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Video: Sega Creates Live-Action Trailer For Team Sonic Racing

To celebrate the recent launch of Team Sonic Racing, Sega has unveiled a live-action spot, and it isn’t what you might expect. In the new trailer, one supermarket heats up as shopping carts crash and the race is on to get the last box of Golden O’s cereal. Sega even invited two YouTube personalities – Narthan Barnatt and Jirard The Completionist – to make special cameos in the promo. Team Sonic Racing is available now across multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch.


  1. I want to see 5 out of the 12 characters as dlc. Sticks the badger, cream the rabbit, chaos zero, Babylon rogues, Aiai, Ulala, NiGHTS, Reala, Samba De Amigo, Billy Hatcher.


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