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Nintendo details patch notes for Zelda: Link’s Awakening update 1.0.1


You may have noticed that the excellent The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening recently received an update. The game was updated to Version 1.0.1 and Nintendo says that the patch will fix the following issue users may have encountered with the game.

  • Fixed an error where certain conditions would cause Marin to stop moving in Toronbo Shores, and the game would lock up.
    • Downloading this update will also fix saved games where the error is already in effect.

11 thoughts on “Nintendo details patch notes for Zelda: Link’s Awakening update 1.0.1”

      1. I’m not sure if a Switch Pro is a good idea. If it’s too powerful, developers will abuse this to make their game only run well on the pro, leaving a sluggish port for the base model (kind of like some games are only really playable in docked mode). If it’s not powerful enough, it’s not worth the effort to have a 3rd child in the family. It’s a dilemma. It would have been better if Nintendo had just increased the perfomance of the Switch Lite and the new version of the base Switch.

        1. A boosted system is probably what we’re going to get. Most of Nintendos own games are using dynamic resolution. I bet they’re just going to give us a better Switch that will make this resolution scaling a bit more stable, and make sure that every game runs on every Switch. Just like PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

        2. I don’t think you get my point. Nintendo will ABSOLUTELY NOT release another Switch that does exactly the same but has a small perfmance boost (small means the stable fps/resolution that you mentioned). I don’t want to go into the details because you can research that yourself. But basically you can already overclock the Switch revision if you hack it and Nintendo will not under any circumstances realease an overclocked Switch as a 3rd child in the family (they might just replace the current Switch with an overclocked one). If they release a Switch “Pro” it will either have different features or will have a different APU and more RAM. Other than a docked-only Switch there’s not much new they could bring to the family (VR Switch?). But If they indeed release a more powerful Switch with a new APU I still believe this will only lead to many developers lazily porting games that only run well on the Pro (and thus somewhat forcing players to upgrade).

            1. That’s your reply? Couldn’t come up with something more original? AMD coined the term. But it still just means CPU with integrated graphics unit. The Switch has an APU. even if it’s not by AMD. That’s like saying Dual-Core is an Intel thing.

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