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Digital Foundry Tackles Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker On Nintendo Switch & Nintendo 3DS

The tech enthusiasts at Digital Foundry have taken a look at the soon to be released Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS. The publication reveals that the game is 1080p and 60fps docked on Switch and 720p and 60fps in handheld mode. The Nintendo 3DS version is apparently a good port and it runs at 240p and 30fps. Here’s what Digital Foundry had to say:

“These are topics any one is free to examine in more depth, as Nintendo has released playable demos for both systems, available to all now on the eShop. And as you might expect, on the matter of visuals, Switch coasts through with no problem whatsoever. On Wii U, Captain Toad is a 720p game – just like most of the console’s library. When played in docked mode on Switch, resolution is increased to a full 1080p while handheld mode targets the native 720p of the mobile screen instead.”

“Clearly, texture detail, shader quality and geometry complexity all take a noticeable hit but on the small 3DS display, it manages to hold up better than you’d think. As a late generation 3DS game, Captain Toad is a surprising showpiece for the system – it’s one of the most attractive games I’ve ever played on the system and it looks fantastic when using the 3D feature. The one key compromise? It runs at 30 frames per second – just like the comparable Super Mario 3D Land – and that’s half the frame-rate of the Wii U original. It is consistent though, and that’s also the case for the Switch port which (in terms of the demo at least) is doggedly locked to 60fps whether playing portably or when docked.”


13 thoughts on “Digital Foundry Tackles Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker On Nintendo Switch & Nintendo 3DS”

    1. All 1st party games release on Wii U have been native 1080p 60 fps since Mario Kart 8 (spring 2K14). The 3DS version stunningly looks like the Wii U & Switch version despite being 240p……this can be explained by the fact that the game must be 100% cell-shaded graphics on all 3 systems (Wii U, Switch & 3DS). Its nice to know the 3DS version with the 3D ON, is the ultimate way to go to experience this game.

      1. I don’t know how I missed all the misinformation in your post. The only first-party 1080p game on Wii U was Smash Bros. Everything else was 720p with a lot having dynamic resolution.

        1. Nope. Nintendo confirmed that Mario Kart 8 in 2014 was 1080p. They also confirmed that Zelda Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD were 1080p. Nintendo confirmed many Wii U games being 1080p back in the day. Nintendo also posted the speca for Wii U before launch and showed how the HD GPGPU was clocked at 800 mhz and the IBM Power 7 cpu (3 cores) was clocked arouns 1.25 ghz a core.

      2. Actually Nintendo NEVER confirmed Mario Kart 8 Wii U was NATIVE 1080p.

        They stated 1080p before, but never native. MANY gaming websites, tech experts, people that check frame rate, resolution, etc… have confirmed that Mario Kart 8 Wii U was NATIVE 720P… using an Upscaler to hit 1080p.

        It became even more noticable with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch… which is the one Nintendo actually confirmed as 1080p native (which was also confirmed by those that test for these things).

      3. You’re way off on the Wii U’s specs. We know that the CPU is a tri-core 1.24Ghz CPU based on the PowerPC 750 architecture, not the much new Power 7. It’s GPU likely has 160 or 320 cores, use VLIW5 architecture, and is clocked at 550 Mhz. The 800 Mhz GPU clock rates you’re thinking of are either it’s DDR3L memory or the PS4’s GPU which uses a new scalar architecture with 1152 cores..

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