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Thunderful Acquires Rising Star Games

Indie studio Thunderful has revealed today on Twitter that they have purchased Rising Star Games who will now be part of the company. Thunderful came about when Image & Form and Zoink linked and became Thunderful. They are also recruited some former Nintendo Europe employees.

“The Thunderful Group, which encompasses development studios Image & Form and Zoink Games as well as Thunderful Publishing, is pleased to announce that it has acquired publisher Rising Star Games with offices in the UK and US. The new managing director for Rising Star Games will be Ed Valiente, who is also the managing director of Thunderful Publishing.”

15 thoughts on “Thunderful Acquires Rising Star Games”

      1. SteamWorld is from Image and Form… But I think they did some work together. But you are right about Harvest moon.
        I don’t know what their original IP is though.

  1. These guys have the money to buy up a few other indie developers & they are still considered indie? I guess they need to buy a few more indies like them to get rid of “indie” tagline.

      1. Technically, Nintendo self publishes their games and could be considered indie by the basic definition of indie studio. But once you’re managing and cutting paychecks to multiple studios, you’re probably not making indie games.

        Does indie mean “developed without the financial support of a publisher,” or has it sort of become its own genre of usually 2d but sometimes 3d retro-inspired platformer/metroidvania/local multiplayer game?

  2. Well, I guess they are still classified as indie cos they don’t exactly create AAA type games. They still work with indie budgets and publish indie games. Buying an indie studio will only expand the indie business.

    At last, it’s the quality of the games they make that gives them their brand. Hopefully, they could start pushing into AAa category soon.

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