Fully Illustrated Shows First Month Wulverblade Sales On Nintendo Switch

The team at Fully Illustrated has tweeted an interesting graph showing how the first month sales of Wulverblade on the Nintendo Switch has performed against other platforms during the first month of the game being available on the eShop. As you can see there’s a huge gap between the Nintendo Switch and other platforms.


  1. Honeslty, empty charts means nothing. The guy cant disclose actual figures, so he gives a bar graph to compare the gap betwen systems. This reminds me of a joke:

    *Religious people knocks a door*
    *Guy answers the door*
    -Hello good sir, would you like to join our church? We are the biggest church in the world. We had the biggest grow rate in all the world.
    -Oh, really?
    -Yeah, last year we experience 30% of grow, thats about 10% more than the second biggest religion.
    *Guy turns his head to the house and shouts*
    -Hey Steve, I just founded a new religion. Would you like to join it?
    -Yeah, what ever.
    -So, my just founded religion has a grow rate of 100%, that 70% more than yours. Have a nice day.
    *Slams the door*

    Empty number. Empty number everywhere.

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