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WSJ: Component suppliers say that Nintendo fought hard to ensure that the Switch Lite was priced at $200 or less

Today was the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, which costs $100 less than the original that released more than 2 years ago. According to component suppliers that spoke to the Wall Street Journal, this was very intentional. The suppliers said that “Nintendo took an aggressive approach while sourcing parts for its Switch Lite, all in the interest of hitting that $200-or-less price point and keeping the system within reach of the lower end of the console market”. One executive in particular mentioned that they “had a months-long back and forth with Nintendo, all over the price of one key Switch component”. In fact, Nintendo wanted a low price-point so bad that Nintendo targeted a new battery supplier for the Switch Lite. This was due to Nintendo “fostering competition between Murata Manufacturing and TDK Corp”, The latter is Nintendo’s primary battery supplier and the former is the company’s new one.


15 thoughts on “WSJ: Component suppliers say that Nintendo fought hard to ensure that the Switch Lite was priced at $200 or less”

    1. This is a problem with Europe. For whatever reason Europeans get ripped off. The Switch Lite costs about 27% more when compared to US price and 37% more when compared to the Japanese price.

      1. I mean comparably thinking. In Canada here, the Switch is 399.99 and the Switch Lite is 279.99. That doesn’t factor in the taxes each province has. The regular Switch cost me close to 450 dollars after taxes and I see the Switch light being somewhere in the range of 330-340 after taxes

    2. The cost of components plays only one role in the final cost of an item. Government policies, particular on imports and taxes, play a colossal role. This is why a Playstation 4 in Brazil at launc cost $1,847.

      ” For whatever reason Europeans get ripped off.” -bootyranger

      This isn’t some mysterious coincidence. These are the policies that have been voted in, and if I’m not mistaken I’ve seen Kantenstain support on these boards. Regulatory bodies, benefit programs, all of it costs money. I’m not going to make a value statement on this being a good or bad thing, but remember it the next time you see people talking about government expansion for whatever reason. Nothing is free. Everything has a cost. Nintendo is not profiting from that sad price difference, Norway is. Norway’s VAT is 25%. On a $200 item, that’s $50 someone has to pay Norway to sell it there that they don’t have to pay to sell in the Unites States.

      1. I don’t quite understand what you’re saying that I support, but I was talking the price difference between the Lite and regular, and that I found it stupidly close to one another.

  1. Mr.Krabs with a mustache

    Nintendo is easily one of the least greedy video game companies. People like Sakurai even hate DLC characters and hate the idea of buying the fighter pass without knowing what character will release.

      1. Just because I’m not all lollipops, rainbows and unicorns (and easily mislead like most) doesn’t mean I’m the most miserable person on the internet. I’m a realist, and I see bullcrap. When someone tries to claim something is cheap when it’s still high, you can bet I’m gonna be there to call them out. Sure, $200 is cheapER, but still high. And what I said about the name is also true. A plain handheld defeats the whole purpose of the name “switch”. The only switching that will be going on is when a person switches games.

    1. I wouldn’t say that is necessarily true. There is actually still quite a deal of switching going on. With games like Dark Souls or Blasphemous you will often time find yourself being absolutely dominated. But then, you may find yourself with a game switching to a more submissive role such as Yoshi’s Crafted World or the upcoming Animal Crossing. So again, you will find yourself undergoing quite a deal of switching between more dominant and submissive game play. Hope that helps!

      – The Nintendo Marketing Team

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