Nintendo Confirms Mario Day 2019 For March 10

It’s almost March 10, 2019, which means this year’s Mario Day is just around the corner! Nintendo wants to know how fans are planning to celebrate this special day, so be sure to let the publisher know via social media. For those who don’t know, Mario Day is Nintendo’s way of dedicating an entire day to celebrate the popular video game franchise. It takes place annually on March 10 due to the fact that MAR10 looks like the iconic mascot’s name.



  1. Too bad it’s only relevant for countries with the MM/DD/YY system. So to me, it’s simply the birthday of Chuck Norris and Usama bin Laden.


      1. Regardless,

        I’m guessing that typical Mario fans will probably dedicate “the tenth of March” playing games where our favorite mustachio’d red plumber is in it?

        Although Mario has made an appearance in over 200 games as a kart racer, athlete, CEO, doctor, plumber, and carpenter, I feel like playing Mario Party or Super Mario Bros. is the best way to celebrate his day.

        Speaking of Super Mario Bros., the purported sequel, Super Mario Bros. 2, was first called Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic.

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