so that tells me they think it has potential. The 3ds is also still selling really well despite the switch


  1. Always take whatever Nintendo says with a grain of salt. Remember the original 3ds XL rumors? They tried damage controlling and were very careful in not giving anything away and literally that same exact month it was announced.

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  2. I’m gonna laugh so fucking hard if this new system is revealed next year as the 3DS’s replacement. xD Some people are gonna be so fucking pissed!

    Seriously, though. If this does end up being the case and this new system is a 3DS replacement in the handheld line of Nintendo systems, I wonder what is gonna replace franchises like Pokemon. Now I’m curious if that last article mentioning unpublished new hardware might be referring to this system Nintendo is working on.


      1. If you say so. Just don’t come crying to us when Nintendo stomps all over your expectations. With how hard you’re pushing this, your fall if you’re proven wrong is gonna be even harder; I’ll be surprised if you don’t end up like Stranga then after E3 2015 fucked him up. But like I said, I don’t care what happens one way or the other. One system or two from Nintendo makes no difference to me. In fact, I’m just here for the “fireworks” at this point.

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      2. There’s really no other way to see it. Game Freak only made Pokémon games for the Game Boy and it’s various successor’s and now they’re making one for the Switch. They’re not the only developers making this jump either and Pokémon isn’t the only series doing it. Take into account that developers know what new systems are coming a lot earlier than we would and the answer is clear. If there was a dedicated handheld successor to the 3DS all of these developers would be making games for it and not the “home console” Switch.


  3. Hopefully not for a long time.

    I just got a Switch at the beginning of this year and I don’t even want to think of adding another system anytime soon. The Switch isn’t even close to its full potential yet.

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  4. It could be an upgraded New 3DS with graphics slightly better than the Nintendo Game Cube. I don’t think that Nintendo would drop the main portable so easy as they have been making them since the first Game Boy. Not to mention that the New 3DS XL battery last longer than the Switch.


      1. I am worried about a statement that Nintendo (I don’t remember if it was the president) said about being unsure about the future of a 3DS successor. Hopefully they can continue making both types (3DS’s and Switch’s) without one cannibalizing the other.


  5. Hey everybody! I have some news regarding this “new console/handheld.” Nintendo is ALWAYS working on the next console/handheld. Who knows how many prototypes and iterations they will come up with before deciding that they have the next big thing. Sure they could be working on a Switch 2.0, but even if they are, it’s still going to be a few years away at least.
    And as for a fourth generation of the DS line? Well, no one can truly know for sure, but I feel that the ship has sailed on the dedicated handheld. Which is in my opinion, too bad. Yet the 3DS has lasted longer then a single console generation already, and they still plan to squeeze another year or two out of the system. It’s had a good life, and I plan to keep mine until it becomes unreplaceable.
    (But as for a 4DS, well we can neither see nor move in the 4th dimension anyway. Most people cannot even conceive of a fourth dimension and incorrectly think that time is the fourth dimension anyway.)


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