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Sonic Depicted As A Juvenile Delinquent In Upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

More information has emerged regarding the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming to cinemas in November of next year. Jim Gianopulos, who is Paramount’s chairman and CEO, revealed at the 10th annual PGA that Sonic will be portrayed as a juvenile delinquent in the movie adaptation of the long standing video game series.

“He’s a juvenile delinquent on the adventures in a pretty straight rural environment with a local policeman. It was instantly engaging and it was good enough where you could see where it’s going.”


35 thoughts on “Sonic Depicted As A Juvenile Delinquent In Upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog Movie”

    1. Remain stationed and alert.

      If, (or more likely, when) this film reveals it’s dissapointing innards, we have to act with uttermost precision and speed.

      The Hedgehog shouldn’t suffer more than needed, and it would only be right to put him out of his misery…

  1. I’ll be honest, I kinda now agree with everyone. Actually, I dunno if sega’s even aware of this depiction. I mean, yes, I know Sonic has attitude and tends to taunt or be humorous at times, but he was always someone who went and did the right thing regardless of what anyone else thought.

  2. If done correctly this could be good. Like the Sonic Boom show.

    If done wrong this could be bad. Like the Sonic Boom games.

  3. Sega, ask yourself this:
    Do you even know what you are doing? Didn’t the Sonic Mania games teach you what the sonic fans want?

      1. Then why did Sonic Mania sold better than Sonic Forces? What I mean is that it was better than most of the other Sonic games.

        In my opinion, I think that Sonic Adventure 1 and Adventure 2 are the best Sonic games.

  4. Seems like he’ll be how he is in the Adventure games, mixing that story along with the first few episodes of Sonic X. If you take all of the info we have of the Sonic movie so far into account. This could actually be a decent movie…

  5. Omigosh, omigosh! What if they redesign Sonic to look like a punk!? Spike cuffs and a jacket and sunglasses!? It’d be like Sonic Boom, but even worse!

    Must keep that optimism to a negative or less.

    Worst case scenario: CGI atrocity “realistic” punk Sonic, complete with necklace, earrings, spike cuffs, weird shoes, and a lightning tattoo. AND HE WEARS JEANS.

    And yet, I think I have to come up with something worse, because I can see them doing that, too…

  6. Treating Sonic as inhererently antagonistic with the selling point being that he befriends someone in an oppressive profession. “What could go wrong?”

  7. Robotnik is gonna be the cop, isn’t he? Ugh. If they go TV show Dukes of Hazard, I guess they could get away with calling Sonic a delinquent. Robotnik has to be an extremely crooked cop, too, that makes robots to practically enslave the town. If neither of these are things, this movie is now officially fucked.

    And here I was actually trying to give Sega the benefit of a doubt with this film and they go & quite possibly give us Fantastic Four reboot levels of bullshit. *must not wish death on Sega execs*

    1. I’m not sure it’s the Sega execs that are messing it up, it’s whoever is producing the movie.
      I remember listening to an interview with Dan Luvisi, who wrote a graphic novel called Last Man Standing. Paramount bought the rights to it, slapped a bunch of producers on it, and before he knew it, his main character was sleeping around with his mom and all kinds of other garbage. He got them to stop making the movie, I don’t remember how. The point I’m making is that movies are a crazy business and Sega’s execs probably don’t have much control, especially if they’ve just sold the rights.

      Now, wishing death on them because they’ve sold the rights to Sony…

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