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Snake Pass Limited Edition Physical Release Announced For Nintendo Switch

A retail version of Snake Pass is officially in the works for Nintendo Switch. Sumo Digital has teamed up with Super Rare Games to bring a limited edition physical release of the puzzle platformer to Nintendo’s latest console. Additional news, including the announcement of a release date, will be revealed soon. Snake Pass initially launched in early 2017 via the Nintendo eShop. It is available digitally across multiple platforms, but it looks like the Switch version is the only one that will get the physical treatment.



    1. Dude, the report above literally says, “Snake Pass initially launched in early 2017 via the Nintendo eShop.” It is currently the year 2018, so it can’t be a new game.

    1. You can pee into the snake for survival purposes if you dry out in the desert.
      Drink your own pee from snake. Ba bam ba bam bu ba

      1. Nah, that title belongs to the cartoon cyborg (I’d name drop but the stupid system here would flag it for moderation).

        Squigly IS one of my best three characters, along with said cartoon cyborg and Painwheel.

  1. When they make physical releases for games people can get for free on other platforms, and are old and lackluster, the poor sales ruin the chance for good, popular games to get physical releases.

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