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McDonald’s Canada: “Although Seeing Ronald McDonald Playable In Smash Bros Would Be Pretty Neat, He Won’t Be In Smash Ultimate As Of Right Now”

It is an understatement to say that Smash Bros. fans have come up with every character imaginable to be playable fighter in the series. The arrival of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has only increased this trend, no matter how serious the character request is. Believe it or not, some fans asked McDonald’s Canada about the company’s mascot, Ronald McDonald, being in the latest Smash Bros. entry. McDonald’s Canada responded to this, saying that “although seeing Ronald McDonald battle other characters in Smash Bros would be pretty neat, he will not be making an appearance in the new game as of right now”. Here’s the official tweet:


      1. Obviously, I don’t actually want Ronald, but I definitely don’t want Goku. Mainly cause I find Goku fans annoying.


  1. Can we please ignore anything video game related coming from Canada? lol This isn’t the first time we heard something crazy coming from Canada in the video game industry. (Unless it’s something Ubisoft related, zip it, Canada!)


  2. “Ronald McDonald Cooks Things Up!”
    Ronald enters the ring and throws Big Macs at Mac, then tosses Mario into a McFlurry, blending him to confectionery perfection.
    Final Smash: HAPPY MEALS

    If this were to happen….. I wouldn’t be mad. It would just be odd to see.

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    1. Nintendo already made their own clown character for ARMS.
      But I guess there would be plenty of ARMS characters that would probably get in before her.


  3. I’m trying to think up a move set for Ronald…

    I’m not coming up with much.

    I also have a desire to re-watch the Ronald McDonald Vs. Colonel Sanders DBX.


  4. You know What?

    THEY NEED TO QUIT WITH THIS “who we would like to see in Smash” FOOLISHNESS!!! I mean really guys? First The GRINCH now Ronald McDonald? What’s next, THE ARBYS HAT LOGO or LITTLE CEASAR with a HOT & READY FINAL SMASH?!!!!


  5. This is really funny. Other characters are not video games characters and wants to get in the newest entry of Super Smash Bros. its just hilarious even so Nintendo has already decided on there best characters. It would be funny if he was added as a playable character in the new game and do attacks that is base on food products. XD

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  6. Why they don’t they just be done with this and make super smash brothers maker with enough options you can make whoever you want.
    Now THAT would be cool!


  7. If we get Ronald McDonald in Ultimate, we might as well get a Medal of honor rep so we can finally have Medal of Honor vs McDonald’s. Whats that? No one asked for this crossover? Exactly.


    1. Not to mention Marina Liteyears and The Beastector are literally a perfect fit for Smash Bros, Literally!
      I swear if Nintendo ever release a N64 classic mini they better at least have Mischief Makers on there or I’m hacking it to add it my damn self!


    1. Oh, I got it!

      His standard special is a chargable Big Mac throw, and fully charged throw has a follow-up of Ham Burglar rushing the opponent if it connects.

      His up smash calls Birdy to give him a lift. Or, if on the ground, Birdy will dive bomb opponents.

      His forward special sends a Fru Guy running forward.

      And his down special has Grimace drop down in front of him from above.

      As for his Final Smash, have all his Happy Meal friends rush across the screen dealing heavy knock back damage to whoever they collide with.

      Not a bad move-set. This would probably work well.


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