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Super Dragon Ball Heroes 2nd Free update coming 7th August

Those of you who own Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission will be pleased to hear that the game’s second free update is now scheduled to be released on 7th August. The Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission includes 17 new cards, five new quests, and much more. 

The update will add the following:

  • 17 new cards, including:
    • Saiyan Pack
      • Son Goku (Ultra Instinct) (UM5-SEC3)
      • Son Goku (Super Saiyan God) (UM5-040)
      • King Vegeta: BR (UM5-062)
      • Beets: BR (UM5-066)
    • Cards implemented in Super Dragon Ball HeroesUniverse Mission 8, including:
      • Great Saiyaman No. 3 (UM8-068)
      • Sealas (UM8-069)
  • More creation materials for the Card Edit feature:
    • Characters: 17
    • Special Moves: 2
    • Abilities: 11
  • Five additional quest missions

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