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Retro Studios Currently Hiring For Art Director For Metroid Prime 4

The team at Retro Studios have announced on Twitter that they are currently looking to recruit an art director for Metroid Prime 4. The game’s development was fairly recently started from scratch after the original project was scrapped by Nintendo. The game is in the very early stages of development so it sounds like it will be a long time before a glimpse of the project will be unveiled to the general public.

11 thoughts on “Retro Studios Currently Hiring For Art Director For Metroid Prime 4”

  1. But what were they doing for 5 years before they took on Metroid Prime 4? Funky Mode must have been a lot more work than it seems

    1. Considering we just got through another E3 with no sighting from them, I think whatever they might have been doing before Metroid Prime 4 got scrapped.

    2. If I recall correctly, they were working on some Donkey Kong games and helping out with course designs for Mario Kart 7. After which they started having internal issues. I guess they’ve gotten themselves together again for this new Metroid Prime effort

    1. It’s probably in a slow and careful planning phase. Considering the reason as to why the original progress had to be scrapped due to inefficiencies, I think Retro is opting on learning from that studio’s mistake rather than repeating it…

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