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Target: Free Zelda pin set with Link’s Awakening next week


The latest Target advert has revealed that consumers will be able to get a free The Legend of Zelda pin set with a purchase of the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on the Nintendo Switch. The advert was shown off on Twitter by Wario64 and it states that there’s only a limited amount of them, so best to get there early just incase.


9 thoughts on “Target: Free Zelda pin set with Link’s Awakening next week”

      1. I like having all my games in one place on my 400gb microsd card. I can bring my switch anywhere and have all my games with out having to worry about carrying around extra game carts that are easy to lose. I will say though, that special edition of Link’s Awakening with the art book had me tempted but I’ve decided to just go digital, I’ll probably be getting the special $100 game pass to get this along with DQ11.

      I’m so sick of amiibo being $15.99. They used to be $12.99, and even then I thought they were
      over-priced. But ever since the Breath Of The Wild amiibo released, amiibo prices went up to $15.99. I just don’t get it. They’re cool, but totally not worth that much. If I had any brains, I would have stopped buying them the moment the price went up. But no. I’m THE COLLECTOR. I’m cursed. I can’t live with myself if I pass any up. Even though I don’t have any more space. It’s bad enough I missed out on some due to stores never getting them (like the gold Mega Man and the Smash Isabelle). But they’re so expensive. My mom keeps helping me collect them (even when I don’t ask her). But I’m getting tired of some of them, such as the Fire Emblem ones. Because I don’t even care about Fire Emblem. Yet there’s SO many Fire Emblem amiibo.

      1. That’s exactly why they hiked up the prices, the demand is going up, while production is seemingly low… it also helps that Nintendo knows they can bank off the collectors and scalpers — scalpers, uniquely, because why should someone sell their product at a low price when someone else will come along and just buy most, then resell them for 2x/3x/4x/5x the OG price???
        I’m actually surprised the MSRP hasn’t gone up even more…

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